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May be this is called love (Part 1)


Who am I..?  Why does this question haunt me every day I think of sleep…. I’m an orphan..but get everything more than any normal girl would get….I always feel like someone is watching me from far…every step I take …my every wish…everything in my life is a mystery to me which I should solve at any cost to find the true me…I don’t know how…but I really hope I will find someone in my life who would love me… support me…and help me to find the true me..!

“Kitna drama queen hein re tuh..!” akhil said. Aradhya laughed and said

“Woh tho mein hunn..!”

“By the way you got two who love you  …”

Aradhya gave him a questioning look…

“One tera  friend…yani me…aand twwwoooooo…”he searched for rahul (aradhya’s crush)who was sitting in the other side of the class..And pointed him…

“Shut up.!”Aradhya said rolling her eyes…

After a second both bursted out into laughter making whole class look at them..


The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when..aradhya found this in akhil..he was a good frnd to Aradhya..it grew more strong when Aradhya realized that akhil is that friend who supports her when she is need…she found that one , whom she could completely trust no matter what..! time changes everthing…one side they became best friends…the other side…the crush on rahul was ended due to circumstances…it was their graduation day when rahul finally told his heart out to Aradhya but it was too late… at a  moment Aradhya hated herself for having a crush on arrogant and self centered person like rahul.. rahul did change..but it was too late that Aradhya started hating him.. both Aradhya and akhil were lost souls..Aradhya had her own problems with her life…akhil had some with his…both knew each other’s weakness and became each other’s strength .this is how both started a new life with akhil Aradhya and akhil’s mom for whom Aradhya became more than a daughter…



“we are here on the terrifying scene of attack in this city again…it’s not been long time when we heard about hotel park..Not many days to recover hotel Shangri la’s is being occupied by the unknown attackers..Hotel staff is been sent out and the people inside are terribly shivering due to fear..The reason is still unknown and the cops down are waiting for their demand…”

“What is wrong with these people ..?”Akhil said out of frustration but saw Aradhya was already sleeping and not listening to him…

“Aru..!”He shouted to gain her attention

“I couldn’t sleep whole night because of your stupid presentation.! let me sleep…pleeaaasseee… ”she dragged

“people are dying over there…and for your kind information …I was the one who did presentation last night…you were sleeping all the time..” he said with a smirk.

“that hero will manage everything and let me sleep…”she said and bent back on her desk sleeping again…akhil couldn’t take it anymore he went to her and shouts in her ear..making her  wake up with a jerk..!

“WHAT THE F*CK” Aradhya yelled

“Better don’t ignore me next time…” he says playfully and starts going away…araydhya grab hold of him circling his neck with her arms…

“better don’t disturb my sleep next time..”she says with a playful smirk  and turns back to go back to her sleep..

This time he catches her hand twists it back but carefully that she doesn’t get hurt..

“u would have missed your hero if I dint wake you up…I was so concerned that you shouldn’t miss him…and you treat your innocent friend like this..?”he says…trying to control his laughter to the maximum extent ..cause he himself knows how stupid he is being right now…but the main motive was irritating Aradhya …

“What should I do now..?”Aradhya’s asks laughing


“and what if I dint..?”she says turning back trying to look at his expression with the same smiling face…

“tuh hi bolegiii…wait.. ” he says with a naughty smirk tightening his grip on her..

“Sir you are …”a girl enters a cabin and was not able to talk anymore seeing their poster… Aradhya tries to free herself but akhil doesn’t allow her to do so..

“Yes Tina..?”he says with a stern voice.

“they will be here in ten minutes sir..you should probably get ready for the presentation..”

“We’ll be there in five minutes .you can leave now.”he says

“yes sir”… ‘another poster today’ she thought before leaving and left the cabin…

“so where were we…ha ..apologize..!”

“acha sorry…chal ab…” she says and both leave


“Where the hell is Crispin..?”an old man shouted. nothing was clearly visible except his grey hair which was literally shining in the light…

“Crispin..!Emergency…budda is looking for you..” Justus said

“f**k! how did he get to know..? there is no point of hiding anymore…chalo…time to die…”Crispin said

“you people go….Im out of this context..!”appolyous said leaning back on the couch..

“bachke kaha jaayega….chall” Crispin circles his arm around appolyous neck and take him with them…

“what the hell are you thinking about your selves …do you people even have an idea how I am facing cz of u people….we almost got caught..!”he yelled…rose was standing beside the old man with a disappointed face…looking at appolyous…he gave an assuring smile to her making her smile a bit.

“kya samajhtein ho apne aap ko..? krish?”he yelled

“avengers!” Justus says..crispin and appolyous laugh…rose shook her head giving never change look..

SHUT UPP.!” he yells

” i need an explanation crispin…!!”he said again…

“im sorry sir… we can kill thousand wrong ones but cant even hurt a single good one… I will never let that happen..”

” what if u die saving that one good one… we cant loose such good lieutenant cz of that one good one..”
” i would never regret dyeing sir..! that is my job and i am ready for the punishment..!!” crispin said with a full determined face.. leaving the old man fully frustated…

“fine then…both you and Justus will go through stage 2 appolyous you can leave…as you weren’t involved in this..!”

“ill miss you buddy..!”Justus says looking at appolyous..

“but sir I was the one who planned all this which proves I was clearly involved sir…”

Crispin looks at him with the shock at first …

“fyn then..put all of them in the dark room with out anything for tewnty hours..”

Three give smirk to each other and leave

“you know he wasn’t involved then why ..?”rose asked

“you know he would sneak in if we dint allow them to be together..” he says and leaves ..


“It’s those mystery people without identity again who saved people and escorted them safely outside and disappeared again…the strange thing is no one saw them yet…don’t even know their names…making it the mystery for ever…yet staff say something is missing and it is probably going to take some more time to figure it out what it is..”

“They indeed are heroes …!” akhil said..

“did I tell you hani is coming tomorrow morning…shell stay for few days in our house..”

“oh wow.!”akhil says driving

“and please behave akki don’t behave irritated in front of her..”

“ill try..!”

Aradhya gives him a look

“acha fine ill behave ok.? Now smile..” he says..

“im gonna crash as soon as we go home..” Aradhya says…akhil smiles

“me too..”



I hate u Mr. akhil singh . U are a cheater… !”
A girl is shouting at akhil…
“no …. Im not a cheater…”
AKHIL jerked off and woke up…
‘Same dream again….why the hell is this  not leaving me at all…. I HATE YOU… I.. HATE…. YOU…..he was sweating very badly in the ac room…its been six years since the incident happened and yet he gets the same dream again and again…aradhya was about to open the door she heard everything…it was like this since they met…aradhya tried so hard to bring him to the normal state .he was fully recovered but the dream it keeps coming again and again…akhil dint wanted Aradhya to be worried about this sho he jumped back to bed acting as if he was in the deep slumber…

‘Who the hell is this girl… I hate her for making my akki like this… I still donno the full reason but I know he needs his space… time aanepe who khud mujhe batayega… and apne app ko over smart samjtha hain.. budhu kaheeka…. I slowly opened the door….he was sleeping… my akki looks so cute while sleeping… though he is acting right now…

Aradhya wanted to cheer him up..atleast make him shout so that he could forget about his dream..she slowly walked to him took the glass of water and splashed them on his face…

good morning.!”she said with the brightest smile on her face…
Neil woke up with a jerk…
“I really wish u have a splash day… just like this.!”
“really…?” with a fake anger on his face…though he enjoys her antics
Aradhya gave a peck on his cheeks and ran out of the room for jogging before he could catch her…

It was time for aradhya to come back from jogging… akhil was walking here and there checking the main door at least twice in five seconds and finally there was sound of opening gate….
‘stick to your plan… don’t shift ur mind and please don’t see her face…’

He was telling to himself with a playful smirk on his face

He slowly went beside the door hid himself behind it catching a bucket full of water in his hands….a soon as she entered akhil splashed whole water on her….
“ab aaya maza….” akhil said… and realized it wasn’t Aradhya whom he splashed water on…

‘Oh my god…Aru is coming from back… then who is the girl I threw water…?’

“what the f**kk!”the girl said and looked up…
“im so sorry I thought it was aru..!”he said but as soon as he saw her Face…

“what the..!”he said with a lone tear passing through his eye…


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