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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira learns Akhilesh’s job truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira saying sorry manager, I didn’t know about the papers. Pushpa asks Devina to forgive Ira. They go. Manager threatens Devina and asks her to return money to him. He goes. Devina gets angry on Ira for ruining her plan. Akhilesh comes to Ira and asks her why does she get against Devina, why did she burn loan papers. Ira says Devina was going to cheat you and Pushpa, she was keeping house mortgaged, Pushpa had signed on it. He gets shocked. She says Devina is using your affection, she will make you and Pushpa out of this house, what will you do then.

Akhilesh says I can’t complain, everything belonged to Devina and her children, when Pushpa got everything, Devina has no money, just see a helpless mum, she wants money for her children, she isn’t wrong. Ira says

I don’t believe this. He says I know she didn’t do justice, but she is a mum. Lakhan comes and says Singhania has come. They see Singhania asking his daughter Sanaya to come home. She refuses and says now this is my family. Singhania says don’t know what magic Devina did on Sanaya. Devina hugs Sanaya. Siddhi says we can live in peace. Singhania agrees to pay them 20 crores for Sanaya. Devina gets glad. Singhania says I will pay any amount, but I want my daughter back. Pushpa says see how she will ask money. Akhilesh says no, mom will not accept this offer. Sanaya asks her dad to leave. Devina says no, he asked me to tell any amount, I won’t miss this golden chance. She refuses to take money and says Aditya and Sanaya’s love is precious. She asks Singhania to leave. He goes. Sanaya hugs them. Pushpa says how did Devina speak good. Akhilesh says her nature maybe bad, but she will think about her children first.

Pushpa and Ira go to sleep. Akhilesh wakes up in morning and looks for Ira. Ira gets tea for him. He says you wake up without alarm these days. She says I was studying and took a tea break. He asks did you add something, I m having it. She says I liked what you said about Devina, maybe I was wrong about her, you know people’s goodness. He says every family has problems, I just want to keep family united. She says its holi today, I have something for you. He says I don’t want gulaal. She gives him sweets sent by her dad. She jokes and laughs. She recalls her old days and gets sad. Akhilesh says you maybe missing home, go there for few days. She says its fine, I will celebrate holi with Pushpa, thanks for asking. He says you are losing precious moments with family to keep this fake marriage. He says I want my operation to happen soon, so that you can celebrate festivals with your family.

She says I m also waiting for that day. She drinks tea and says this doesn’t have sugar. She smiles. Everyone comes to play holi. Pushpa fools Devina about lathmaar holi. Devina runs and asks Ira to save her. Sanaya and Ira start arguing. Ira explains about the holi tradition. Devina asks Sanaya to play such holi. Sanaya beats Devina. Pushpa and Ira laugh. Devina says not with us, hit Ira. Sanaya says sorry and hits Ira. Pushpa stops Sanaya. She says Akhilesh will apply color to Ira first. Ira says Akhilesh is getting ready for work. Pushpa says its holi today. Lakhan says he maybe going on duty. Ira calls madam and says I m Akhilesh’s wife, it would be good if he gets holiday for holi, what, he has left the job yesterday, fine sorry. Akhilesh comes. Ira splashes colors on him. He asks what are you doing. She says don’t do drama, I know you left the job, I wasn’t spying, Pushpa asked me to call hostel, so I got to know. He says don’t say this to mum. She asks why did you leave job, we lied together, tell me. He says I learnt the reason for my getting work is my vasectomy, madam thought I m not a man enough and girls have no danger from me. She asks what, see from my sight, I didn’t see such a courageous man.

Everyone dances and celebrate holi. Manager threatens Akhilesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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