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Meri Durga 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat expels Lakshmi

Meri Durga 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga and Tanvi throwing attitude. Tanvi troubles her and wishes all the best. Lakshmi gets the stomach upsetting medicines and says this will work. Tanvi says I will put entire bottle in Durga’s food. They see Durga. Durga goes to attend call. Tanvi calls the pills in the butter milk. Durga comes back and drinks the butter milk. Tanvi smiles. Everyone comes for the race. Tanvi and Lakshmi see Durga and think she can’t win. Durga and everyone run. Lakshmi leaves the race and goes. Durga smiles and thinks of hearing Lakshmi and Tanvi’s talk.

Tanvi thinks how did this happen. Durga thinks of switching the glasses. Durga smiles seeing Tanvi. Durga wins. Bhagat stops Tanvi. He asks what’s happening here, how did you fall down Tanvi. Tanvi says Durga isn’t innocent,

she has pushed me. Palak defends Durga. Tanvi asks her not to say in between. Durga tells Bhagat about Tanvi and Lakshmi’s plan. Tanvi says I don’t know anything. He says I will see Lakshmi. Ranjan comes. Bhagat says Durga is the winner of lane 4. Durga smiles. Ranjan goes with him. Durga and Tanvi argue. Durga says I could have done this with you, but I wanted to have fun by making you lose. She challenges Tanvi.

Durga goes to call Sanjay and can’t connect. She calls Yashpal and says I have a good news, I have won in a race. He says amazing, I know my daughter will win in every ground. Gayatri asks can I talk to her. He gives her phone. Gayatri talks to Durga. Durga tells about the race of running in lane 4. Gayatri says its good news, I wish you always succeed, take care. She congratulates Yashpal. Sanjay goes for job interview and says I need this job. Sanjay clears the interview. The man asks him to join. Sheela and Shilpa sell the fairness cream by praising it. The girls gather there. Ranjan asks Bhagat about Durga, is there any old story or relation.

Bhagat says there is a relation of student and teacher, I have prove that athletes are plotting against Durga. Durga gets Tanvi and Lakshmi come there. Bhagat scolds Lakshmi and expels her from academy. Lakshmi lies to him. He says don’t you lie to me, everyone eats the same food, you guys were absolutely fine, how can you fall ill. She says don’t know, I mixed medicine in Durga’s food. He asks her to get out. She says I m sorry. He shouts get out. Ranjan says don’t repeat your mistake. Bhagat says we will keep Durga and Palak together, and Shivani and Tanvi together.

Durga comes to Palak’s room and thanks her. Durga asks Bhagat what changed, he is supporting her, why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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