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His silent love – Chapter 8

Chapter – 8 – kiss you senseless




Twinkle (POV)


“You test my patience. Every.single.time” Kunj whispered, his hand on my hip tightening it’s grip a bit. I cleared the lump in my throat and placed a hand on his shoulder trying to push him back but that only caused him to come closer to me.

If that was only possible.

His front now touched mine and I looked at him with widened eyes. He chuckled lowly, his left hand now grasping my hand. He trailed his finger from my hand towards my forearm drawing random patterns on it.

“You test my patience too” I managed to choke out and he hummed in response too busy doing whatever he is. He fingers lightly brushed my collar bone stroking it.


Push him away. Right. Now.


“But then..” he whispered his hand now lightly tugging on my hair and neck, “But then I also want to kiss you senseless”

Can someone tell me how to breathe again?

And with those words his lips found my neck kissing it slowly. Surprisingly, I pulled him closer when he kissed me on my jawline.

Just as he was about to kiss me, his eyes widened and he abruptly pulled back turning around.

He hasn’t even kissed me and here I am panting like an idiot.

“f**k.f**k” he cursed slamming his hand on the table and I jumped slightly. A few minutes passed and I just sat there awkwardly looking at his back and head.


He regrets it. Of course, he does.

You regret it too, Twinkle.

Do I…?

“I’ll get my jacket and bag” I said in a low voice and rushed out of the kitchen towards my room and quickly grabbeda jacket and my bag.

I rushed downstairs quickly locking the door and walking towards Kunj’s car.

Don’t panic.

It’s gonna be fine.


I just experienced the most awkward car ride ever. Kunj couldn’t stop cussing at every car passing by or changing every song I tried to play.

Well, I am chill.

What’s his problem.

“So this is the racing spot?” I ask Kunj as we walk towards the door and he nodded stopping at the door.

“Mr. Sarna” the guards nodded quickly entering the passcode and we stepped inside. I looked around the area and it seemed pretty decent.

Chairs are lined up ahead of the right and left wall, mostly occupied by people chatting or drinking. Some of the walls were covered in graffiti or posters and it looked pretty amazing.

There are four bars on each corner and in the middle are stairs descending down towards the ground.


Benches and chairs are lined up around the corners where the racing spot is.

This place is cool.

“You guys took like forever” Theo yelled trying to reach us but it was pretty crowded. “Were you guys making babies or what?”

Shut up, Theo.

Don’t shut him up, I like him.

You are such a wannabe, conscience

“Heyy” I smiled hugging him and he patted my back giving Kunj a hug. “Everything checked?”

“Yup” he nodded and we walked towards the benches, “Nat is in the first round. Some new guy named Max is the opponent”

I spotted Dhruv and Chloe who were throwing chips at someone.

Someone named Melody.

“What the heck is she doing here?” I hissed stopping Theo and he sighed, “Her dad’s the manager here. So, she knows”

“Wow. Even this dimwit knew before me” I mumbled sitting beside Chloe and Dhruv. “Where’s Maira?”

“She’s with Ben. He’s fighting today, remember. Maira went with Jacob” Chloe smirked at me. “That’s good. They’ll get to spend some time together”

Kunj took a seat beside me and theo in front of me telling me that the race is about to begin. Now, I’m seriously starting to worry.

“Do you think Nat would be fine?” I shifted ahead whispering to Theo and he chuckled, “Nat always wins. He’s best among us”

I sighed in relief and sank back in my chair anxiously waiting.

“I’m sorry” I turned my head looking boggled at Kunj and his sudden apology. He was looking at the front, “I shouldn’t have just stormed out of the cafeteria or you know… act bossy towards you”

I tried to say something but couldn’t get the words out. “Your parents trust me with your safety. And we need to stick together. All of us”

I nodded still looking at him and he cleared his throat, “I didn’t knew I was that hot. So hot you can’t stop staring at me”

He smirked now turning to face me and I chuckled slapping his arm.

“I’ll try to cooperate with you too” I laughed lightly and he smiled nodding.


“OH MY GOD! NAT YOU KICKED HIS ASS” I yelled jumping up to hug him and he laughed hugging me back. I pulled back grinning at him and whispered, “Chloe cried when Max bumped his bike with yours and she thought you’d die. She’s practically shaking”

He chuckled nodding, “I’ll see you later”

I smiled looking at Nat pacifying a terrified Chloe. They look effing cute.

“Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?” I turned around looking at a guy around my age and raised an eyebrow at him.

““Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?” He repeated and I smiled sarcastically, “Go ahead. I need to practice hitting a moving target”

His eyes widened a bit before he started laughing, “Good come back”

“Lame pick up line” I retorted and he chuckled. “Hey. I am Draxe Williams ” he extended his hand smiling at me and I smiled back shaking his hand “Hi. Twinkle”

“Twinkle. A quite suitable name you have” He grinned and I shook my head smiling, “Are you always flirting in every sentence you say”

“Wow. We just met five minutes ago and you already pointed out the facts” I shrugged taking a seat on the stool in front of the bar. “Wasn’t quite hard to notice”

“You here with your friends?” I nodded grabbing a water bottle. “You race here or something?” I ask and he nodded, “Yup. I am the member of the opponent team”

“Draxe ma boy!” I slightly turned my head seeing my friends and Dhruv coming towards us. “Dhruv” he smiled hugging my brother and the rest of the boys except Theo.

“I see you have met my baby sister” Draxe looked at me surprised, “You didn’t tell me you were his sister”

“We met like ten minutes ago, Draxe”

“Shit. It’s 11 already. Mom’s so gonna kick my ass” Chloe groaned and I stood up, “Yeah. It’s pretty late. Nice meeting you Draxe”

“Good to meet you too”

I went ahead with Chloe and Theo who was lost in thoughts. “Wanna talk about it?” I signalled towards Draxe and Theo shook his head, “Nope. It’s just that me and Draxe don’t get along”

I frowned, “Did he do something?”

“No..” He muttered, “It’s that I get bad vibes from him. I don’t know”

“I get it” I nodded, “Maybe that scar on his temple is intimidating you” I joked and he laughed shaking his head.

“Let’s go, smartass”


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