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Udaan 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor celebrate Holi

Udaan 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor alking about Ranvijay’s plans to call the couples to identify them. Suraj says Imli asked me to invite everyone for holi so that she can apologize. She says we can’t celebrate holi. He says we will celebrate holi, this holika dahan ashes are auspicious, I want to apply this to you. They apply the ashes and wish each other. Ranvijay applies the holika ashes and sings Holi aai hai…. He sees Parth and Teni, and welcomes them. She introduces Parth and says we couldn’t refuse your invitation. Imli apologizes to everyone on Ranvijay’s behalf. Kasturi says we had no option, we are your bandhua and had to come.

Imli says don’t scold me today, hug me. Kasturi stops her. Chakor says Suraj leave me. Ranvijay says come, seems you were enjoying. Suraj says

it was Imli’s command, Chakor wasn’t coming, so I had to get Chakor here. Imli praises his loyalty. Chakor and Suraj see Teni and Parth. Chakor takes Pakhi aside and says Ranvijay can bring out truth, do something and stop Parth and Teni. Pakhi pushes Imli. The ashes fall over Ranvijay. Imli scolds her. Pakhi takes Parth and Teni. Imli cleans Ranvijay’s face. Ranvijay asks Girja to stop the sound. Imli says this sound is of making bhaang, villagers will have it. He says we will feed this today itself. Suraj looks on. Teni says don’t worry, we won’t tell that we have seen Suraj and Chakor as husband and wife. They go. Ranvijay catches Pakhi and says you thought you will spoil my plan, Suraj and Chakor will say truth after having bhaang. He locks her and goes. Everyone drinks thandai and gets drunk.

Teni says we can’t have thandai, Parth can’t drive to home. Imli asks her to take sweets. Ranvijay says I have a surprise for you. Kasturi asks Bhuvan not to have bhaang. He says its prasad, let me have it. Chakor laughs seeing them. Suraj takes thandai from Chakor and throws it. He asks will you have bhaang. Chakor says you could have explained this with love. He tells her with love. She asks maid to get plan thandai for her and tell everyone that she had bhaang thandai. Ranvijay sends maid and swaps the thandai. Suraj asks maid about the plain thandai. Maid says Chakor will drink bhaang today. Suraj also drinks bhaang, along with Chakor. Chakor goes.

Imli comes. He sees Imli and gets confused. She asks are you finding someone. He says yes, its a secret. Pakhi tries to break the lock. Chakor does shayari. Chakor and Suraj dance on Jai jais shiv shankar. Everyone dances. Chakor and Suraj hide behind the table and romance. Ranvijay asks Imli to come fast and see something. Pakhi asks Parth and Teni to do something and stop Suraj and Chakor. Chakor says I love you a lot Suraj. Suraj says I love you too. They get close.

Parth and Teni see them. Ranvijay asks Imli to see the drama. Imli asks what happened to you. Parth takes Suraj away and says Chakor was telling Teni that you are useless, fool. Suraj asks what. Teni takes Chakor and says Suraj said you are a wild cat and fight. Chakor goes to Suraj. They start arguing. Parth and Teni smile. Pakhi comes. Teni says no one will know anything, take care of them, we will go. Ranvijay gets Imli there. They see Suraj and Chakor shouting and arguing. Ranvijay says I called the doctors so that your name doesn’t spoil. Imli asks who. He says Veer and Sanchi of Savitri devi hospital. He sees Suraj and Chakor arguing.

Ranvijay thanks Veer for coming. He tells Chakor that her truth will be out. Sanchi says I can’t lie about you and Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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