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Inesh was still in Om’s captive trying to get free but it was too late as Om has shot on his leg. He was getting dragged by Om when Shivay reached at the bank of the river with Anika in his arms.

Most of the men followed Shivay-Anika but to God’s grace a boat was there at the bank of the river.

“Anika… Anika you go… You go to the other side… I am coming” Shivay said huffing and tightening up the sheet covering Anika around her.

She knew that she have to gather courage to run or say to row the boat, her hands reached to the oar while Shivay untied the rope and released the boat and turned towards the terrorists with arms pointing towards them.

“Don’t you dare” he shouted. Om was still pointing the gun over Inesh’s head so no one was getting courage to shoot thinking that Om will instantly shoot Inesh the moment bullet leaves their gun.

Anika was trying hard to move her hands and move the oar in rotational manner but she is failing as the oar is slipping out of her hand. Inesh was bleeding profusely and was staring that how his prey is running away.

“Shoot” Inesh shouted.

“Ahh…” Shivay said loudly and threw his left hand at the back that indicated that the bullet has pierced his muscle.

“Rudra run” Om shouted and shot Inesh but as he was not professional and it was his first time he missed his aim and the bullet passed cutting of Inesh’s head.

This side other men started to fire bullets uncontrollably and Anika was trying hard to row the boat.

Some men ran towards the river to catch her but her Shivay was there as the last barrier. Rudra came in front and started punching and kicking those men who was trying to reach Anika.

The chopper covered the place and Khanna ji started to fire from up. As a result half of the men looked up and started to fire at the chopper.

Om was continuously firing in any direction he is seeing the men in trying to attack them.

“Fire…fire” Inesh instructed his men and his men and aimed at Shivay. Again they started to fire at Shivay.

Shivay fell back in the river as their firing continued. Inesh understood that the bullet has pierced Shivay’s body and he fell at last loosing his balance.

“Shivay…Bhaiyaa…” Om and Rudra shouted together. Tears covered their cheeks.

OmRu looked at Inesh through teary but blood shot eyes.

“Hamara ek usool hai… khud par talwaar chal jaaye to gum nahi… par bhaiyon ko ek kharoch bhi aaye… toh yaa tum nahi yaa hum nahi” Om said and shot Inesh.

“Ahhh…” Inesh winced in pain falling back.

“Hope to meet you Mr. Inesh so that we get to punish you and take our revenge” Om said and jumped into the river. Rudra too followed Om’s act.

“Catch them… get them… if they run then it’s dangerous for us” Inesh shouted but his shout was a feeble sound hardly rolling down his tongue.

His men jumped into the river and out of all they noticed lately that Anika’s boat isn’t over the river.

They understood Anika’s boat turned upside down resulting her fall into the high current water.

“Catch… catch Anika… catch…” Inesh said and became unconscious while some of his men ran to him to take him to the nearby hospital.

Other men continued their search but there was no sign of Anika, Shivay or OmRu. Many men got up from the water devastated. Some were still searching with just no hope.

“Maybe their bodies went with the current. We should try searching when daylight is there” one man said looking at the men surrounding him.

“I think he is correct” other man said.

“Actually yes… now our first priority should be boss… this river is deep and both Anika and Shivay were injured so maybe they died and their bodies floated and went away with the current” another man said.

“And the other two heads… what about them?” fourth man asked.

“See… now it’s not possible to find them out as it’s dark and we cannot see each other nicely so how will we search for them? It’s better that we continue our search tomorrow” the first man replied.

“Yeah I think good idea” sixth man said.

“So let’s go” “yeah yeah” these were their last talks and they went away.

TWO LONG DAYS have passed. There is no trace of Shivay and Anika. Om and Rudra has returned back to Oberoi Mansion. Securities were highly tight there. Inesh was admitted to hospital.

Mr. Chatterjee went inside Inesh’s cabin and asked “how are you?”

Inesh opened his eyes and in most innocent manner he said “I am fine sir” he remembered about Anika and asked “sir… Anika betrayed us… she… she helped those terrorists, she was the culprit… culprit sir… please catch her… before she plans any more blasts and attacks… sir… please” Inesh very wisely tried to make Anika the culprit but he knew if he revealed about ShivOmRu then his sword would have chopped down his head only.

He decided that he will himself catch OmRu and will murder them.

“Inesh… you take rest, we are proud of you that you have fought this hard for our motherland… get well soon… take rest” Mr. Chatterjee left a deep breath after completing and went away.

Inesh closed his eyes and smiled devilishly.

Mr. Anand (Inspector) came to Mr. Chatterjee and informed “sir we got Anika’s and Shivay’s body.”

“Where?” Mr. Chatterjee asked.

“Sir their bodies were carried away by the current and we got them far away… what to do with their bodies now?” Mr. Anand asked.

“Burn them… nothing else we can do… and listen let Inesh know that you got his body. He was panicking” Mr. Chatterjee said.

“Yes sir” Mr. Anand saluted and went inside Inesh’s cabin to inform him as per Mr. Chatterjee’s instruction.

“You sure?” Inesh asked.

“Yes sir… if you want we can show you the post mortem report” Mr. Anand said.

Inesh smiled being sure after checking the post mortem report but then also he asked one of his men to go and check personally.

His men went with Mr. Anand and he showed him that yes it was Anika and Shivay. Inesh’s men clicked their pics where their faces were a bit destroyed but you can understand that they are Shivay-Anika.

“So sad Ms. SP you fought so much but see… you are dead now, I will become SP now… Mr. Chatterjee will be in my hand… just wait and see from the up what I do to your mother nation” Inesh thought smiling devilishly and smirking looking at the ceiling.

News channels got another masala. Reporters started bad-mouthing about Shivay and Anika saying that they were the major two heads of terrorist gang who planned every blasts and attacks and Mr. Inesh Ahuja has saved our mother nation by killing them. Inesh was getting famous and all thanks to news channel.

Oberoi Family was forced to face media and answer their stupid questions.

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