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His silent love – Chapter 6

Chapter – 6 – everything is getting weird



Twinkle (POV)


“Stop laughing” Kunj muttered for the hundredth time trying to calm himself while I sat there laughing.

What’s wrong with me?

Oh , it’s just the after affect of shock.

The laughter.

“You mean..” I coughed back to being serious, “That there are people out there… looking for me? A gang” I spoke slowly trying to understand it.

“I haven’t even stepped out of the house except of my crazy friends dragging me. No, I haven’t stolen a book from the library too” I started blabbering.

“I just took a candy from a store and ran away when I was eight. But people don’t kill for just stealing a candy And…”

“Stop” Kunj laughed keeping his hand on mine and I took a deep breath calming myself.

“That’s not what it Is..” He trailed , his grip on my hand tightening a bit. It almost felt somewhat soothing.

“Zindan. He’s the leader of the black beaters. And his son is the one after you..” he frowned gripping my hand tightly and I gulped nervously.

Oh my god. He’s touch is affecting me.

Twinkle, focus on the main thing.

“Why?..” I manage to whisper and he looks at me right in the eye , “You are what he wants. He loves you”

Say whaaaat 


But why did it felt weird coming from him.

A good weird.

“Look Twinkle…” He pushed his chair closer to mine but he was still holding my hand. Keeping his other hand on my cheek he leaned in towards me , “The only reason why me and my friends disappeared last year was to find out about Zindan’s son. But we couldn’t”


They went because of me?

“Zindan has tried his best to hide him. It’s been really hard but we are getting somewhere. And knowing Zindan, he would f**king try his best to get you”

“Why can’t you guys do anything about it?” I question confused, “You have people. Try finding him”

“I’m not scared..” I continued , “He may hurt our families or you guys”

“He doesn’t even have the balls to look at us let alone touch what’s mine” he whispered and my eyes widened.

Can someone please help me breathe?

“I meant my family..” He added hurriedly added but then smirked at me, “Why? What did you think?”

I swatted his hand away from my cheek and pulled by my other hand too keeping a good distance between us.


“Then why hasn’t Zindan tried getting me yet?” I mutter confused and he smirked again, “He knows where his limits lie. He’s afraid of us..”
I scoffed but he narrowed his eyes, “He is scared. And that’s the only reason he doesn’t have you yet for his son” he rolled his eyes.

“His son…” I trailed and he nodded, “He would come. I know that” he mumbled to himself.

“How do you know all this?” I question utterly boggled as to why he would know about Zindan’s son being in love with me.

“I met him. We discussed things…” he stressed on the word, “He knows we don’t kill people without a proper reason. That’s why he has been crossing the lines. But the minute he does something, he knows who he is going to face”

“You are so cocky” I scoffed and leaned back sighing.

What a meal and what a news.

“Anything else you wanna clear?” Kunj questions getting up and I nodded, “Maira. She knows?”

“Nope. We gotta tell her now” he turned around walking towards the car leaving me to stare at everyone awkwardly


Chivalry, my ass.


“Ben Jonathan! Get off me” I hissed trying to push him away but he wouldn’t budge. “Move! I don’t wanna hear your lame excuses”

“Come on, Twinkle. I’m sorryyyy” he whined hugging me more tightly and I groaned trying to push him away.

Just then someone tore Ben away from me and picked me up placing me on the other couch.

Of course, it was Kunj.

“What? I’m trying to patch up with her” Ben rolled his eyes getting up towards me again but Kunj pushed him back slightly, “You can do that from this distance too”

Nat laughed from the corner because he was too scared to come close to Chloe who was currently on the plan to kill him.

We weren’t only supposed to be telling Maira but Chloe too and turns out my two male best friends knew. Not only did they knew about this, but were a part of this.

Ben, the crazy ass Ben, the idiot is an fighter.
Nat, with that sweet ass and a noble face is a bike racer.


I was mad at them for not sharing this with us but I understand that dad told them not to.
But Maira is beyond angry.

“Times up” I called out stretching and yawned, “I’m hungry and you all can do this tomorrow. Let’s get some food”

And that helped a lot.

Food is therapy.


“You are coming with me tomorrow” Kunj said or more like ordered and I stopped turning around to glare at him. He raised an eyebrow and I let out an exaggerated groan.

“I am not going anywhere with you from now on” I emphasized on each and every word and he smirked, “Then I guess I should clear your misconceptions then”

He took two steps and stood in front of me smiling down at me and started explaining as if I was a child, “I ranted out everything to you not for entertainment but for your safety”

I scoffed and muttered some incoherent words at him making him glare at me. “Your mum and dad are going out tomorrow. Dhruv is going with us tomorrow and Yuvraj won’t be home. And just as I cleared it to you, I don’t want you alone anywhere…”

I interrupted him, “You don’t want me alone anywhere?” He pursed his lips tapping his foot impatiently, “I mean your family doesn’t want you alone”

And then went back to his rant again, “Yes, I know. You can go with your friends and all but Ben has a fight tomorrow. And Nat’s racing tomorrow”

“What about the girls?” I question swinging back and forth on my feet. “Maira is going with Ben and Chloe with Nat of course”
I could see him smirk through his words at the last sentence.

“I don’t wanna go” I frowned and turned around going towards my house but Kunj held my hand spinning me around.

“I have a test” I blurted out randomly and he grinned shaking his head, “For a second, I thought you were scared”

I scoffed loudly, “I am not scared. It’s just weird getting to know all this. Maybe I’ll be scared in the future when something happens and I don’t know if that would feel awkward or not. I mean how would I feel weird if someone has their gun on my head. Of course, at that time I would be afraid but I am not sure…”
I stopped instantly because right then Kunj grabbed my hand and pulled me closer with his lips meeting my cheek at that moment. He chuckled kissing my cheek.

Right now, I know I am blushing.

“I’ll be with you. All the time” he murmured kissing my temple before turning around and walking away.

What just happened.

“I SAW THAT. OH MY GOD!” I literally cracked my head when I turned around and saw a squealing Dhruv. I groaned running a hand in my face and kicked his butt going inside the house.

“That’s not fair. It hurts” he glared at me rubbing his butt and I laughed plopping down on the couch.

“I’ll tell this to Yuvi. You know the kisss” he smirked and I rolled my eyes, “Go on. I ain’t scared of him. Besides, we have a lot to talk about”

He got the idea of what I was talking about and that smirk vanished in like a second.



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