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Mehrya My version Part 53


Mehak caressed his bearded cheek with the back of her palm and said your punishment is to shave this beard, can you do it? Shaurya’s eye opened wide and his jaw dropped shocked. Mehak not this please , Mehak shake her fingers in sign of NO and said this is your punishment and I know you only good in talking you can’t do didn’t I said earlier. She yawned and said ok patidev I am going to sleep so this is the border do not get closer you got it, she draw a line with her hands and push him to his pillow and turn to sleep. Shaurya looking at her in disbelief and blaming himself never in life someone did this to Shaurya Khanna but this Mehak is driving me insane. He smirked at her and loudly said you can draw the border on the bed darling but at midnight you will be sleeping at my side hugging me because I know you are attracted to me like magnet. Mehak didn’t respond and he try to see her and found her fast asleep.

Next day morning Mehak gets up from sleep she yawned and stretched herself, she remembers what happen the night before she quickly turned her head behind and saw Shaurya was not there. She gets up from the bed and went to the balcony he was not there as well, then she tell herself maybe he already started his morning workout. She went to freshen up and after wearing her accessories she gets to the kitchen, she greeted Awara bhaiya and started to make breakfast. She asked bhaiya is Shaurya outside jogging, he replied his car not outside maybe he went out. Mehak wonders where he went so early morning, she continue with the breakfast preparations. After a while she heard his car sound being parked at the front porch, she realized he has reached home, she continued to arrange them all in a tray and pass it to Awara bhaiya to arrange them on dining table. Shaurya enters the kitchen and Mehak realizes that he is standing closer to him. She just ignore and gets herself busy. He didn’t like to be ignored and he wants to show his existence there so he cages her in his arms by placing both his arms on the kitchen island as Mehak was standing in middle. Then she asked what is it Shaurya, I am busy here anything please tell fast and move. Naughty Shaurya blow some air on her neck to distract her. Mehak was praying in her heart with his presence I can’t do anything, she warn him to go or else she will beat him up. He asked her to close her eyes and turn in the count of 3. She asked what it is early morning you are playing like small child. What surprise you have now, he asked her to close her eyes and he will count. She closed her eyes, Shaurya counted 1, 2 and he removed the jacket hood and said 3. Mehak turned and opened her eyes. She was flabbergasted on her view set in front of her. She covered her mouth with both her palms and her eyes popped out. Shaurya gives his usual naughty smirk and asked how do I look baby? Unable to find a word she gulped her saliva and stuttered what did you do? He came closer to her face, you named your punishment and I just did it to make you happy so are you happy now and give me a quick kiss now. Mehak bend herself behind avoiding him. She pushed him and he give his naughty look. She touched his cheek with her palms and said you really went to shave or is it some kind of trick, Shaurya grinned sheepishly. He replied I already shave my beard now because you said so now don’t delay and give me my kiss or else I will take it myself, Mehak’s eye widened. She responded I don’t know you I only know the bearded, tall handsome Khadoos Shaurya. I want my bearded Shaurya back not you. Saying that she push him away but he stand facing her like a rock. Do you think it’s a joke, I already shave my beard and it will grow back in another few weeks. Now don’t be naughty and listen to me or else I will bring this matter to the elders in the house.  Mehak pouted at him and said I can’t kiss you because my Shaurya have the beard you don’t have. You look like stranger, I don’t kiss stranger.

Dolly maasi called Mehak from dining table, taking this is the chance she pushes Shaurya and came to dining table. Karuna maa asked her to sit for breakfast what are you doing in kitchen so long. Mehak sat quietly. Harish papa asked beta where is Shaurya? Before she could answer, Shaurya walked into the dining table and pull a chair next to Vicky. All looked at him and lost for words. Vicky laughed and asked bhaiya what you did to yourself. Your beard was your signature look and you were Delhi’s most hot, stud model. Karuna maa interrupted and said Shaurie how long I have been wanted to see my boy like this, I am sure you shave because Mehak ask you to do it right? As she finish saying that both Shaurya and Mehak choked. All the family looked at both of them and smiled quietly. Mehak finished her meal and she cleared the table along with Dolly maasi, while Shaurya went upstairs to get dressed up for work.

Dolly maasi asked her to go up and see on Shaurya maybe he will need something but Mehak protest saying he will manage. Dolly maasi asked her to go listen don’t spend time at kitchen all the time. Mehak reluctantly leave the kitchen and went upstairs. She walked slowly and opens her room door she peeped through as if checking for is it safe to enter, she gently enter and close the room door. She tiptoed into the room and talking to herself maybe he is showering and getting ready. I will just wait here for 10minutes then I go downstairs. She was standing facing the bed suddenly Shaurya from back tap on her shoulder she turn to face him he pushed himself on her and both fell on bed. Mehak gasped for her breath as his body pressed against her softness her heart raced at his proximity and she knows he will not let her go without getting what he wants she can’t trick Shaurya Khanna. He was only clad in his towel exposing his s*xy torso She started to hit on his shoulders and chest. He held both her arms above her head and his eyes gleamed in mischievous. She tried to free from his arms but his grip was tight so no point struggling with him. He looked at her with a loving gaze and Mehak melts immediately looking at his yearnings. He lowered his lips on hers and started to kiss her fervently. Mehak reciprocated and kissing him back as she also longing to taste his lips. Both parted their lips and Shaurya rolled to the bed and this time Mehak was on top of him. He released her hands and he rested his on her hips she looked at him lovingly and brushes her nose against his nose. Shaurya she said, one of his finger was playing with her long curls hmmm he responded you look so different without your beard. She cupped his cheeks. He replied her I will do anything for you Mehak this is just my beard yes it’s my look, my pride and I use my beard to tickle you but since you said so, so no turning back, you should know how stubborn and how aggressive I can be if anything revolve around you. Also when we are arguing never ever say that why did I marry you and not any other girls out there , I never want to hear that again from your mouth this is for my sanity sake. You are everything to me and I don’t mind losing anything of mine but not you and I am not going to share you with anyone too. Mehak felt dominance in his voice as he convey his feelings to her. He took her hand and started to kiss her fingers one by one sending her chills over her body. His looks were so intense and she felt contentment in his arms. Their trance was broken when Shaurya’s mobile ring he was not happy he slowly roll Mehak back to bed and gets up to answer his call. Mehak in the meantime went to bathroom and she saw she was so red as blushing nonstop her lips are swollen , she smiled gently and went to the wardrobe to get Shaurya his suit . She took two sets out and he was still on the bed answering the call, she stand in front of him asking which one he looked at her and smiled pointed to the suit which she was holding in her right arm. She left it on bed and he finished his call and looking at her, she ask him to get dress up quickly why are you sitting naked with towel like small kid. Seriously Shaurya till date I never seen such a stubborn and arrogant human like you, you are one of the kind also your love it’s one of the kind too saying that her cheeks turn red like tomato. He gets up and started wearing his suits and set his hair and wear perfume. He came to Mehak joined his forehead on hers both their fingers intertwined he said I love you laddoo he kissed on her forehead, Mehak hugged him and rest her head on his chest replying him I love you Shaurya he said today I have client meeting at Noida looks like there is some issues with investors and they have called for emergency meeting I will be busy. You rest at home Vicky will manage White chilies today, saying that Mehak naughtily asked why you don’t want me to go scared that Archie or Bujji will be coming there is it? He smiled at her and said not that yesterday you were so tired and I thought today is better you rest that’s why, I don’t think so Archie have the guts to come there anymore as you have given her warnings also you will definitely cut her up and feed the stray cats at old Delhi. She swatted on his shoulder and smiled. Just keep smiling like this okay, see you bye he said and both went downstairs holding hands. Shaurya wave at her and sending her flying kisses and ignited his car and drives out. Mehak went back inside the house.



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