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That falling kite -part 4

hey guys before you proceed if you think you need to look back the last part then here is the link.


That Falling Kite part 3

That Falling Kite –part 4

Grabbing the overjoyed sister of his in his arms he left the hut of old lady and moved to his own home.

“You know bhaiya, I pushed him and took the kite ….i flew it too.” The lady don told him with immense pleasure recalling how she had snatched the big kite from the poor boy she always troubled.

“oooooo, and did you pull his hairs” he asked his sister.

“He had those big lice in his head so his mother cut every hair of his.” The four years old laughed with utter proud like she was happy his loss.

“oh, then you made him more cry Sona….?” He pointed.

“he too had pulled my hairs when I was sleeping with Mai.” She told him recalling the hard pull when she was sleeping.

“bhaiya, what happened to your hand.” She felt the dampness on his left arm and as she touched it he winced.

“Nothing…. Let’s eat; today I got aloo paratha for you.” He changed the topic Referring to the leftovers he has got from the hotel sweeper who helped him with the leftover food of hotel.

“Aha…give me those Bhaiya..” her mouth watered, forgotten the long cut on his arm from the glass pane which had broken today and slit his arm when he was hurriedly taking the colored sheets to the other room.

Five day salary cut for the loss was made and he wasn’t much worried, he had made the loss and he was meant to pay back.

He was a gem in the slum with such high spirits and this heart of gold but was his little heart ready for the shocking turn in events…..


“mumma, when will baby come ?” her daughter asked playing with the bunch of rubber bands spread on the bed.

“Soon Harshi…” she answered as she pulled her black hairs into a small pony tail.

“Is baby awake this moment? I want to feel his Hii.” Referring the light kicks she turned as her pony was done.

“umm….for that you will need to say him Hello first.” Smiling on those tactics she reminded her trick to get those special gestures of baby.

“Hey, baby… Are you awake?” Caressing the bulging belly over the long floral maxi with her little palms the little girl waited for the response.

She did that many times but may be the baby was still asleep or in no mood to say hello cause there was no response from the side even after the softest caresses from his/her big sister.

“It looks baby is sleeping mummy.” With a not so happy face the big sister jumped off the bed. “I will talk to him later.”

Taking the Angry Birds printed little bag she kissed the cheeks of her mummy and hurried to the doors.

Caressing the place where the little one was sleeping as the elder sister had declared she noticed how her daughter was always referring the unborn baby as her brother, she needed to understand that the coming baby could be a baby sister too.

And the last hospital visit came to her eyes. “How the time flew so fast and here she was ready to visit the doctor again after three days.” she thought and suddenly she felt like she was going to give an exam she wasn’t prepared for.

Sipping the guava juice she was craving these days she tried running away from all those suffocating thoughts of something worst.

“Hey, you not ready?” came a voice from somewhere over her and she looked up from the sitting position of the little bed to find her husband looking at her cautiously.

“Yea…yeah, I Am.” she visibly fumbled in turn almost spilling the juice on the bed when her arm was yanked and with a little spread on floor, sheets were saved.

“What happened….Anika we talked about it?” he waited. “I am telling you it is nothing to worry about. Please don’t think too much.” Placing the glass on the chair near bed he told her caringly.

“I don’t know I feel really nervous…” she said trying to stand up.

“hey, come here.” He pulled her on the little bed beside him.

And hugging her not so slender form these days to him he closed her as much as was possible. “it is not only about you and baby…it is about me too. Whatever comes we will see together and face together. Just leave everything on god and whatever  he has already decided we will try to come in terms with it.” And these little soothing words are sometimes the biggest support despite everything falling apart.

“hun…I know. But I felt good hearing it.” Hugging him properly from side she said closing her eyes in relief.

“Tonight Rudra and Saumya are coming back from the seminar and she texted me it was superb.” He told her.

“That’s great…I will feel less tensed in their company.” She said thinking about the kid couple of house who were the breath of house.

“Now let’s leave before we get late, appointment is in an hour.” He told her.


“where is Ragi aunt Savitri?” he asked as he entered the little kerosene oil lamp lit house.

“the doctor didi took him to hospital, she said he needed more care for the T.B. and what he did last night isn’t helping him .” referring to those smoke sessions she answered him in a sad voice.

“Oh, I will go see him in morning.” He told the lady who wasn’t crying for she had other kids to see no matter how much sad she was.

“He will be fine aunt; no one dies from T.B. anymore if treated well.” He consoled the lady who in response didn’t say anything as if she had already resigned everything. “ doctor didi told me.” the last words came in a whisper as he left the little shed feeling the hard push on his heart of a coming separation….perhaps.


“Hey Mr. and Mrs. Singh, I was waiting for you two.” The doctor smiled to them.

“by the way doctor, you have made us restless in these three days, I wanted to come as soon as possible.” He told honestly ,helping Anika to adjust on the chair.

Smiling in response she asked Anika. “Mrs. Singh, how is baby doing and how is your backache?”

“Backache is still same, I am taking the massage occasionally and other then that we are fine.” Referring to her and baby she replied to doctor.

“Okay…I know I have hinted last time itself there was something I needed to talk with both of you together.” With no further delay as her profession needed the lady in white apron came to the point.

And this time he too felt he started sweating because suddenly his whole body turned hot and he felt the condition his wife was going through all this time. The tone was enough to alarm something alarming.

But taking her one palm in his he waited for the doctor to go further and he felt puzzled when doctor without saying anything turned the open screen of her pc to them and started a slide.



Hey guys…hope you all celebrated Holi well, I too did. I apologize for the delay but I was very busy with many things and I also apologies for not revealing the secret you all are waiting for today too.

But “next” and if everything goes well “second last chapter” will come with many surprises. Now next part is updated, hope you like it. Will be waiting for your response.

With love Morusya.

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