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Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Picnic at Luthra’s new farm house

Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla was preparing for cooking. Bee ji asks if she called Prithvi, he is their son in law to be and it seemed he was a little annoyed yesterday. They all neglected him because of the celebrations and guests at Pragya’s house. Sarla agrees to call him.
At Luthra’s house, Dadi was happy about her relieved pain. Preeta sits in the lounge to tell Dadi a few hand moments. Karan comes downstairs and thinks she takes care of everyone as a daughter. He regrets always teasing her, and writes a sorry note for her. Sameer passes by, Karan requests him to give it to Preeta. It’s a small sorry note. Rishab comes home with a good news for the family about the property issues of a farm house banglow. Rakhi wanted to see the property. She invites Shrishti to see the house and its designs as well. Preeta

apologizes as Sarla won’t allow them. Rakhi suggests about taking Sarla as well. Sameer takes Prithvi’s name, Dadi was ready to take him as well. Kareena decides she must take Sherlin along as well, else Rishab would only remain with Preeta there.
Sherlin speaks to Prithvi inquiring about his pain and injuries. Sherlin asks to meet him, he was also eager for it. The doorbell rings. Prithvi thinks it must be Sherlin and opens the door calling a surprise. He as shocked to see Sarla and cuts the cell phone. Sarla had come to ask Prithvi for farm house picnic. Prithvi says Luthra’s are so free, they have nothing to do and are always planning one thing or the other. He is so busy. Sarla explains that Sherlin was also going with them. Prithvi thinks for a while that Karan and Preeta might get together there and plan against Sherlin. He decides to come. Sarla leaves his house happily.
There, Sherlin apologizes Kareena for not being able to join as she has a lot of wedding shopping to do. Kareena tells her that Prithvi and Preeta’s family are also coming. Sherlin cheers and agrees to go.
Everyone like the farm house and go inside to appreciate it more. Prithvi was happy that Sherlin was here, then wonders if she wants to show him how much Luthra’s have in comparison to him. Sarla comes to Rishab appreciating his efforts and buy his mother this beautiful farm house. Rishab was happy and says this place is for everyone to enjoy. Rakhi says she thought about her passion for gardening here in this vast space. She says she will grow a lot of plants here, and thought about finding a good place near Mumbai. Dadi was also fond of gardening. They all sit together. Rishab notices Prithvi stand in a corner alone. He comes to ask why he appears upset, if he didn’t like the house. Prithvi says he hasn’t yet seen the rooms, then says he was joking and there is no reason to dislike.
Karan stops Giresh to give his bat. Preeta asks if he brought his bat here as well. Kratika says he never lives without his bat. Karan calls it his lucky bat. Preeta asks what if it breaks someday. Karan says he never thought about it, he feels he might lost the games then. And cricketers are a little superstitious about their bats. Prithvi heard this and decides to turn him into a zero with this bat.

PRECAP: Prithvi challenges Karan for cricket match.

Update Credit to: Sona

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