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Kasam 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja’s life in danger

Kasam 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi eagerly waiting for Tanuja and calls her. Tanuja tells him that she is going to city shopping mall to collect gifts sent from London for Natasha and will be there in 30 mins. Rishi gets happy and informs the same to his family. Beeji says how you will wait for 30 mins. Rano thinks something shall happen in shopping mall that she couldn’t come here. Ahana sees Manpreet talking to a girl and thinks he is having an affair with a girl. AK tells Rohit that he did a mistake, he didn’t say bye to Tanuja and Natasha when they were leaving. Rohit asks him to call first. AK is leaving when Netra comes to his office. He sees her and takes her to his cabin. Netra cries and tells him that she loves Rishi a lot and says she came here to seek help from him. AK says I wish I could help you

and says I am feeling the same way as you. He gives her handkerchief. Netra thanks him and leaves. AK thinks I have to go to Tanuja.

Tanuja comes to the City Shopping mall and collects teddy and chocolates. She is about to leave. Natasha and Tania are playing. Rishi asks them to be careful. Rishi looks at the diya and holds it. Tanuja realizes she forgot phone on the delivery counter and goes back to get it. Salesgirl sees robbers and calls Police. Goon holds her hand. Tanuja asks him to leave the girl. Goon says she saw us stealing, now we will go from here keeping her on gun point. Beeji senses something bad is going to happen.

AK hears Pandit ji talking to someone and telling that maha kaal started which happens once in 2000 years and someone will die today. Still 5 hours to end this. AK thinks why Pandit’s scares people. He comes home and calls Tanuja. He finds her gone. Myra tells him that he was right about Tanuja, she knew he can’t say bye. AK says I felt my pain, but didn’t think about princess and Tanuja. He says he wanted to hug her and says bye. He says he has a feeling that if he don’t talk to them then will repent all life. Song plays….AK calls Tanuja and tells Myra that she is not picking call. Rishi senses something bad will happen and gets worried. Manpreet says nothing will happen. AK calls Rishi, but he rejects his call. Myra says Rishi might be busy and asks him to call Manpreet. Rishi asks him to reject AK’s call. Manpreet rejects it. AK calls Tanuja then. Goon asks Tanuja who is calling. Tanuja thinks Rishi calling her and says he is her husband. Goon thinks she is AK’s wife and gets happy.

Shiv and his goons kidnap Tanuja and keeps her captive somewhere. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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