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Evil Couple’s Problem Solved – YHM – A Relief

Hello. I’m writing this article just because I have decided to stop watching yhm for a few days due to it’s negativity forever. These are my solutions for Simmi and Param’s evil games.


Problem No. 1

Parmeet Staying In Iyers House
Solved Story  – 

The scene starts with Iyers packing bags. Parmeet comes out after waking up. He sees Iyers working.

“What are you all doing? Where are you all going?” Mrs. Iyer frowns at him. Mr.Iyer doesn’t even care about Param.

“If you won’t tell me why you all are packing bags , I will not let you leave this house. ” Says Param. Ishita arrives.

“How can you do that?” She says with a vicious smile.

” Arre … Ishitha Ishitha Ishitha… You always forget that this is my home now. I can do anything what i want in my home ” Ishitha looks at him angrily.

” This house is yours but not it’s people.”

She goes to Mr.Iyer and says ” come Appa. We will leave soon. ” Mr. Iyer says, ” but Ishu, our belongings? I took all these things by my own money” 

Ishitha says , ” yes I know appa .that’s why….” Door bell rings. Mr. Iyer goes and opens the door. 

“Madam ji.., ishitha mam called us here.  …” Ishitha comes there and says ” come inside. Do what I asked you to do ” 

A gang of people come inside. They take the furniture of the house , fridge, kitchen stuff, beds and all things one by one . 

Param gets angry. ” what are you doing? You can’t take these things ! This is my house ” he runs and tries to stop those people. He tries to stop a man from lifting a chair and that man’s hand by mistake slips. The chair falls onto Param’s legs. Param screams in pain. “Ouchhh you idiot!!”

Ishitha comes and slaps him. “You idiot. This house might be yours but not the stuff or people in it. Get lost” 

Iyers leave the house. Param looks on angrily. 

Iyers comes out. Mr. Iyer asks Ishitha, ” Ishu , we did as you say but where will we go ? Where are these people taking our stuff? ” 

Raman arrives. “Don’t worry Appa. ” He gives some papers to Appa.

“What are these ?” Asks appa. “Simmi and Param won’t need this house. So I’m giving this to you. Take these papers of that house. You can live peacefully there.”Says Raman. Ishitha smiles. 

Problem No. 2

Ishitha Being Unable To Prove Simmi's Evilness
Solved Story – 

While Ishitha sees Simmi and Param meeting outside…

Simmi sees ishitha. “Oh you. I knew you will spy on me.” Says Simmi. 

Ishitha replies, “Yeah of course. I will tell Raman about this.” 

Simmi:- How? Ishitha says , “Somehow”

Simmi and Param laugh. Simmi comes towards Ishitha and says, “What will you tell Bhai? That I’m out with my husband? That I fooled everyone? That I knew all Param ji’s plans and helped him? That I’m taking revenge from you for my daughter’s death? Will you tell him that I am trying to destroy each and every child of you?” Simmi smiles . Ishitha says, “Thank you” 

Simmi and Param gets surprised. Ishitha leaves. She reaches Raman’s office and goes to meet him. She says, “listen to this Raman.” Ishitha plays the recording of Simmi’s conversation with her. Raman gets shocked. 


This Simmi and Param’s drama is too much. Instead of getting revenge from Ishitha’s children, Simmi would have tried to do some good things in the name of her daughter. By doing these things she’s not letting Ananya rest in peace. She is trying to destroy others in the name of her child. It’s so pathetic. Please let her soul rest in peace by doing something good for her like helping other poor kids or donations. Param really stinks. Once they showed him as a kind one only for a one episode or two and for the whole set of the episodes he is evil. As a father he must try to console the child’s mother right? But instead they are taking revenge. So pathetic. Even after ishitha went to jail, Simmi and param didn’t think that they got the justice. Didn’t they see how others suffered because Ishitha wasn’t with them? Isn’t it enough? 

Thank you for reading…. 

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