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Pari : Aunt Rachel At 4 I’m going to have an important meeting with someone at ‘ Galon garden ‘

Aunt : But Angel , At four , You know last week the municipality and police  banned Girls from going there .

Veer : What ! But why ?

Aunt : Actually , Many cases are reported there , Rape , Molestation , Kidnapping , That is a barren land Now , Just open for some big men or old people  ,  and women Aren’t allowed there .

Pari : whatever , You know im a boxer , I know Judo , Don’t worry .

Aunt : No no Angel , I can’t allow you .

Veer : Don’t worry , It’s just a meeting , So I can accompany her .


Pari ( surprised ) : No , Thanks , You must be busy , So I don’t want anyone to waste time on me .

Veer : Ohhhh, Don’t worry about that , I’m free , Otherwise also I’ve wasted much time in my life .

Rachel ( Aunt ) : He is right , Angel , Take him Along okay .

Pari ” What the shit is it ? Oh Lord ” She keeps her hands on her forehead .

She goes and sits on the lounge placed in fresh air outside in Garden .

Veer comes and sits along with her

Veer : Hmmmm,, Poor baby , Who knows Boxing …He chuckles .

It was now 3 ,,,

Pari goes and sits in her car .

Veer : Pari , why’d you locked the car ?

Pari : I don’t need you there ,

Veer : Oh really … Aunt ( he was going to speak ).

Pari : Okay , Fine , Come along in your car .

Veer : I don’t have car , You know it very well .

Pari didn’t listened and Started her Car and drove away .

Veer : Huff , what a girl she is , She is hiding something very serious .

He quickly goes and hired a Auto-Rickshaw ..

Veer : Bhaiya , Track that black car , Hurry up .

Pari was driving fiercely , She mutters ” This Nikhil has made my life more worse that hell , Sorry Veer I’m doing this to you ”

Veer was just behind her .

Pari : What , He’s just behind me , If Nikhil got to know that Veer is with me he could easily identity that I’m Pari , No , No I can’t let my 3 year planning go in vain .”

She looks at the number of Auto and Calls someone ” Hello , Niva , I’m sending you a Rickshaw number , Just tell me who’s the owner of it ”

Niva ( A smart internet hacker , Works in a investigation company ) : Yes , Angel , He’s Mr.Raghu , I’m sending you his details .

Pari : Thanks.

He send her ” Mr.Raghu , Okay ” She called him .

Pari : Hello , Mr.Raghu , I’m speaking from a investigation company , Someone has plotted a Bomb in your Auto , Please stop right there ” She lied to him .


Veer : Hey , What’s up , why have you stopped the Auto .

( Taking advantage Pari fled .)

Driver : Sir , I’ve got to know that someone has kept a bomb over here

Veer : Are you serious !!!

Driver : Sorry sir , But now we can’t drive further .


Pari reached there , ” I’m here , Where are you ” She shouts .

Nikhil comes : Wow , Hi Miss. Angel .

Pari : Hello Mr.Nikhil

They both shakes their hands , Both of them were gazing at each other and A evil smile on their faces .

Nikhil in his brain ” Something is suspicious , I don’t know why this girl looks very familiar to me ”

Pari to herself ” My brain is saying me to cut this hand right now , But no ! , Not now ”

Nikhil : Come Let’s sit there and talk .

They sat on chairs separated by a wooden table .

Nikhil : I thought that you would not come , As this place is banned for solo women .

Pari ( Angel ) : I am not afraid of anything .

Nikhil : Oh , You look very audacious .

Pari Thinks ( You have not yet seen my audacity Man , Just thank your fate that you are still fine )

Pari spoke ” Well let’s come to the point , Why’d you called me here ”

He stood up and walk around her , comes and stands behind her . Her face was turned in opposite direction .

Nikhil : Yes , You’re right , Let’s come to the point .
As you know my friend Khan is arrested , I’m investigating who can be behind this .

Angel : Really I also want to know that .

Nikhil : YOU know I did a little research , And found that just the night before arrest , You were there with him .

Angel : Yes ( confidently ) I was there , My job ends at 10 pm .

Nikhil : But , Someone told me that you left the home after late night .

Pari with wrath ” See , Sir I’m not here to talk with you about all these ”

Nikhil : what do you think , Don’t try to be smart , I know by some means you are a part of this game .

She looks into his eyes with Anger .

Nikhil comes to her , He clutched her hairs and keeps a sharp , Pointing Dagger over her neck , Speaks brutally
” The day I will get a clue about you , With this dagger only I’ll slit your throat , You better take care of yourselves ”

He pushed her back and goes out by orating

Nikhil : My eyes are on you , Get lost .

He goes from there .


Veer : Just leave it , Show me your phone , Let me see who called you .

He holds his phone and exclaimed ” This number is very known to me ” He takes out his phone and matches it .

Veer : My suspicion was right , It’s Pari .

He shouts ” it was a trap , Now go , I’ll go to my destination myself .


Pari was standing there , In the midst of dry grass all Alone , Her eyes were Flooded with tears , A mark of knife cut on her throat

She cried ” Nikhil !! You made my life a dustbin , You killed all my dear ones , I can’t live a normal life as a wife , Not only me you destroyed thousands of lives , I won’t let you live a happy life now ”


Veer was running through the treed and rocks , He was worried about Pari , He saws a troop of men with weapons , And a black long car .

Veer : who were they ? , They’re coming from where the garden is .

He runs , And reached there .

Pari saws him , She hurriedly covered her aching wound with her scarf .

He goes and enveloped her tightly in his arms .

Veer : Are you okay , Fine !!

She wipes off her tears ” I’m alright ”

( If you would see that mark , Then you would never let go Nikhil like this , I know , But I also know that I love you and your safety is in my hands – She thinks but dosen’t spoke )

Veer : You look so tensed .

Pari : No nothing .

Veer : Come , Let’s go from here now .

He took her to the car , He started driving .

Pari was sitting beside , Her throat was paining , The wound was still fresh and Blood oozing out .

Pari ( in her brain ) ” I need immediate medical aid , But how ? ”

Pari shouts : Veer , Veer please stop the car , Can you please bring some water for me .

Veer : Okay , Let me see if nearby there is some source .

He goes out .She hurriedly took off the scarf and takes out the first aid box .

She plucks some cotton and puts ointment and then applies on her injury . ” Aff , Haa ,Aa ” She moaned with Pain .

Suddenly Veer comes and puts his hands over her shoulders from back .

Veer : Let me help you .

He took from her , The pad of cotton entirely filled with blood , Extracts new one .

Pari closed her eyes , Her throat was Paining , Thankfully the Slit wasn’t very deep .

Veer while doing the nursing spoke ” I don’t know for how long you will keep on hurting yourselves like this , Even if I ask you the reason , You will always lie and never say the truth ”

Pari opened her twinkling eyes ” Nope it isn’t like that ”

Veer : Hush !! Now don’t give me any more excuses , I’m already tired of it .

Pari : Veer please once listen to me .

Veer grasps her arms and looks into her eyes , Spoke clearly
Veer : You know what Evey second of my life , I want you in front of my eyes , I want to breath my single moment of life with you , But you don’t understand , I think now everything is not same as it was before in our relationship

Pari : I can’t explain you , I’m ought to shut my mouth , I’m tied , I can’t express what is the reason .

Veer : Please , I’m sorry now , I loose this game of rat and cat , Please stop it now .

He was disturbed , Wanted to know truth .

Veer took her to a clinic .

Nurse : Don’t worry sir , She’s fine .

Veer : But how did it happened Pari ?

Pari : Oh actually , i was trying a necklace and it’s pendant , Just did it .

Nurse : But it seems like a sharp object was kept over her throat like a knife

Veer : what ?

Pari : No Doctor , Come Veer let’s go we’re getting late .

She forcefully took him away .

Veer : Now I’m really fed up from your lies , You are continuously speaking false , I can’t bear it .

He calls a taxi and goes from there in super dissatisfaction .


Pari broke down ( Background music –

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee  )








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