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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update : Sarla mistaken Padma to be 6th bahu

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana telling Padma that they all will pray to God so that she gets her husband. Panjiri translates. Pratibha asks what is your husband’s name. Padma is about to tell her when she gets cough. Kanhaiya’s pic fall near Padma’s feet. Padma picks it and gives to Prema. Prema says it is our husband’s pic. Pari takes the photo frame and asks are you fine? She asks Padma to see their husband’s pic. Kunti asks Padma to have food. Padma says I didn’t know that I will get a mother soon. Kunti asks her to call her Maa ji. Padma cries a bit and says her tears are dried up as she is crying since 6 years.

Pratap and Khatru are in Kanhaiya’s shop. Khatru cuts tomatoes keeping on laptop and says Reshma called him. Pratap says from where did you get money.

Khatru says he got hand loan. He says he praised Kanhaiya a lot, but he never increased his salary. He says Kanhaiya is not less than God to him. Kanhaiya asks them to sell saree. Khatru says tomorrow he will join duty in bank. Kanhaiya calls Kunti and says I am coming home to get file. Padma sees variety of dishes and tells that she can’t have 56 bhogs and asks for poison. Kunti asks her to have food. Kusum says if you don’t eat then will not have energy to search him.

Pratibha asks for her husband’s name. Padma says I can’t take his name from my mouth. Kusum says she is also like me, adarsh. Padma says my husband is my God. Kunti says we will search your husband and I will punch him. Padma says it will be a blessing for him. Pari jokes. Prarthana asks Padma to show his photo. Panjiri translates and says then Maa ji can send it for identification. Padma says I knew that people will ask for his photo, but I didn’t know they will ask today. She opens her suitcase and takes out all her stuff. Everyone waits anxiously. Padma gets the pic and smiles. Just then door bell rings. Kunti says lalla must have come and asks Prema to open the door. Prema opens the door. Padma keeps pic back in suitcase.

Khatru asks Pratap how laptop opens and says it seems banker forgot to give remote. Pratap says it opens when charged and connects Charger. Kunti asks Prema who has come. They see Sarla coming there and she tells them that she got job in IGIGI bank as cashier. Kunti is surprised and says you don’t know maths. Pratibha tells Sarla that Pratap got job as manager in that bank. Kanhaiya talks to chowksi saheb and says he was about to go home.

Khatru and Pratap see in laptop. Kanhaiya thinks don’t know why bank gave them job. Sarla calls Kunti as jobless and says I will make you have corn with my money. Padma comes and greets Sarla. Sarla asks if she is your 6th bahu. Padma says she is searching something. Kunti says bahus brought her home. Sarla says Kunti will surely search what you are searching.

Pratibha tells Padma that Kanhaiya will help her. Padma says it is her husband’s name. She sees Kanhaiya’s pic and says he is my husband. Prema and Pratibha get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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