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Roses…A small story of Seven Shots By Zaimal PART-6

Swara was crossing the main road when a fast moving car hit her.Car slows down a bit but zoomed hearing people noises.people gathers around swara and few takes her hospital.

“is there anything through which we can contact to patient’s family…”nurse asked from few man who brought swara hospital.they give her swara’s bag.Nurse finds swara’s identity card before mobile and walks toward reception.

After half an hour operation…swara was out of danger and was shifted to general ward.

“haye…meri baachi!…how this happened?”chachi said in loyud voice and hugged swara.swara hissed in pain.

“chachi ji my arm…”swara cried.nurse moves back chachi quickly.

“Thank God you are safe…’chachi said with fake smile.swara holds her head.

“please don’t make noise…let her rest”nurse said,making swara lay down.

“nothing is serious right?…’chachi asked from nurse in whisper.

“doctor have done some test…it will come after some time”nurse said and leaves.

“tests…who will pay?”chachi thought worriedly and sit beside swara on bed.

“swara mera bacha…i came here running after hearing your accident…didn’t think about kavita.she is alone at home.you sleep i will take quick round of house”chachi said,gets and leaves.

Swara just closed her eyes and tried to sleep but some tears escaped fromcorner of her eyes.


“nurse…will you please prepare discharge papers”swara said in weak tone.

“okay…i will bring them but bills are not clear.”nurse said,feeling awkward to say that to patient.

“please bring my bag…i will clear them”swara said with smile.nurse nodded and brings her things.Swara steps down from bed and walks toward washroom to change.

she had plaster around her arm and bandage on forehead.

Swara clears bills after bringing months sallary from ATM machine then goes home.she was going to open the door but stops hearing loud voices.

“they are ready to give 5 lacks for her…”chachi shouted angrily.

“have you lost your mind….if anyone came to know.we all will go jail”chacha shouted back at her.

“no one will come to know….we will do marriage drama.swara will also agree and we will get money.then they will do whatever they want to do with her.”chachi explained her whole plain.swara covers her mouth,staggered back then runs back.

“there was only one hope that everything will be fine after marriage….you snatched it too”swara said,during crying.she picks up her bag and finds mobile.

“where is mobile…”swara whispered,finding it no where.New tears started rolling down from her eyes.

“i lost it also….”swara thought,feeling pitiful for herself.


“swara bacha…i know its not right time but i want to ask something.there is marriage perposal for you.’chachi said in sugar coated voice.

“chachi ji…from childhood you decide everything for me.i know you will choose best for me”swara said lowering her eyes.

“that’s like my girl..”chachi said,kissed on her head and leaves.

“chachi ji…”swara called her from back.chachi turns and looks at her.

‘tmorrow my plaster will be removed…i wanted money.my sallary didn’t come till now.”swara said sadly.

“oh!..its okay i will give you.how much?”chachi said with fake smile.


“this much for plaster…’chachi said with wide eyes.

“its okay chachi i will manage..’swara said sadly.

“no no..i will give you just now..”chachi said,thinking about 5 lacks.she gives her money and leaves.swara looks at money and sighed.she gets up from bed,takes out a medium sized bag,put clothes in it with one hand.

after putting things in bag,she drop it from rooms window at back side of house and walks out.

“swara what are you doing here?”kavita asked with narrowed eyes.

“was feeling thirstay…going to bring water bottle”swara said in low voice.kavita looks at her suspiciously then nodded.

“why are you awake so late…”

“how dare you ask question from me…..stay in your limits”kavita said angrily and walks out from there.

swara shrugged and walks toward main door.she closes the door carefully without making sound ,covers her face,takes bag from back of house and walks toward main road.


“God this woman…’sanskar said in frustrated tone and again dial swara’s number.

“pick up please…”

Sanskar starts pacing in room,trying her number many times.

“sanskar…”kavy’s voice touched his ear.he turned and looked at her.

“when did you come?…”sanskar asked in confused tone.

“how can you do this with me?…’kavya said while tears roll down from her cheeks.

“what did…”sanskar tried to speak but she cut him.

“oh please!…stop your drama.karan told me everything”kavya said in angry voice.

“listen kavya…i have no time to give you any explanations.i am very upset now.just leave.we will talk some other day”sanskar said dialing swara’s number again.

kavya snatched phone from his hand and throw it on bed.

“i want my answers….”kavya almost shouted at him.

“karan has lost his mind……i am just trying to help swara. she is stuck between greedy people that all.”sanskar said in frustrated voice.

“why do you care?….its her life”

“humanity is something….”sanskar said while picking mobile from bed.muttering some curses under breath.

“to whom you are calling….”

“dam her!…not picking my calls from yesterday.i just hope her aunt didn’t do anything with her”sanskar said in worried and his heart shrunk thinking about that.kavya stares at him for a second then snatch phone and throw it on floor.

“why don’t you care….why the hell you care?”kavya shouted in full anger.

“because she deserve such care….she deserve much more than that”sanskar said in frustrated voice and looks at broken mobile.

“do you love her?…”

“maybe…..i like to spend time with her.”sanskar said shrugging his shoulders.

“how can you cheat on me?…’

“you are asking this?….who is cheating on me with two more guys.”sanskar said with raised eye brows.kavya stares at him with wide eyes.

“kavya listen…i don’t want to raise finger on your character.i am myself not so pure…..please just leave its over.i am going Agra to check…is she fine or not”

“you know what…just go to hell”kavya said angrily and left.



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