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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Wants To Make Marriage Work

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

CT tells Diya that Arpita came to kesar mahal when you both were in Goa and challenged us that Ratan and your relation can’t work, and if this happens then Ratan have to leave his position. She says you have sacrifice 12 years of your life for Ratan and asks if she will bear to see this. She keeps her hand on Ratan’s head and says you have to be in the marriage in all circumstances. She asks her to stop Ratan and slaps Arpita and Abhay by making her marriage work. She says it is your responsibility now to make the marriage work. She says you are Ratan’s wife, and real Rajput. Diya nods her head.

In the mornings, Diya gives herbal tea to Ratan. Ratan dislikes it and says it is hot. Diya tastes it and says it is not at all hot. She thinks what to do. Ratan says I have to confess

something and says human nature is strange, firstly it dislikes something and then likes the same thing. Diya asks what is it? Ratan says you, I started liking you. Diya says but…balam ji plays…Ratan laughs and says I was joking with you. He says you don’t need to spend life with uncaring person like me, you will be freed today. Diya gets restless. Diya says you are not at all like that. Ratan says I knows myself best and says he liked when he played holi.

CT tells Yash that today he will look good in engagement dress. Yash says I am not missing my Maasa because of you and is lucky as you are my Dadisaa. CT blesses him. Diya comes to Yash. Yash says I need your help and asks what to gift her. Diya asks him to give unconditional love and support to make her smile throughout. Yash says you have set an example and we have to walk on your path. He goes to talk to Mohana. CT comes there and tells Diya that she hopes she will do the same thing and asks her to talk to Ratan. She says you both shall not tell me that you want to end the marriage. Diya gets tensed.

Yash plays Diya’s voice recording for Mohana. Mohana gets happy. Yash makes her wear bangles and promises to support her. Her father comes there and asks her to tell whom to gift the things. Mohana gives the list. Her father tells that if she wants, he will call her mother. Mohana says you are my father and mother both and says yash will see arrangements.

Diya gets ready and recalls CT and Ratan’s words. Ratan comes there, combs his hairs. Sindoor gets stuck on his sleeve and falls on her forehead and nose. He teases her and says time has come for separation. He gives her farewell gift. Diya opens it and says sorry pendant. Ratan says you have done so much for me, but I couldn’t do anything for you, I am a failure. Diya asks if you will give me whatever I ask for. Ratan asks her to ask. Diya says can we make the marriage work, can we try once. Ratan asks what you are saying? Diya says can we make it real. Ratan says whatever you are saying. Diya laughs and says she is joking. Ratan says you have scared me and asks why you are crying. Diya says kajal went in eye. Ratan blows on her eyes. Yeh rishta song plays.. She prays to Goddess and says she can’t convey to Ratan. She says if she chooses his respect and prestige then his happiness will be sacrificed. She asks Goddess to show way.

Arpita sits in car and thinks to take revenge. Everyone gather to Yash and Mohana’s engagement in kesar mahal. Sajjan Singh gets cough and keeps hand on his chest. Ratan calls Servant and asks him to bring water. He makes him sit and drink water. Diya asks are you fine?

Ratan asks Sajjan Singh to rest for some time. He tells Diya that he will tell truth to everyone about their relation and asks her not to worry, says he will take blame on himself. Guest lady tells CT that you are lucky to see Ratan married and asks about Sakshi and isha’s kids. CT says they study in boarding school. Yash and Mohana exchange rings. He promises her that he will not leave her hand in any circumstances.

Sakshi asks Mohak to pout as she takes selfie. Ratan tells Diya that time has come to tell truth to CT. Diya panics and recalls CT’s words. Ratan tells CT that he wants to talk to her. He is about to tell her when Arpita comes there and says you people are having jashn here. She says I won’t let Diya celebrate and will expose her deeds in Goa. Nitya gets worried and asks CT why she came here. Ratan asks how dare you to come here. Arpita says Diya tried to kill my brother in Goa and that’s why I came to get her punished.

Arpita gets Diya arrested. Ratan looks on helplessly.

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