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Ek Deewana Tha 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Police takes Madhvi away

Ek Deewana Tha 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Madhvi says since childhood, I got him whatever he kept his hands on. You were the only exception! I thought he will get you if I get Shiv is out of his way but it did to happen. I had to kill your foolish father as he was about stop the wedding! Mrs. Bisht shouts in shock but Madhvi says why he had to bring that letter along with him then. Sharanya insists it is Vyom who has killed her dad. Madhvi tells her to think how 1 person can be present at 2 places at the same time. He was with you all the time. It was I who came late. Remember that petrol drama? I came late as I wanted to stop Ram from finding you. I only killed him! Vyom is impressed with his mom for lying. Now Sharanya and even her father will accept that you killed him. You have clean bowled Dad too. Madhvi adds that she only killed Vidyut.

It wasn’t because he was about to give that letter to you but because he knew that I only killed Shiv and Ram. He saw me hiding Ram’s body. She laughs evilly talking about Vidyut. I killed him in such a manner that even his bones cannot be found. I soaked his dead body in a chemical which melted his body in minutes. Vyom mentally thinks that the Oscar goes to Madhvi Bedi!

Madhvi turns to Rati. You were a really nice wife and are a very good human being. Rati hugs her saying that she is a very nice mother. You are making such a big sacrifice for your son. They tell this to each other as they hug. Madhvi takes the rests of the blames too. That bracelet was mine only. She asks Rati to tell Sharanya that it was I who threatened you. Rati nods. Madhvi says I only attacked Odhni and Freddy. I only got Freddy admitted in the hospital of which Rajan is the charity donor. I give charity there. All the doctors and nurses follow my orders only. Inspector can call them up to check with them! Sharanya asks Madhvi how she can do this with her. Madhvi says you would not understand as you are not a mother. Shiv feels as if Madhvi is lying.

Madhvi caresses Vyom’s face. You have done a lot for your mother. Now take care of yourself and learn to live without Sharanya if possible. Many times, we may try as much as we want but we do not get what we want. Vyom hugs her. thank you so much mom. I love you. She says I love you too, son. Inspector tells them to end the drama. Sun has risen. We can arrest her now. Vyom gives cue to Madhvi. Police takes Madhvi away. Vyom acts to beg Inspector not to take his mother. Inspector replies that all the evidences point at her only. Madhvi looks at Sharanya before leaving with the police. Vyom chases the jeep. Rajan comes just then and is stunned to see Madhvi being taken away by the police. She extends her hand towards him but the jeep drives away.

Rajan questions Vyom why police took Madhvi away. Sharanya tells him that his wife is the killer. She has accepted her crimes. Rajan tells her to shut up and takes Vyom inside with him. Shiv tells Sharanya to wait here only. I will go and check on them. I feel something is not right.

Rajan slaps Vyom. Are you happy to blame your mother for your misdeeds? What else will you and your madness make us do? Vyom gets slapped again. Vyom hugs Rajan. Shiv says it means I was right. Madhvi is innocent. She did it all to save Vyom. He can fool anyone but not me! Vyom lies to his father that he tried to save mom a lot but she took all the blame upon herself. Sharanya knocks at the door. Vyom tells Rajan to be calm. I will bring mom. Rajan is about to react but Vyom tells him there is someone else who is listening to them too. He opens the door. Sharanya tells Rajan not to say anything to Vyom. He is innocent. Vyom repeats the lie. Rajan calls it disgusting and walks out of the room in a huff.

Sharanya notices that Shiv is missing. She looks at her watch and realises it is sunset time. Did he disappear for forever? She comes outside and shouts after Shiv not to leave her. Come back. Shiv is pulled back by some magical power. Sharanya knocks at the door. You cannot leave me. Open the door.

Rajan wonders what Madhvi did. You left your husband for your son. I cant live without you. Chandni asks Rajan till when he will stay like this. Day has passed. What if Madhvi left? Chandni is here. She holds his hands and pulls him for a romantic dance. Madhvi got punished for what she did. She separated two lovers. Don’t worry though. She will rot in jail for forever. no one will be able to come between us. I know you have become lonely and I have decided to forgive you. we will start afresh. It will be just you and me. we will keep it a secret from everyone. He holds her by her neck. She tells him to leave her. I am getting hurt. He tells her there can be only one secret which they can keep. It will be about your death. It will always remain a secret! He pushes her on the bed angrily. Madhvi will be back in 3 days! Remember your place! He walks out of the room angrily. Chandni is unable to understand what Rajan is up to / planning. The truth is something else though. I will have to be more alert to find out the truth.

Sharanya cries by the door. I wont let you go anywhere. Open the door. She keeps banging on the door and ultimately breaks the lock using a brick. She runs out in the garden and calls out to Shiv. Where are you? She is teary eyed to see him. He extends his hand towards her. She comes running towards him but he disappears. Shiv says my work here is done. I must leave now. He extends his hand towards Sharanya. She looks at the sky (lunar eclipse) and recalls Shiv’s words. She shouts after Shiv repeatedly. You cannot leave me! I forgot everything. I dint remember anything but you reminded me that you were my reason to live. Why did you remind me that Sharanya belongs to Shiv and Shiv belongs to Sharanya. You cannot leave me like this! You will have to come back for your Sharanya. Take me along if you wont return. I want to die! It starts snowing. Main Rahun Ya Na Rahun song plays in the background as a heart of snow is created both on her hand and in front of her. Their past memories flash before Sharanya’s eyes.

Precap: Sharanya asks Shiv to come back. I cannot live without you. Vyom hears her from a distance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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