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  ᴀᴀɴᴋʜᴏɴ ᴍᴇɪɴ ᴛᴇʀɪ

     2nd  – ᴇᴘɪꜱᴏᴅᴇ



Rahul and Abhay were holding a big bucket and they splashed it on Ahil who was sleeping calmly on bed

Ahil screams ” Guys what is this , I was lost in a dream ”

Abhay : Oh my bhole ( sweet man ) sun is shining and you’re still snoring

Rahul : By the way , Since yesterday I’m watching you , You look lost

Ahil : Guys , Come on , Grow up , Breakfast is ready ?

Abhay : Yes , Let’s got to canteen .

Rahul and Abhay goes and Ahil was still in his room .

Ahil ” Wow what a sweet dream it was , God , Why don’t you make this dream came true Ha ! ”

He then took a towel , Looks into mirror and rubbes his hairs with Towel

Ahil seeing into mirror : What has happened to me , Why’s my body is so excited , Like something is going to happen

He thinks about last night

ᗩT ᑕᗩᑎTEEᑎ

Rahul : Your mom called me , She said you have to visit Nearby Temple today

Abhay : Because she’s kept a Fast and for that you’ve to go and Pray to Lord

Ahil : What ! she’s Fasting , I’ve to go , Amazing

Rahul : Leave it !

Abhay : What leave it , If Aunt came to know then she’ll beat you

Ahil : Okay I’ll go , But guys it’s Sunday today what are your Plans

Rahul : Every thing is set brother , You go and come , Then we’ll tell you .

Ahil stood up and Sits inside his Car . And Radio tunes in
/ Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai /

Ahil : Wah ! What a song man ! I love it . Just understanding my situation


Naina and Pinky are in a Rickshaw

Pinky : Naina , You visit Temple every morning , What you always Pray for ?

Naina : Nothing much a reason to smile

Pinky : what !

Naina : Ya ! Now you see , Mom calls me a shit girl , Dad always busy in his work, Riya hates me , Grandpa is not here , And Pinky you have to work whole day , I’ve no one for me

Pinky : I’m sorry for you

Naina : Don’t say sorry , My fate is this , What can anyone do , My morning begins with tears and Day ends with it only , I can’t see this world , But except tears I’ve nothing to see in my life

Pinky : This is a best friend’s wishes to you , One day someone will come , That person keep you happy whole day , Not a drop of tear will come out of your eye

Naina : OK OK don’t be sentimental now , I know No one can be there to love a girl like me

Pinky : Naina , Stop it now , Okay , Come We’ve reached .


INSIDE RAI’S HOUSE …at breakfast table

Riya : Yes mom it’s true I talked to Ahil sinha , Wow

Kamini : So good girl

Naveen : Okay so you’ve a new boyfriend

Riya : what it means dad , A new boyfriend

Naveen : You’ve already rejected 10

Riya : Dad , Please !

Kamini : Naveen , Shhh !! Riya go inside .

Naveen : Bye Bye Riya ( jokingly )

Kamini : Ji , You were saying something

Naveen : Ya I was saying that , Today I’ll go and meet Dady at hospital

Kamini : Why ! There’s no need , Hospital is taking care of him

Naveen : That’s fine , But , if I didn’t go , Then what if he changes his mind

Kamini : Yes ! yes ! go , I don’t want to take any risk with Will , It’s important for us .

Pinky helped Naina to reach Temple and climb stairs . There Ahil was standing already . Naina and Ahil were together , But one couldn’t see , And other has closes the eyes .
Naina was in centre , To her right was Ahil and left Pinky .

Naina closed her eyes ” God , Again I’m here , To Pray for same , A reason to smile , To send someone in my life who can accept a blind girl like me , Who can love me .

Ahil ” God , I don’t want to be here , But something , Some magical force bought me here , What is that ? ”

Naina : It’s okay even if you’ll send that Person for once , I’ll be happy , For at least once I’ll smile , Then if you want you can Send the Person back

Ahil : Whole night I was thinking of that girl , Why , what makes me think so , Just for once I want to see her again , My heart is dying for , But why ???

Naina mistakenly thinking that Pinky is standing with her holds Ahil’s hands .

Naina Smoothly : I’m done let’s go now .

Instantly Pinky finds Naina holding a boy’s hand and she took her away .

Ahil opens his eyes ” What happened just now , who touched my hand , This touch , This sensations is so similar , As if I’m familiar with it ”

Ahil : Pundit Ji , Who was standing next to me , Do you know ?

Pundit Ji : Ya ! it was Naina , She comes here every morning

Ahil to himself : Naina ! Who’s this ?

Naina and Pinky stood out at the Temple

Pinky : Naina you were holding a boy’s hand

Naina : Oh , Now what

Pinky : It’s okay , Now stand here Okay I just go and ask for A rickshaw

Suddenly Two men came to them .

Man 1 : Wah ! Today’s morning is so sweet isn’t it

Man 2 : Yes , Absolutely

Pinky : who are you , Don’t you have any manners

Man 1 : Eh girl , Hurry up give us all the jewelry and money .

The second Man tries to Snatch Pinki’s purse .

Pinky : leave it , Help , Help .

Naina give the man a Push and he falls down .

Pinky : Naina what you did !

Naina : Don’t think we’re weak , We can fight

Man 2 : What you think , You’ll fight with me , Wait , Bro , Take it out ?

The man took out form his pocket a little bottle

Man 1: Wait now let me show you .

He raised his arm throw Acid , But , Momentarily , Ahil comes and holds his hands .

Ahil : Standing outside A Temple , You’re teasing women . Shameful .

Ahil gives both of them a Big Punch , The bottle falls on ground and Breaks .

Ahil turns to Naina : Can’t you see , He was going to throw Acid on you , Ha , Why didn’t you ran away .

Ahil turns back to them , But both girls ran away .

Ahil : Oh gosh , So today I met her again , And again I didn’t asked her , Her Name



Janki ( Ahil’s mom) is talking on phone to AD ( Ahil’s father ) .

Janki : What can I do , Ahil doesn’t listens to me at all !

AD : It’s okay , He’s a adult now , You’ve to understand

Janki : This is what I’m afraid of , What if he made some bad friends

AD : I know what are you afraid of , That Ahil shouldn’t have a girlfriend

Janki : Nope , But I want a girl from high status to be his friend

AD : Janki , Chill don’t worry Okay

Janki : OK AD , Come soon

AD : I’ll try to finish my work as soon as possible , Then straight form America I’ll come to Udaipur

Janki : Love you , Bye .

Suddenly from a worker’s hand a Tray on which a earthen lamp was lighten falls down . Janki got aggressive .

Janki : what is this ! Oh god

Worker : Sorry mam !

Janki : Today I had a fast , I prayed to god to give my son a better girl and now this earthen lamp , which was to be kept secured is broken .

Janki slapped the Worker harshly ” Now what ! Now what will happen , I don’t want any kind of scandal ”

She calls Ahil hurriedly ” Hello Ahil ”

Ahil : Yes mom , I’ve made it to Temple

Janki : Okay , Listen to me , Today you’ll not meet any girl , Okay

Ahil : what ! are you serious mom

Janki : Yes , Fast which I kept is broken , Now I’m afraid

Ahil : Mom , Why do you believe in this stupid things

Janki : I’m telling you don’t dare to see any girl today .

Ahil : Alright. , Calm down , Bye , Take care .


Naina and Pinky reached home .

Kamini : There comes the queen , Oh madam where were you

Pinky : We’re at Temple

Riya : That’s fine , But you took so long

Naina : Ya ! Pundit Ji asked me to ..

Kamini : Okay Okay , Shut up now , Go to your room , Pinky take her away .

Riya : where are you both going ?

Kamini : Oh miss , Don’t you know that your room is out of this house , Go , go out

Pinky : I want to give you Prashad ( sacred food )

Kamini : No I don’t need anything , You shall leave .

Pinky : What about Naina’s breakfast , You know without going to Temple she doesn’t eat anything

Kamini : So what !!you’re Late today , And there’s nothing left now , Find out if there’s any food left .

Riya laughs ” Or stay empty stomach till Lunch ”

Pinky took Naina to her room . She made her sat on bed .

Pinky : Naina , Today whatever happened was awful

Naina : I’ve forgotten that , But not one thing

Pinky : what ?

Naina : That man who helped us

Pinky : Ya , He was good

Naina : If you see him again give this ( gives one thread which was tied on her wrist ) to him and Say him Thanks .

Pinky : Okay , You must be Hungary , I just go and get something for you .

Naina : Wait , Before going , Give that to me .

Pinky : Okay ,

She gave her a guitar . And goes out of the room . Naina sat near window , Naina cries ,
And sings ”
Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun
Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun
Sanam re, sanam re ”

Her voice was so melodious , Mesmerizing , Beautiful that birds came and sat at the window , light winds blew and all the flowers in the garden were dancing .
She can’t see how nature enjoys her song , And the whole world can’t see the pain in her .


Ahil , Abhay , Rahul were sitting at a Cafe .

Rahul : Yar ! Today’s day has passed , It’s evening now , We didn’t got to know

Abhay : Right ! Time is so fast

Ahil : Correct , Today’s day was amazing .

Ahil to himself : Time really is very fast , I saw that girl for just few seconds and she vanished away , How bad is this .

Rahul shouts : Ooo Ahil ! See your social media follower friend , Riya , Has uploaded some pictures of the wedding .

Abhay : Show us , Show .

Ahil got excited thinking he could get The girl’s pictures

Ahil : Oh gosh ! all are Riya’s picture .

And finally he got one Perfect Picture . The one which his eyes were constantly Looking for .

Ahil : wow these are really good pictures .

Abhay : Ya ! They are .By the way Ahil we know for you why these are beautiful pictures

Rahul : yes ! Now even I can understand , why’s so blushing since last night .

They both got up ” Let’s leave him alone for sometime with these pictures ” – Abhay .

Ahil : wait ! Where are you both going , wait !

They both walked away . Ahil was constantly looking at the Picture , The one seeing whom his heart dosen’t functions properly .



Naina’s song was over , Her eyes were red , She spoke to herself

Naina : My life is about darkness only , I’ve seen only darkness , Nothing else . But is that really true that –Andhere Mein Agar Kisi Ka Saath Ho Na … Toh Andhera Kam Lag Sakta Hai.( if in darkness there’s a hand holding yours , Then you’ll not get afraid that Much ). I don’t think so , Who’ll spend his or her life , Who’ll waste their life on me !!!


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