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Episode 13

@mandarin Mall, Mumbai

Image result for HUGE MALL

A huge shopping mall is shown crowded with poshy people and stuff. The top floor is shown to be food court. A girl is shown sitting on a table separately, drinking a smoothie. Her face is revealed to BE of Anjali. She is shown checking her social media profile on her phone….

She starts humming….

Suddenly, she receives a call…her face lights up..she smirks and tries to sound busy..

paras is shown driving a car….he is shown taking on his bluetooth…

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Paras – uhm..hi anjali…!!

Anjali – hey…!!

Paras- u busy ??

Anjali – umm…a bit…

Paras – okay, I shall call later…

Anjali – no not busy for you Paras..u may speak…

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Anjali’s heart starts to pump fast…


Anjali – paras ??

Paras – umm….can we meet ??

Anjali – umm….

Paras – top floor of Music Mashea restaurant ???

Anjali – u mean a date ??

Paras – I wanna speak to you, whatever you take that as…

Anjali – okay sweets…ill be there !!

Paras smirks – okay..see you …!!


Anjali smiles.

Anjlai screamas yahoo!!! ..all look at her shocked. She feels embarassed.

@next day

@saint mary

@hall room


Image result for lecture room university

Principla is shown standing on a huge stage, while all students , tecahers and staff are shown gatrhered in rows. Fierce 5 are shown siting together in a group. The principla holds the mike and starts a declaration.


  • My respected teachers, obedient staff, and dear students . the sebastian pageant is going ahead with full success and progress. Thus, now we shall head towards our next level, that is the survival test on a campfire. Our qualified teams, that is top 15 shall go for the cap fire next .

All students start roaring and cheering, clapping. The staff cools them.

Alia – wow…campfire, all cute outifts and the best selfies…

Sanya and alia giggles.

Vicky – blo*dy bullshit, in case of this pageant I cant even participate in musicana properly, as practice is left.

Paras – don’t worry bro…that  preeti’s team doesnt stand a chance against us…

Sam smirks..vicky looks uncomfortable.

Vicky – umm..she sings well though…

Alia – you don’t need to defend her vick…

Vicky – alia….

Alia nods in diappointment and leaves. Fierce 3 glares at vicky.

Vicky – what ??

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Image result for tanya sharmaImage result for krystle dsouza


Sam and paaras are shown eating burgers…

Sam – yumm…double cheese….

Paras – bro…girls here love salads..and ur gulping burgers…

Sam – what ??

Paras – areh so I love u so much..ur truly my brother…

Sam – im a girl na attract boys, do I need to eat salads ??

Paras – areh na baba..just be ypourself, one who will love u will love u , and u wont get these oily stuff in budapest , so enjoy here babes…

Sam – budapest ??

Paras – don’t u know ?? areh, we’re going to budapest for a college trip..

Sam – really ??/ wow…this is going to be a lot of fun bruh…

Paras – yeah …

Sam – what if I propose saihan in a special way there…

Paras stuns….

Paras – umm..great…

Sam – great..accha I’ve history class..see yah..mmwah !!


Sam leaves. Paras reminisces his words with saihan….


Paras chuckles – and…what about u ???

Saihan – me..what me ??

Paras  – oh cmon…ive seen u swooning on my sanya n flahsing those romeo type looks, and lingering gazes  and biting ur lip….n all….

Saihan – that’s casual man…

Paras – don’t teach me flirting bruh…the school ur teaching in, im the principal…

Saihan – chalo, atleast u didn’t call me student…so…okay….got caught…

Paras – sanya is someone who wouldn’t just love anyone…

Saihan dims – yeha..i noticed…

Paras – bt ur not just anyone na…

Saihan surprises – as in ???

Paras – as in maybe tweetie got her tweets in u…

Saihan – what ??come gain???

Paras – okay …so…follow ur insticts..even sanya broods on u like juliet….

End of flashback

Paras – god….drama !!

He rolls his eyes out….


@Fire club

Related image

A huge disco is shown. The club is crowded with people, lights and drinks…

A huge long ferrari is parked by paras outisde the club. The fiecre five come out.

Image result for parth samthaanRelated imageRelated image

Image result for shakti aroraRelated image


Another bmw parks ouside the disco. Preeti, anjali, saihan and ahaan come out of the car…

Image result for helly shahImage result for drashti dhamiImage result for zain imamRelated image

The 9 enter the club. The club environment is flooded with loud music, and flashing blue, purple and red lights….

loud music plays….

preeti and anjali are shown dancing their hips off !!! saihan and sanya are shown drinking, sam is shown dancing on the table, already half drunk !! ahaan and paras are shown flirting with girls and dancing with them….

vicky is shown sitting in a corner. alia sits beside him…

alia – hey babe !!

vikcy – baby, go and dance, enjoy urself..

alia – cmon bae, im sitting here with you only, ur my boyfriend and…

vikcy rolls his eyes – alia, why is it necessary to carry this bf gf tag always…lets leave it for soemtime na..just chill..go and enjoy urself…

alia – u mean u cant enjoy yourself around me hmm ?? ur so mean vick, u only think about ur enjoyment…blo*dy …

vicky gets irriated..sudenly, he smirks…

he holds alia’s hand and takes her to a corner..

alia looks surprised..he puts his hand on her waist sides…alia looks at his eyes…

Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

Ehsaas tere aur mere toh
Ik dooje se judd rahe
Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi
Mere hosh bhi udne lage

Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..


vicky grabs her neck with one hand and pushes her towards a wall with his another hand on her stomach…he goes close to her..

vicky starts kjissing alia with full might..she kisses him back, with her hands on his chest….

after a few minutes, vicky puts his hands under her dress and starts to caress her bare belly , waist..

she moans and deepends the kiss…vicky takes his hand out..and places it on her waist…

he moves away his hand from her neck, and places it on her upper private area, and caresses it

while he sucks on her neck..alia puts her finger behind his nape under his shirt and squeezes his hair hard…

he breaks kissing her …and places a lingering kiss on her cleavage…alia blushes beetroot red !!


vicky – enjoyed ??? now go and behave single…

vicky smirks and leaves, while laia remains there writhing for breathe…



sanya is shwon looking bored..

saihan – hey..what happened ?? not enjoying >??

sanya – i dont know..dont feel like clubbing…

saihan smiles…- wanna go out ??

sanya – as in ??

saihan – romantic thriller …1 hour and 30 mins..wanna catch ??

sanya smiles – i’d love to…

saihan – okay then…


@Tamasha Movie hall

saihan buys tickets..

sanya – done ??

saihan – yeah..umm..sanya !!

sanya – hmm??

saihan — i love what ur wearing !!

sanya smiles…he holds her hand….


the movie runs…but sanya is unable to ocncentrate as saihan caresses her long and fragile fingers endlessly..

she also notices his appreaciaive eyes which were constantly on her…

they come out of the hall…

sanya – liked the movie ??

saihan – yeah..loved it..

sanya smirks ***(as if u watched it )

saihan smiles…

they get on their car and reach the girls hostel….

Image result for neil khannaImage result for meera modi

he holds her hand and makes her sit on the bonnet of his car…

Image result for red sports car

sanya looks clueless..saihan looks at her eyes…the whole campus is shown deserted and dark…

he goes close to her…places his left hand on her waist, and right one on her neck with his thumb on her jawline…

he leans in, and she feels his lips brush against hers…sanya closes her eyes and her hands are shown placed

backward on the bonnet surface…

he sucks her lower lips…sanya is moved at first, but then sucks on his upper lips…

his hands caress her waist and stomach…and his fingers linger on the bare spot

between her skirt and top and caress there…she then smooches his lower lip, wwhile he smooches his upper lip…

they kiss passioantely for a while, as he enters his tounge to softly probe her mouth…she caresses his hair and neck…

heb reaks the kiss and pecks her jawline….

they both stand speechless…sanya walks off….saihan looks on delighted….


vicky is shown sitting on a side, drinking beer..he thinks of his fight with preeti, and alia using their bond….he drinks it hard..

vicky’s eyes grow red and face looks ferocious..preeti who is now tired sits beside him..she is shown a bit drunk..

she stares at him..she is shown in a reddish top, and denim shorts…vicky stares at her eyes which only reflect love..

preeti drunk smiles – u dont love me na vicky…

vicky smiles – hteres nothing called didnt love mom…and my baby..i will not love urs…

preeti looks on…

vikcy looks at her milky thighs and gets turned on…he runs his hands on her bare thighs…

they get closer and closer…

tears start running from preeti’s eyes as she reminisces vicky and alia’s kiss…

vicky looks at her eyes, caresses her face and says “shh”

Related imageImage result for manik malhotra hug

he hugs her tightly…preeti feels warmth and closes her eyes in his embrace…

Related imageImage result for manik malhotra hug

he removes the hug….and smiles sheepishly..

vicky – no one loves me preeti, im a toy..toy for mum, dad, alia.;..

preeti emotionally sees his tears and nods her nead in negative…

preeti – no vicky..i love u ..i really ove u..its that u dont love me..but i love u …

vicky – u love me >>>

preet – yeah..i love u ..and its not the beer doing it..i honestly love u …

vicky gets emotional and grabs her cheeks….

Image result for manik malhotra Related image

and starts kissing her….

his lips hungrily suck hers and she also reciprocates the kiss…his oneh and

goes to her belly and caresses it while rubbing on her navel..

they kiss passionately…

manan kiss এর ছবির ফলাফল

preeti breaks the kiss…as vicky stares at her….

preeti moves her gaze and finds alia glaring at her !!!!

Related image

precap : the campfire !!!

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