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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh sees kailash get destroyed.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya fighting the demon brothers. Ganesh is holding sundarpriya, dambhasura attacks fire bolt on ganesh’s hand and sundarpriya falls down. Sundarpriya says you think only you can be huge? Sundarpriya increases his size and becomes very huge. Ganesh and sundarpriya fight. Vishpriya looks at kartikeya and says I will kill you shiv putra. Vishpriya becomes a huge spiked ball and comes rolling towards kartikeya. Kartikeya takes his spear and then hits vishpriya, vishpriya is thrown away and he falls down hurt. Ganesh attacks and fights sundarpriya and puts him down injured too. Kartikeya and ganesh come normal size and ganesh says brother we defeated these demons. Kartikeya says yes. As ganesh and kartikeya see, demon brothers get up angrily and say kids you

cannot defeat us? Now you will see my power.
Vishaypriya holds sundarpriya’s hand and then he removes a powerful spell, vishaypriya attacks the spell on entire Kailash. Vishaypriya says ganesh, you want Kailash right? But what will you fight for when Kailash will not exist only. Ganesh says what are you doing? Vishaypriya’s spell hits entire Kailash. Dambhasura sees and says sons what did you do? Why are you destroying Kailash? Dambhasura closes his eyes and screams no!! ganesh sees, entire Kailash starts exploding, rocks and statues explode, the palace starts exploding and cracking to bits, mahadev and parvati’s sitting place starts cracking and exploding, all mountains nearby start exploding. Ganesh stops and looks at everything and gets sad, he says no my Kailash is getting destroyed and I am not able to do anything. Ganesh has tears and starts remembering the memories he had in Kailash with parvati, mahadev, kartikeya and everyone else. Ganesh has tears. Kartikeya sees and feels bad. Ganesh stops in a shock and looks at Kailash getting destroyed. Sundarpriya says brother we can take advantage now, that younger kid can be killed easily and our demons will kill the older one. Sundarpriya tells demon soldiers to attack kartikeya. There Kailash is getting destroyed, an avalanche occurs as ganesh stands midway. Kartikeya is worried but he fights the soldiers and says brother get aside from there, don’t stop like that. Kartikeya fights and kills the soldiers as more fight him. Kartikeya says I am alone enough for you demons. Ganesh closes his eyes and says mother! Parvati hears the voice and says ganesh is calling me, my son needs me. Mahadev says what happened? Parvati closes her eyes. Ganesh says mother, my promise has broken, I couldn’t save Kailash, I couldn’t save our home. Parvati then sees everything and she understands.
There ganesh is sad. Suddenly a divya power appears in the sky and says ganesh don’t be sad, don’t cry, nothing has happened because this is all maya, if Kailash doesn’t exist then how can it be destroyed? Ganesh says doesn’t exist? It is right here. What are you saying? I don’t understand. The divya form appears and says I am mata mohmaya, it is parvati’s form. Ganesh says pranaam mata. Mata maya says ganesh, everything in this world is maya, everything you see is just what you see, it is all maya to fulfill a person’s needs. Ganesh says but Kailash is getting destroyed and I can see it. Mata maya says ganesh, vishaypriya saw that you were attached to Kailash and it was the mohmaya for you, he cast a spell which made you see an illusion of kailash’s destruction, just close your eyes and what do you see? Ganesh closes his eyes and he sees Kailash’s destruction and then sees his memories in Kailash. Ganesh then opens his eyes and sees Kailash is in place and intact, nothing has happened to it. Mata maya says Vishaypriya took advantage of that and trapped you in his spell. Ganesh says mata maya, I am grateful to you for guiding me. Para brahma ganpati appears and mata maya says everything lives in ganpati, he made everything and he is everything. Mata maya goes. Ganesh does pranam to ganpati. Ganpati says ganesh, I am the beginning and I am the end, I am the infinite, I am all gods, brahma Vishnu Mahesh, they are nothing but me, all gods are me, everything in this universe as a singularity and as a whole is me, everything is because of me and even you are a form of me, this maya is me and all demons are because of me! Ganesh says I understand now, pranam! Ganpati goes.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya fight the demon brothers as dambhasura comes to defeat ganesh and kartikeya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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