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My Love from Another Star {SwaSan FF (Intro)}

Hello Everyone. So, I am a silent reader at this platform and have written four parts of the ff “That Teacher”. After getting inspiration from all the writes, I am presenting a completely new story out of nowhere. No offence but this story is based on a Korean drama “My Love from Another Star”. The story of them is quite beautiful and cute. You can also watch it on YouTube with English Subtitles. I hope you all like my work and there are some ideas of mine as well so let’s get started…
Character Sketch:
Sanskar Maheshwari – a very mysterious man with a perfect everything. He is a perfectionist and loves history (unlike you I hate it from the core of my heart ☹). He is blessed with perfect features and has special powers to control time and movements of non-living stuff.

Swara Gadodia – An actress by profession, a very rude lady who is too proud of her personality and popularity. She cannot handle anyone’s ignorance. India’s no. 1 lady. She has lost herself and she hates her mother a lot. She is the girlfriend of the richest business man’s son laksh khuraana.

Laksh Khuraana – a cute boy but loves swara a lot from his heart. He knows she does not loves him but to him it really doesn’t matter.

Ragini singh – A close friend of Swara as people think. She loves lakh and she is also actress by profession. She acts innocent in front of everyone to gain their attention but her true colours is very different from her.

Sahil Khurrana- main antagonist of the story, a very mysterious character. Wants to take Swara’s life due to some reason. he always tries to kill swasan due to some reason. He is laksh’s brother. He is many ladies man. He is in relationship with navya Rajput.he is a business man
Other Supporting Characters:
1. Shomi – swara’s mother. Money -minded lady
2. Navya Rajput – an actress by profession. She is with sahil for fame and name. she knows his secret and she hates him. She also hates swara.
3. Shekhar – swara’s character. He is missing for many years. He was a famous business man.
4. Nikhil singh- ragini’s brother, a police officer

A beautiful Korean drama reformed with Indian masala. Let’s see a how4 to opposite characters fall in love with each other and make a new history of beautiful chemistry. Let’s see a story fill with love, jealousy, hatred, mystery and full of tashan.

I know the it more like a trailer. And I hope you guys get a little bit interest in this and please I would like to confess that this is swasan story. And please inform that either you all want a happy ending or a sad one. It is I think 10 shots.
Goodbye 😊

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