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Jiji Maa 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri stays with Rawats

Jiji Maa 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jayant stopping Gayatri and asking her to stay back, as she gave a life to Suyash by saving him. He says I want you to stay here as our guest for few days. Reporter says this happened on our show for the first time, you are asked to stay for ten days. Suyash asks Gayatri to stay back, its his birthday after ten days, he will be glad to celebrate it with her. They all ask her to stay back. She agrees. Everyone claps. Uttara gets angry seeing Falguni.

Its morning, Falguni does puja. Jayant and Suyash come talking. Jayant asks Suyash to jog outside, he has better company, Falguni. She agrees. Jayant leaves. Suyash asks Falguni how will she come without shoes. She says I have my slipper, I will come by walk. They leave. He walks first. She asks him to go, she will catch up. She

says you have to come back to me. She runs after him and falls. He goes to her. She says this happened because of you. He holds her hand and asks her to get up. She says I can’t walk. He says I have imp meeting, how will we go. She asks him to go, she will walk to home. He says fine get up, we will go. He lifts her and walks. She smiles seeing him. They come home. Uttara sees them shocked.

Suyash gets ready for office. He asks Falguni for balm and applies to her. Gayatri does aarti and sings bhajan. Everyone joins her. Uttara says I think I have to make a private temple for myself, I have no place here. She slaps a servant and scolds. Suyash comes. Vidhaan asks him to have breakfast with them. Suyash says I have breakfast meeting, I have managed work. Uttara says my dear son. Gayatri calls him son and stops to give prasad. Suyash goes. Vidhaan asks Uttara to see Suyash leaving while having the prasad.

Uttara is in meeting. The man Tarun asks her to install machines so that she gets rid of stupid demands of workers. She asks him why is he so confident. He says I have come well prepared. He tells her about Rawat industries. She says I m fed up of workers, tell me when can you deliver the machine. Shom says we want it soon. Tarun says very soon, I was sure I will get the order, so I got the machines. She gets impressed. She gives him a job offer of marketing manager with double salary. Tarun joins them. She smiles and praises him. Tarun says success is more imp, the man who doesn’t get a chance remains at same place, fate is giving me a chance, I don’t want to lose it. She says good, I don’t want Teja and his artists.

Falguni gifts Gayatri. Gayatri praises her talents. Falguni thanks her and leaves to deliver the sarees to clients. Uttara comes home and stops Falguni. She says I wanted to spend time with bahus, but you have no time. Falguni says I will come back soon. Uttara says this is my house, your machine and work won’t run here. Falguni says you call me bahu, this is my house too. Uttara says you know what you are for this house, you are like this water, you are here and not here in a moment. Falguni says don’t throw water, you may slip down. She goes.

Falguni says I challenge you, machines can’t do work as artists. Uttara asks her to compete with machines.

Update Credit to: Amena

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