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My Love from Another Star (Part 1)

Hey everyone so, I am back with the first part of the My Love From Another Star. I hope you all like my work. After reading your comments, I got very excited to write this story, so let’s get started. Sorry for small updates. I would write frequently please don’t mind me. And guys if you all want me to continue “that teacher”, do inform me.
First Part

Swara was travelling in her beautiful car enjoying the pleasant weather and driving in a swift motion. She looked as beautiful as a Greek goddess, who could even take their eyes off her. A beautiful smile was playing on her lips. She was heading towards her new home “beau monde towers”. After all, she was the most beautiful actress in India. But that beautiful smile soon turned out to be small sad laughter indicating her pain. Being an actress she could easily mask her emotions. She would just smile to everyone whenever they asked her how she was. Indeed nobody knew she was broken. She was a pure soul which was completely broken. These damages were beyond repair. The pain she got couldn’t be healed. People who knew her believed that she was a spoilt brat.

She was very proud of her fame but nobody knew that she was too scared to be friendly to people around her. She had lost faith in humanity. She only knew the pain of being hurt by people around her. Once she was a bubbly, chirpy girl who never knew what tears were but ironically ended up living the life of misery and sadness. Her chains of thought were broken with the sound of horns. She realized that she was standing with her car for the last five minutes. She immediately wiped her tears and drive away from there.

She reached her destination. a beautiful apartment with tall infrastructure. She was informed by laksh that her house was at 26th floor, house no. 2601. She laughed at her stupid boyfriend who was aimlessly spending money on her. She knew he loved her but always ignored it. She knew it was wrong but she was an actress who was full of emotions on screen but had an emotionless personality. She had already lost her everything with a blink of her eye.

She tightly held the house keys. Her luggage was already inside her home. Soon it was going to be her “Home Sweet Home”. She held her famous Monalisa smile and went forward, after all, she was the famous Swara Gadodia, and she is not weak. She headed towards the lift but someone already entered it. and now that unlucky man had to face her now.

PRECAPE – an overheated argument

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