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We were in same school…..I was introvert,,nerd of school…I didnt have much friends….And he,,,he was the cool dude of college…!!Girls used to be around him always….!!And my life used to start from books and end to on books….!!I’ve never learnt how to enjoy life,,was just engrossed in myself,,,until he came into my life…!!

Yaa he was selfish at that time as exams were knocking the doors and I was the only source of study material….This used to happen every year but that year,,it was our boards,,,,,three more months…!!
I was also a bit strict that year,,,I was sharing my notes with some selective people as I also had to study…!!
His one friend has came to ask me for notes but I refused her and I didnt know it will have such a beautiful outcome…!!

After recess,,I was going back to the class and suddenly someone pulled me and shut my mouth keeping his hand….I was shocked to see,,it was him…The Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..!!My heartbeats started increasing,,,I started breathing heavily…..I was like what is he doing…!!
And the he spoke breaking my chain of thoughts….

“”Hey sorrry,,,,,Aaa….whats ur name,,,,ummm,,,,,,I forgot…….Ok chashmish listen…..see as you know we’ve boards this year and I couldnt make notes….Will you please share your notes with me….please please….””

How can I deny him…He’s asking so cutely….And I dont know what happend I said “Okay”……
In excitement he just hugged me tightly and I was just standing there shocked…..He bid bye to me and went from there…

He stopped,,turned towards me “”Thank you Chashmish””
And a current passed through my spine,,,unwillingly I blushed….!!
But I didnt know all this was just a beginning…!!
I shared my notes with him and in all these years in school for the first time I was seeing him this much serious about his studies…!!

One day,,,I was casually sitting in the canteen,,he came and asked “Can I sit”…..It was a stupid question as before I could say anything he has already sat and not that only he has taken a bite of my sandwich too…!!
“”Chashmish I need your help again””
I was like what chashmish chashmish,,I’ve name and that too good,,its Annika Rathore.…I’ve asked him to call by name but no,,,,he has denied…!!I asked him what does he want now…!!

Actually I’ve some issues in math,will you please help me…??”
Again his puppy eyes did the magic…I couldnt deny,,,,I asked him when and where???.

“”6-8 pm @your hostel canteen???””
He must be kidding…!!Its a girl’s hostel…..I asked the same and he was like I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi….!!!
So I didnt need to worry…..!!

And this was the beginning….!!He used to come daily @6:00 and this was really not a time pass…He was genuinely working hard….And like this I used to revise my studies too…This was surprising for me,,,I tried to ask him several times why this sudden interst in studies but I couldnt…!!We didnt used to talk just studies…He used to start conversation but seeing me uncomfortable he used to drop the idea…!!

Dont know why I was helping him..There wasnt any need of that but still I couldnt deny….!!
Finally these months passed too and we’d our boards in two days….!!He has also improved much…A day before exam,,he came to meet me and thanked me for all help and it was genuine….

And today finally I asked him why this sudden love towards studies…!!
And to my surprise he didnt hesitate once to share anything…!!
“”Actually chashmish,,,its not about studies,,,,,its something ummm,,,,ok I am saying…..Actually I want my mother to be proud of me…She has done a lot for me…And she has a lot of expectations from me….So I just wanted to get good marks in my boards which I know she can never think of…So its just for her….”””

Its so sweeet….She’ll be proud of you”“”””And dont know how I was able to say such a long sentence…..

“”Chashmish,,,,you know how to talk??I thought you just say yes or no…;-);-)“”

We then bid good bye to each other and wished best of luck to each other…!!

And then after 2 months,,,it was the result day and guess what who has topped at school level???It was him….!!!I secured second rank….
He was really happy so was her mother…!!He wanted to give me a treat or say a Thank you treat…!!Again I couldnt deny…..
That was the best day of my life till then..!!!

He asked for our friendship and I said yes…We exchanged our numbers… !!
We used to talk but just mere hii and hello type….And then we came to know we’ve got admission in same college..!!
And there our friendship grew more stronger…Yaaa initially I took time to open infront of him but he was really so calm and understanding…And by the end of college,,,we have became best friends….We used to share everything….And unlike my schooling,,my college days werent limited to studies all because of him…I enjoyed my college life….Every function,,every college trip,,,we were together…..!!

As we both used to live in college hostel so we used to spend evening time together…..
We couldnt imagine our life without each other…We’ve became an important part of each other’s life..!!
But they say na happiness doesnt last longer,,,,he has got an opportunity to continue his further studies abroad and her mother wanted him to go….But he didnt want to go,,he asked me to accompany him but it wasnt possible….And I knew if I’ll ask him to stay then he wont go but deep inside I knew how much her mother mattered to him,,,so I just motivated him to go,,,,its just 4 years course…I told him we’ll manage,,,,,we’ll talk regularly and then he can visit here on a regular basis…

With a heavy heart,,we bid goodbye to each other….
I used to miss him a lot….Somehow I had managed but still it was getting really hard…This distance taught us how much important we are for each other….!!
And one day I decided to go and meet him…And he got the best surprise of his life…I stayed there for two days and these two days we just spent with each other,,,talking,,talking and just talking….!!!

Like this time passed,,,,two years more….!!We’d a video call,,I was missing him a lot that day,,,,,I tried a lot that I wont cry but I started crying on the call…..!!
And next day to my surprise he was in India….

My lifeline was missing me,,,crying because of me,,,,I’d to come”
I just hugged him tightly……One week leave…..I was sooo happy…and I realised that I should confess my feelings to him but then I thought let him complte his studies then that day will be ours….!!!
After a week he left…!!!

And soon the wait got over…..two more years has passed……He was coming back forever within a week…….I was eagerly waiting for that day……And I just wanted to say him HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM……
A day before his flight,,I got engrossed so much in the talks that I was about to confess but somehow I controlled,,,,just one more day…..!!!!


Annika is standing facing the wall where Shivaay’s picture was hanging…!!!

She turned,,,,,,her eyes were swelled due to constant crying still tears were flowing through her eyes…!!
Garland was there on Shivaay’s picture…..
His flight was crashed and he is no more……

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