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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 3

“The day came, I was tensed, I was scared, I was happy. I could feel all the emotions in my heart, it was hard for me to over this happiness and fear at a time. I inquired about the persons family, I heard that she has a daughter, a caring husband and a loving family. I was feeling bad deep inside my heart, how did they react when they got to know that one of their family member is not present in this world anymore? How will they react when they see me? Will everything be okay at that time? I was pre-occupied with these thoughts in my mind, when Babu sir accompanied me to operation theater. I entered the operation theater on the bed, they gave a local anesthesia. It took me a few minutes to go to sleep. I don’t know what were they doing with my body, I was asleep, deeply in my thoughts. I don’t even remember when did i get back to my senses. All I could feel was darkness surrounding me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I think it’s the doctors hand. I sat on the bed keeping my back straight.  He removed the blind fold from my eyes, he removed the cotton from my eyes slowly, he asked me to open my eyes very slowly. I tried opening my eyes slowly, but I wasn’t able to. It’s my first time seeing the world, I wish I could see him this time.  One time at least. I tried opening my eyes again, this time, very slowly. I saw a blurr image, after few minutes I was able to see something very clearly. I dont know what do they call it. I’m assuming it to be a wall. Doctor asked me to take rest for few more hours. He said I can go back to my home very soon. I lied down on the bed again. They shifted me to a normal room now. Babu sir came into the room, He brought few fruits for me to eat. I was so excited to see Babu sir, I was smiling the whole day. We both talked a lot. This was my first seeing the fruits. I didn’t know how apples looked like before, this is the first am seeing red color. The shape of them really good. Everything was so new for me. I was asking Babu sir many questions. They were never ending questions for me. Everything was new for me, I don’t know how much time is it gonna take to explore this world. I’m glad that I got my eyes back. I thought I should rest my eyes a bit, I stopped talking, closed my eyes for a moment. Babu sir asked me If I was willing to talk to one of my donors family. I said yes. He went out the room and to call someone. He came into the room with a flower bouquet in his hands. He was smiling at me when he entered the door. I was observing everything, It was so much of fun observing people. He introduced himself “Hello Ragini, I’m Sanskar” He was still smiling at me. He is the same sanskar whom I met during my college days. who was it who donated me this? Is she his wife? Why isn’t he in pain? Is he really okay with it?

saying this he handed over me the bouquet, I din’t know what to do. I think I didn’t have any expression on my face. I was happy till then, Why should it have to be someone related to him? What if it’s really his wife? What am gonna do? I was lost in my thoughts again.

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