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His silent love – Chapter 7

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Chapter – 7 – a millimetre away






“Theo Adams. Stop right there” I called out in the hallway and a few heads turned around looking weirdly at me. Theo turned around grinning at me.

“Hey beautiful” I flicked his forehead and he whined rubbing the area, “Ow! Why are you so violent”

“You texted me in the morning to meet you after second period and you didn’t show up. I got late for my next class” we walked towards the cafeteria and he cursed running a hand through his hair.

“I’m so sorry. It’s just melody wouldn’t leave my side and I ran away from her hiding in an unknown class” I laughed at his misery patting his back.

“But I thought melody’s with Jacob” he shrugged chuckling, “She doesn’t takes anyone seriously. Besides, Jacob has his heart set for someone else”


(A reminder. Jacob and theo are Kunj’s best friends and you WILL see a lot about them in the book. 😂😂 plus , Twinkle’s friends of course)


“Who?!” I question shocked, “Knowing Jacob. He’s always the silent type. But he’s always cheerful when he’s around Maira..”




We entered the cafeteria of our school and I turned to Theo, “He likes Mairaaa” he hurriedly placed a hand on my mouth at my extreme loud and cheerful voice.

“Shit. Lower the volume” I squealed internally and he chuckled removing his hand. We walked towards our table where now along with my friends sits theo, Jacob and the asshole.


Who kissed you last night.


It was just a friendly peck on the cheek, Twinkle.


“Heyy” I smiled sitting next to Theo and unfortunately Kunj beside me. The only time I am happy at school is lunch time.

“I heard Mr.simpson’s been arranging for a huge trip” Nat says and everyone laughed, “A huge trip as in going to park and feeding the ducklings”

“Nope. As in going to another state or a country” He shrugged and everyone started talking about how unrealistic this might be. “I kinda heard about it too. I guess true” Chloe adds and they started discussing about it.

“Be ready at 6” Kunj pulled his chair closer to mine and I gave him a pointed look. “No. That Zindan can’t come to my house”

“Stop being stubborn Twinkle. I have already discussed this with you” he whispered and I rolled my eyes muttering a no.

“Don’t force me” he whispered and I kept looking at the front muttering no to whatever he said.

“Don’t test my patience” he hissed and I scoffed turning slightly to face him, “Why the heck do you care? Just let me be”

“Fine. I don’t and I won’t even give a f**k about what happens” he stood up and stormed out of the cafeteria and my friends looked at me completely oblivious as to what happened.

“Don’t even ask” I mumbled getting up.



“He’s just looking after you, Twinkle” Chloe repeats and I pulled the book closer to my face trying to shut them out. “He won’t hurt you”


“I know that” I mumbled in a small voice and looked at Maira who was lost in deep thoughts, “Maira would kick his ass if he tries anything” Chloe laughed and Maira blinked smiling awkwardly.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask keeping my book aside and joined her on the couch in her room. Chloe squeezed in between us and smiled pulling us closer.

“We should have a girls sleepover soon. It’s been so long” I grinned agreeing with her, “True. Only if that means no Ben and Nat” I winked at Chloe and she rolled her eyes smiling.

“I think I like Jacob” Maira blurted out and I turned my head around stunned. Chloe took in a deep breath and looked at me surprised too. “Never mind…” Maira waved her hand dismissively and tried getting up but we pulled her back.

“We don’t hide anything. Remember” I squeezed her hand and she nodded let’s out a nervous laugh rubbing her forehead, “So last night… I mean after we had food outside…”


Yeah, and when kissed you on the cheek.


Oh my God, Twinkle, you are such a thirteen year old.


“I kinda… you know.. unknowingly kissed Jacob. We kissed” she breathed out and I inhaled sharply.

I looked at Chloe who tried to say something but stopped then looked at me and we both laughed out loud looking at a stunned Maira.

“My baby is growing up” I cooed wrapping my arms around her. “You are telling me that you have started to like Jacob because of a kiss?”

Chloe smirked and so did I.

“Was he that good?”

“I have liked him since 6th grade” she groaned stuffing her face inside a throw pillow and I grinned, “I knew something was gonna happen between you two. I saw you giving him those heart eyes”

She pinched me and I chuckled, “We act like we are in 4th grade and a guy said hello to us”

But we all know we can’t stop gossiping over the guys and crush topics.




“Please. You’d be seeing me race for the first time” Nat pouted and I shoved him away grabbing a coke from the fridge. “I am not going with you guys. And I’m sure I have made it clear to Kunj too”

“You aren’t going because you don’t want to or you aren’t going because you don’t wanna follow what Kunj tells you to” Dhruv smirked entering and I rolled my eyes. “Both I guess”


That was Kunj’s voice.


I slightly peeked from behind Nat and saw Kunj leaning on the doorframe.

“Nat, you go with Dhruv and pick up the girls too” Kunj said way too nicely. Wow. He never speaks that nicely to me. All he does is order around.

“Sure. See you soon, bro” Nat smiled giving him a side hug and my eyes widened.


Since when did they become so close?

Dhruv went with him too but turned around mouthing a ‘kiss him already’ and I smacked a hand against my forehead.

“You have five minutes. Grab a jacket or something and come back”


“Why do you think I’d do what you tell me to” I faced him with my hands on my hips and he sighed smiling sarcastically at me, “Because in the end, I know you will do it. So why waste time”

He’s getting on my nerves.

I shook my head and he raised an eyebrow walking towards me. I walked ahead too and stopped when he was like two inches away.

Damn it.

Why’s he so tall.

Why are you so short?

I crossed my arms trying not to look affected by his height or him as a whole. I stared at him. He stared back with a blank expression and then out of the blue his arm went around my waist pulling me up and in seconds I was on the counter.


With Kunj in between in my legs.


With his hands on my waist.


With his mouth a millimetre away from mine.


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