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Laado 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera takes a Stand for herself against Rantej

Laado 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera asking Rantej why did you do such cheap step and asks him to say. Anu asks him to say. Rantej says today is yours, but tomorrow will be mine. Meera hugs Anu and says I was fool to trust him. Laado plays…Yuvraj sees Ranveer drinking standing on the railing and asks him to come down. Ranveer says you will not understand and tells that he got a letter. Yuvraj asks what was written in it. Rantej comes and says a girl had written that he is not wooing her properly. Ranvir says the same thing and goes. Yuvraj asks him where is meera? Anu comes and says she is in her room. Yuvraj asks if she is hiding something. Anu asks him to focus on his family rather than researching on her. Her leg gets twisted. Yuvraj gets concerned for her. teri ore plays…Anu says you have given me much pain,

these things doesn’t matter.

Meera recalls Rantej’s words and cries. Anu comes there. Meera apologizes to her and thanks her for saving her. Anu asks her to forget it and says she will massage her head. She reminisces Amma ji. She makes Meera sleep and goes.

Vishal tells Meera that how can Rantej do this with you. Meera says I still can’t believe this. Vishal sees marks on her hand and tries to apply ointment. She takes her hand back and says today you will not say anything. Vishal says today I will listen, you will speak today. He asks her to say what is in her heart. Meera thinks if such men really exist who listen to women.

She comes home back. Rantej asks her to massage his head. Meera shouts at him and asks if he thinks she will massage his head after whatever he did with her. Rantej says you are my wife and I can do anything with you. Meera says I am your wife and not a lamp in butcher’s house. Rantej gets angry and throws hot tea on her. She feels pain and recalls his tortures. She picks other tea cup and throws tea on him. Rantej shouts and gets up to slap her, but Meera holds his hand. She brushes off his hand and says enough. She picks her suitcase and says she is leaving the house. Rantej thinks if she leaves then villagers will think that I can’t handle my wife. He runs behind her and asks her to feed in her mind that this house is her everything. He holds her by her hairs and takes her to room. Meera asks Anu to rescue her.

Komal tells Anu that she can’t believe that Meera can do this. Rantej takes Meera to room. Meera says you are an animal and I don’t want to stay with you. Rantej says what do you think that I will let the day come when villagers laugh at me. Meera says that day will also come when your ego will break. Rantej says this is chaudhary’s house, bahus come on doli and go on aarthi.

Anu comes to room. Meera asks why did you come here now, even you saw tamasha rather than helping me. Anu says you said right, I didn’t tell this to Yuvraj. She says it is easy for me to help you, but then you wouldn’t have been ready with luggage. She gives her divorce papers. Meera says Rantej will kill me, but won’t let me go. Anu says once you signs it, he can’t do anything.

Meera tells that she is leaving from the house. Malhari asks what nonsense? Anu asks Meera to show papers. Meera shows divorce papers and says it is signed by Rantej.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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