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Piya Albela 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja shocked to see Surbhi captive by Naina

Piya Albela 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja searching for Naina’s secret and thinks she has time till morning. Supriya is happy that Naren came back to her. Pooja thinks where is Gala no. 19. Naina talks to her goon and asks if Pooja came there. Goon says Pooja haven’t reached here. Naina says she will reach there surely and asks goon to kill her brutally. Dada ji is restless and calls Pooja, but her phone is not reachable. Supriya asks Naren to give her bindi and says she can’t move her feet. Naren thinks about Pooja. Supriya thinks he is still thinking about Pooja and asks him to apply ointment. She hides his phone. Naren searches for his phone and calls on the number. He finds his phone on Supriya’s lap. Supriya says may be it fell down and asks him to take her for marriage.

Pooja reaches Gala no.

16 and hears goons talking and telling that they can’t move until Naina gets married. Naina thinks Pooja will die today and can’t stop the marriage. She turns and sees Naren. Pooja thinks now it is dhamaka time, nobody can stop her. Naina gets tensed and asks naren when did he come? Naren says he came to take her for marriage. Pooja bursts crackers outside to divert goons’ attention and comes inside. She sees Surbhi there unconscious and tries to make her get conscious. Surbhi gains consciousness and asks Pooja to save her. Pooja asks her to get up, and says we will go from here. She gets up, but is tied. Pooja tells Surbhi about Naina and Rahul’s marriage. Surbhi says if they get married then I will be ruined, and tells her that she is carrying Rahul’s baby. Pooja is shocked.

Goons think someone might have bursted crackers and come back. They think somebody is inside and sees Surbhi at her place. Goon warns Surbhi that her baby will be killed if she acts smart. Pooja hides.

Rahul and Naina stand for varmala. Naren is worried for Pooja. Surbhi tells Pooja that they can’t go from there as goons are dangerous. Pooja says she will call naren and calls him. Naren asks where is she? Pooja says she is in gala no. 16 of darya gunj and asks him to come there.

Supriya gets tensed as Naren leaves. Anuj sees him going. Naren runs out of house. Anuj goes behind him and tries to follow him. Rachel stops him and says you have to be here in Naina’s marriage. Anuj asks her not to stop him. He leaves. Goons think why did Pooja haven’t come till now. Naren hopes he heard the address right as her phone is off. Pooja frees Surbhi’s hand and tells her that they have to go out before rounds. As they were leaving, glass falls. Goons get alert and find the door locked and try to break it.

Goons tie Surbhi and throw ball on her stomach, but Pooja catches it. They continue to throw ball while Pooja catches ball. She gets angry and slaps goon. Goon throws ball on Surbhi’s stomach, when Naren comes and holds the ball.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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