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Ishqbaaz 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop threatens Tia

Ishqbaaz 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika get shocked when someone drives off the way. Shwetlana smiles. Veer calls her. She says congrats Veer, finally we got Tia from that house. She says I still can’t believe you are my sister and was supporting Shivaye, how can you be such a big idiot, answer me. She looks behind and checks. She sees the mannequin and gets shocked. Shivaye and Anika laugh. He says this is called tit for tat. She says lets dance on dhinka chika. She dances and makes him dance. He says okay stop, your braid is…. She says call it cute Kumari. He asks why are you such. She says I m your wife.

Veer asks what, there was a dummy instead Tia. Shwetlana says Shivaye defeated me. He says no, its defeat of fake Anika, she failed to win Shivaye’s trust. She says Shivaye is very smart, Tia is our problem,

if she tells our plan to him. He says don’t worry, I will silence her forever. Shivaye and everyone see Tia. Tia opens eyes. Rudra says she got conscious. Tia says Shivaye….. Pinky asks can you see Shivaye. Tia says yes, I had gone to Delhi for surgery, it was successful, my eyesight got back. Pinky says you also came back. Shivaye asks are you fine. She says I was coming to talk to you, when I held the door knob, I was hit by a strong electric shock and fainted. He asks her to say what she wanted. She thinks of Soumya, Veer and Roop. He asks her to say. She says actually…… He says its just family here, you can say. Roop coughs and comes there. He says Tia what’s the matter, do you know something which I don’t know. Doctor says don’t put pressure on her, let her rest, make sure she eats well. Anika says I think he is saying right, Tia should rest. Shivaye says take rest, we will talk later. Tia nods.

Soumya says I will get soup for Tia. Shivaye signs Bhavya and Gauri. Soumya makes soup and says sorry Tia, I have to do this, else our plan will fail, you will have this powder soup and sleep for a long time. Gauri and Bhavya come. Soumya says I was making soup for Tia. Gauri says why are you making it, this is our work, you are guest here. Soumya says no, I will manage. Bhavya says why will you work, we will make it. Gauri says let her prepare it with love. She winks to Bhavya. Soumya thinks the moment they leave, I will add the powder in soup. Gauri says we will accompany you. Pinky and Jhanvi worry thinking what will Tia tell Shivaye. Rudra asks dummy, I wish I was there to see Shwetlana’s reaction. Shivaye says Veer is still here, we don’t know Veer and Soumya’s connection, what’s his enmity. Omru say but Tia knows it and she is going to tell you. Shivaye says I m guessing so. Roop and Veer see Soumya coming with Gauri and Bhavya. Roop asks where are you three going. Soumya says going to give soup to Tia.

Roop says teeth color gets bad by soup, our beauty lies in our soup, let me give this soup to her. She takes the soup for Tia. She adds a phone in it. Shivaye asks doctor can we talk to Tia now. Doctor says sure. Shivaye says Tia I hope you are feeling better. She says yes, I have to tell you something very imp. Roop comes sand says talk later, have some soup first. He says Tia has to tell me something, go ahead Tia. Roop says have patience, she didn’t have anything, what will she say. Anika says I think Bua ji is right, there is no harm in waiting for some time, let Tia have soup. Roop asks Tia to finish the soup, stir the soup, vegetables would have settled at the bottom.

Tia sees the phone in the bowl. Roop smiles and asks did you see that, the real thing is at the bottom. Tia sees video of Robin and their son. Roop threatens her. She says such dishes are bad for teeth, my work is done, Shivaye ask her what you want. Shivaye asks Tia what does she want to say, is she fine. Tia cries and thinks what do I do now, my son and Robin…. no, sorry Shivaye. She falls back. Doctor says I think she didn’t recover completely, give her some time. Roop smiles. Veer says now Tia will never wake up, how will you wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep, you will always lose Shivaye, I just play to win, after all our blood line is same, Shivaye, my brother……

Shivaye says seems like we have to wait more to get our answers. Anika says its fine, we have to consider Tia’s state. They hear loud music. He says who played this music. Khanna says DJ has come. Shivaye asks Rudra to go and help. Rudra says its my marriage, Om is here. Shivaye says Om will start poetry. Anika says I will go. He says no, your choice of peppy numbers, I don’t want it. She asks why. He says music has to be of my taste and style, you will not go to the DJ, stay here. She says fine, do I really care. Roop says I will stay with Tia, you can go and enjoy, don’t be silly, I will be glad to help. Tia thinks Shivaye please don’t leave me alone with her. Shivaye, Omru and Anika leave. Tia sees Roop. Roop smiles.

Shivaye says no hindi and punjabi songs, it should be old classic. Anika asks what, will we play bhajan. Shivaye says you haven’t seen anything else in life. She says like what. He says waltz, jazz, rock and roll….play some jazz. DJ plays. Anika says sorry. Shivaye says that’s called music. Anika says music is one which makes you dance, go to your room and listen jazz. They argue. Om says we will play the music of your choice, the type of music on which more people dance, we will play the songs of their choice. Shivaye says staff, come, we are having a competition here.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya ask a boy about his dad. He talks of ShivOmru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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