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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sarla kaki dies.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with manik inside the tent and he now starts regretting of his sin. Manik says I shouldn’t have put the camp on fire, I cannot do any more sin now. Keshari comes and says manik you have to do as I say, you will kill the people in this camp. Manik is shocked and says what? Are you mad? I am not a murderer. Keshari smiles and then hypnotizes manik, she puts anger inside him and makes him partly demon minded. Keshari goes. Manik walks inside the tent angrily making a growling sound. Sarla kaki comes inside and says son manik, manik? She hears the sound and sits and says what sound are you making manik? What is this sound? Are you fine? Manik? Manik makes the angry sound. Sarla then says manik, it was good radha was saved but everything was destroyed in fire, but radha said

she saw who set the camp on fire and we will soon catch that person. Sarla says she said that person wore a golden bracelet like thing in his hand, I think it must have been some demon. Manik looks at his hand and sees his gold bracelet given by keshari and is shocked. Sarla gets up and says manik what sound are you making? She then holds manik’s hand and senses the golden bracelet. Sarla is shocked and says manik, you did it? Sarla is shocked and cries and says manik you are the one who set the camp on fire and threatened radha’s life, I will tell everyone. Sarla holds manik’s hand and says I will expose you in front of everyone, I am so unlucky that you were born to me, why god why? Manik says leave me, leave me right now, he suddenly pushes sarla who falls down and her head hits the bed. Sarla starts bleeding. Manik is shocked to see this and he goes out of the tent.
There radha is sad. Her friends say radha talk to kanha, what did he do? Your kanha wants to talk to you. Kanha says yes radha. Radha says no and she walks ahead. Kanha goes to radha and says radha talk to me please. Radha is sad and says no kanha, I trusted in you but you broke my trust, I thought you would save me from the fire but you did not come to save me. Radha says if you had cared for me then you would have done anything to save me. Kanha says radha I care for you a lot. Radha says just by saying nothing will happen, I saw you yesterday, you did not try to save me. Kanha says radha what do I say? I tried everything that I could, I care for you more than anyone can and you have to trust me, I would never leave you alone into a danger. Kanha goes.
He comes inside the tent to find sarla kaki and he sees her fallen injured. Kanha picks her and puts her on bed and mends her head injury. Sarla says kanha I wont live long now, I think it is my time to die. Kanha is sad. Sarla kaki says but I know kanha what you are, I want you to give me your divya darshan prabhu! Please fulfill the last wish of your disciple before she dies, please prabhu! Kanha smiles and he turns into lord vishnu’s divya form. Sarla cries and says prabhu I am thankful to you for giving this disciple your darshan, please prabhu give my son manik some sense and make him a good person, he has strolled on the wrong path, please help him prabhu. Sarla takes her last breath. Kanha comes to his form and is sad, he closes sarla kaki’s eyes.
There outside, manik is standing near a tree and he says what have I done? I pushed my own mother which led to her death, I have sinned god, I have done a very wrong thing. Manik says I will not do anything for you keshari from now, manik says I don’t want this bracelet, manik forces and tries removing the bracelet which causes bleeding on his hand and cuts. Keshari comes and says no manik, you cannot remove it, you work for me now and you will change into a complete demon now. Manik says no keshari, I will not work for you, I will do no sin for you. Manik says if I have become a demon then I will kill you first keshari. Manik tries putting his hand on keshari’s neck but keshari says no manik, you cannot do anything. Keshari hypnotizes manik again and laughs cunningly.

Precap: rishi vishwakarma appears and kanha says rishi, build a city for the people of gokul so that they can be safe when gokul is in trouble.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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