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Porus 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Challenges To Rule Bharath, Puru Challenges to Kick Out Farsis

Porus 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anusuya nervously thinks if Puru is doing right, if he wioll fall into trouble. Bamni walks in and says outside it is raining with thunderbolt and storm, so he came to check if she is fine. She smiles and says she is fine, but he does not have to make any excuses to meet her. Their eyes meet. On the other side, Puru asks if he is surprised why he did not tell Bamni total truth. Darius says that is because he is afraid Bamni will not trust him. Puru says it is good to meet intelligent enemy. Their argument continues and Puru asks to tell his real motto. Darius says he came to rule on his country. Puru says he is staying in Bharath for 21 years but did not read Bharathi’s mind at all, he does not know when Bharathi’s decide something, nobody can stop them. Darius says he did not hear well

that he wants to control Bharath. Puru says his dream will be dream forever. Darius says he is not asking, he is commanding, he will rule his enemies or will behead them. Puru warns that until he is alive, his dream will not fulfill and reminds that his mom chanted for 21 years that her son will come and kick out Farsi, he is born to kick out Farsis out of Bharath. He walks away while Darius and Mauses stand fuming.

Anusuya asks Bamni to go to his room as it is very late. Bamni asks what happened between Puru and Farus. Anusuya asks if he came to ask this. Anusuya says he can understand that Puru is hiding something and must have informed her what is in his mind, so he came to ask her. She asks what is the use of informing her, he is on Farsi’s side. Bamni says he kicked out Farsis years ago on her insistence, but things have changed now, he does business with Farsis around the world. Anusuya says she thought he does business for relationship, but she now thinks it is changed into greed. Bamni says even now it is relationship, but if he stops now, people will die with hunger. She tries to speak, but he stops her. She says problems are creeping up since she came in. Bamni says he just wants to say that things have changed now and she has returned after 21 years. He tries to leave and sees Puru walking in. He says Puru that Paurav rastra is eager to meet its prince whom they lost 21 years, so he should be present at courtyard tomorrow and hopes a prince comes there and not Dasyu.

In Macedonia, Alexander angrily practices sword reminiscing Philip telling he will go on war with Faras and Alexander will just guard Macedonia, he is real king and will always be. Olympia walks in and asks why he is so angry. Alexander says they tell one cannot fight with old tree. Olympia says one should deroot old tree slowly with politics and says Cleopatra has given birth to a girl, so nobody can stop Alexander from becoming king, Philip is jealous of Alexander, let us go and give news of a baby girl to Philip and see his sad face. Alexander says he is not interested. Olympia says let us inform Cleopatra’s husband about his baby girl and see him shattering, they should enjoy seeing weak enemy.

Puru consoles sad Anusuya and says whatever she tries, Bamni will not listen to her, she should be sad as her son is wit her now. He says Darius is a guest for few days in his country and he has warned him that he will be punished for destroying Dasyu lok. Anusuya says Darius will try to harm him. Puru says he will find out what Darius move is. Bamni will announc him as prince and Darius’s end will also start, his cruelty will end, Darius came to loot his country thinking it as golden sparrow, but until he is alive, he cannot even take a feather.

Precap: Alexander tells Olympia that Philip is going to attack Farus,
it is best time to play with his mind. Bamni introduces Puru as Pourav rastra’s prince. Puru waks in while Darius looks tensed.

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