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Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 22

Let’s begin….

San: why didn’t i thought this before?
Ali:jo hogaya so hogaya..iska hum nazar aandaaz tho nai kar sakte…

Shah:i agree..bt how vl we find out who is behind all this

Ali:is..is someone against you relation with Ragini.. sanskar?

San: no…as u know…
Aliya: yes.. Your mom hv agreed bt it was a girl sanskar…mid 20’s i can differentiate this much..and this can be done by the person’s you know…

Shah:madam has opened the courtroom
Aliya glares him

Shah:joke tha!

She nods her head in disbelief

San: yeh kaun kar sakta hai
Shah:u can ask Ragini…
Shah: she does!

San looks at Ragini.. Whose eyes hv fixed in the pastries

Shah:ek dhoge tho tu marega nai…
San looks at him: seriously are you a doctor

Shahveer ignores his comments and goes to buy a pastries for Ragini

San: Laado…i told you not to come out of car then why you came out?

Rag: laado pastries..

Shahveer gives her the pastries

San:laado… Why did you come out of the car?

Rag admiring her pastries:sansii call

San:u mean i called you

Rag nods

San: who told you…?

Rag didn’t knew her name…

San:if you see her will you tell me?

Rag:laado promise

San smiles….

After sometime

They goes to mm

Swara hugs Ragini

Lak coming there: laado did you eat pastries today??

Rag: laado sansii..lauki

Lak was like 🤐🤐🤐

Sanskar laughs

Lak: call sansii with his name.. That’s Santhra

Lak:plz santhra bolo

Sw: wat is hpng here?

Shah:behen… Can i get something to eat?

Then everyone sees him

Shah: actually none is noticing us.. If you bring something too no problem


Shah: thankyou!

After sometime..

They goes back to gadodia’s

San was somewhere happy and somewhere nervous that he completed his 6 days and one day is left

Shek sees them getting in

Shahveer and Aliya were also there….
And they meets the family

Shek: janki… Take Ragini in

Jan takes Ragini in

Shek: Sanskar i want to talk to you

San: yes uncle

Sahil was looking at them.. His face was pale

He looks at Jan who came there… Whose face is also showing sadness

Shaveer and Aliya noticed it

Shah:sanskar we vl wait…

Shek: no it’s ok…anyways you would know soon

San: uncle is anything important?

Shek: forget my daughter.. Stay away from her

Sanskar was shocked and shahveer and were also equally shocked…

To be continued…….

Expected this twist???

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