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Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 10 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Rag was sitting in the swing
Rag: why my life is so tough… Why my Shaan is been separated from me wn i just got few hrs with him as wife! Shaan u r seeing me na… U understand me ryte… Everyone feels that it’s easy for me to move on.. bt no it’s not hurts me wn i think abt my future.. Is this what happens with me!?

Her thoughts were interrupted when maid calls her…

Here in sanskar’s office..

After preparing a presentation.. Sanskar closes his eyes for a rest

His lips turned curve as he remembered RAGINI.. Wn she got concerned for him in the airport!

An employee: sir you need water?

San still closing eyes: thankyou so much for your concern…Raaa…
He opens his eyes and sees the employee

San straightens himself: i mean Emily thankyou so much.. He takes water from her

She smiles and goes

San: (Huff’s)kya kar raha tha sanskar..and then he remembers the morning incident

San himself: did i really do anything wrong… And would she mind my message to her would she see it! Hope she doesn’t take me wrong!

Here Ragini goes to kitchen and she moves to refrigerator.. She opens it and takes out a water bottle… She closes or and turns

Bt stopped her steps as something hv grabbed her concentration

She turns to fridge and sees the note

“Thankyou so much for the breakfast, it’s really very tasty”

She smiles a bit 🙂

And then moves to take a look of the house

She sees hall living room balconies and finally the was a room..
She opens it she sees the the room was well furnished..

Wat grabbed her eyes was piano

She goes there…. And touches it

She remember’s Shaan who thought her to play piano…

She sits….

And she sees shaan who standing supporting the piano stand…

She was abt to touch him bt he vanished
She plays the piano and sings

Kuch pal toh tehar jao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mudd jao idhar aao na

San who entered the home listens the voice.. He moves to the direction

Tumhe dhundhe meri ankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya ja…….

Rag opens her eyes and sees Sanskar standing at the door

San smiles:u sing really well…u hv a good voice

Rag gets up from there….

She moves towards the door…

He moves away from her way seeing her expressionless face

Actually he was somewhere scared 😉scared abt may be she could slap him or punch him may be! 😉

After sometime…

He moves to the kitchen as he was hungry

He sees the note.. He turns his head being sad… Bt his face suddenly lightens

He moves fastly towards the note… He smiles

As the stick note was written by Ragini

“It’s ok and Thankyou …
dinner is placed in the dining table!”

He takes it.. His Happiness was to no bounds by her response.. He was so happy like a girl accepted a guy’s proposal…

He goes to dining and haves the food! Enjoying it with a Happiness and he was somewhere hvng a feeling of first victory☺

Then he remembers that he should call Ragini for dinner!

To be continued…..

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