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Shani 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani’s power increases

Shani 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| When you wish ill of others, you fall in that trap. Shani teaches that one goes through the same circumstances that he wishes to create for others. ||

Shani says we should remember that this war is not just against Ravan who wants to get the world under his feet but this is for the entire world. Surya Dev and the entire army get ready for the fight. Ravan asks Mahadev (looking up at the sky) if he has heard them. No one has any problem with it anymore. Shall we start the war now? Shani tells Ravan he could have made his devotion his biggest strength and could have created a path which would have benefitted the entire world but you dint do it. You wont be able to return from your chosen path ever. You will get karamfal of all your karmas soon. Ravan smiles. Even your lectures wont save you today. I

feel bad as Mahadev spent so much time creating you. He had so many expectations from you whereas you disappointed him.

Narayan tells Mahadev that Ravan can go to any extent to defeat Shani. He wont mind destroying the world for the same! Mahadev agrees. Negativity must get out of us before positive thoughts can prosper. Shani must bear Ravan’s every attack to come our victorious of it. This war is as important for Shani as important as it is for the entire world. He will be again called Karamfaldata.

Ravan gives Shani a choice to end the war right away. Just agree to be my servant forever and everything will be fine. Shani refuses to bow down to him. I will surely fight with you. Devraj Indra joins Shani with his army. I was against you my entire life but the one, who is the enemy of the world, cannot be my friend. I am with you in this war. Ravan isn’t bothered to see him switching sides. Your throne will be in danger the moment my son will be born. You have lost it anyways. I must tell you who all are on my side. Mangal, Rahu and Ketu appear there. Hanuman tells Shani to tackle Mangal while he will handle Rahu and Ketu. The war begins. Dhamini thinks it is impossible to end Ravan’s cruelty unless Shani becomes Karamfaldata again. You must accept it.

Dev Vishwakarma looks at the weapon. Tridev have given me a very big responsibility but I don’t know from where to begin. Young Shani calls out to him. Dev Vishwakarma is surprised to see him. Shani asks him why he doubts his creation today. Dev Vishwakarma explains that this isn’t an ordinary responsibility. Entire world’s karamfal will be decided based on this weapon. It will have the entire strength; Tridev’s blessing. That’s why it should be created in such a way that it can contain that much energy in it. Young Shani says this is why Mahadev gave this responsibility to you. You are an inseparable part of my life. You are a part of my life even when we were unaware of Mahadev deciding to choose me as Karamfaldata. Maybe Shani’s choice of words of refusing to become Karamfaldata is stopping you. Don’t worry anymore though. You need to have faith to create this weapon after which Shani will be able to accept this weapon. That’s when the world will get its Karamfaldata. The world has waiting for him for a decade already. Dev Vishwakarma nods and focuses on the weapon.

Both and Gods and Asuras are fighting. Rahu and Ketu try to flee but Hanuman ties them with the help of his tail and enjoys swirling them around. Shani beats Mangal. Mangal thinks he fought with Shani in the past too but it feels as if his strength has increased. How did it happen? Kakol tells Shani that he felt as if he used his entire strength today. It was just the way you did when you saved my life from that Asura. Shani recalls that incident and looks shocked.

Mahadev remarks that even Kaalchakra is accepting that it is coming full circle. Shani will become Karamfaldata soon. Shani’s strength is increasing Shanay-Shanay like it happened in his childhood. It will double when he will fight with Ravan.

Ravan tells Shani he was waiting to fight with him only. Now we will see who is stronger. They start fighting.

Young Shani tells Dev Vishwakarma to hurry up. Shani would need Mahadev’s aid / blessing to stop Ravan and save the world. He mentally coaxes Shani to try to connect with this energy. This is your own energy and will give you strength to face Ravan.

Shani hits Ravan shocking Mangal.

Mahadev says with the weapon coming to life, Shani’s energies will increase Shanay-Shanay. It will help him defeat Ravan.

Shani beats Ravan. Dhamini smiles. Shani has finally done it.

Ravan stands up irked. I warned Shani to surrender but he dint agree. You don’t know how much I hurt you. You will see it with your own eyes now. You wanted to know the secret that I am hiding from you? It is about the energies of Nav-graha’s. I can use it even if I am not in Lanka. I can change their direction! You did not surrender but the world will bear the brunt of your mistake today! It will continue to happen till the time you will agree to be under my feet for forever! He turns into Dashanan avatar and screams loudly. The weather changes.

Narayan says we are headed to destruction. Mahadev tells him not to worry. It is Shani’s destiny to become Karamfaldata. This incident is a part of that path. Shani will certainly find a way out of it.

The weather turns stormy. Surya Dev is having trouble standing. Shani looks up and notices the change in the directions of planets. Lot many collisions happen in the galaxy. Ravan asks Shani to accept his condition and surrender. There is still time or you will see the world getting destroyed.

Precap: The most important chapter of Shani’s life is about to begin. Entire world will have to bear with it. Shani will take the most important decision of his life. See what will happen in the last chapter of Shani when Shani will accept the position of Dandnayak.

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