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Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 8 by Aliya


Let’s begin…..


Rag was sitting in Sanskar’s room…. Holding shaan’s photo frame

Chaaru comes there: Ragini…

Rag looks at her… Tears were falling from her eyes! Then she looks at shaan’s photo

Rag: why you made me to do this ma?

Chaaru: till how many days would you be like this Ragini…?

Rag:we hv lost shaan..bt i had his memories aur aapne tho mujhse Shaan ki patni kehneka haq bhi cheen liya na ma?

It hurted chaaru

Rag:you hv separated me from him ma…why?

Chaaru: could you be able to live alone?u hv kept yourself closed

Rag: i don’t want to live!
She cries

Chaaru goes to her:plzz…for Shaan…try to move on

Rag:no ma..once i hv listened to you…bt not anymore…you hv separated me from my shaan by marrying me to someone else..bt how can you separate me and shaan..when Shaan stays in my heart?u can never remove him from me…

She cries…

Chaaru herself:i never wanted this day… Why god… You made me to see this!

She wipes her tears: Ragini..i came to tell you that tmrw mrng you are leaving for london with Sanskar

Rag looks at her Shocked before she could refuse….

Chaaru goes and opens the door and finds Sanskar and samar….

Chaaru goes…samar follows her…
Chaaru: did Sanskar listen everything
Samar nods
Chaaru: why there is sorrows in my family
Samar: don’t worry ma… Everything will be alright….

San was near the door… He could see Ragini crying….

He turns and goes from there…

He enters Shan’s room

San: bhaiyya…did i do anything wrong? Tell me…i don’t know wat i hv to do? She loves you so much… Would she be able to live with me…i m scared bhaiyya…i was never scared to this much bhaiyya…i..i feel numb whenever i think abt her…tmrw we r going..would she come with me?i can’t take the blame that i separated her from you… Wat should i do? I didn’t had any sort of conversation with her!

Niel who was staying at the door: then talk to her… You are her husband now

San looks at him:dad!

Niel goes to him and makes him sit and he sits beside him

Niel: don’t think she was once your brother’s love his wife… You just think abt your present and future… The truth cannot be changed that you are her husband now.. Try to move on..be a friend a good listener to her.. So that she shares her every pain..be a smile to her..be a cheer to her…be a motivator to her!

San: would she talk to me?

Niel:may be she won’t…bt don’t stop trying… Try until she opens herself to you.. So that she comes out of her pain and opens herself to you

San: can i do that? I can’t…i m feeling this is…

Niel: this is difficult bt this is not impossible….make some sort of connection with her of she refuses to open herself to you.. Life is a small thing and surely she will respond to you…

San:bt tmrw..

Niel: that will be the best..as only you will be with her!she will keep herself closed for one day..2..3..4…or a month or may be an year..bt you don’t lose hope…she will come to you one day thinking there is someone!

San:wat if i fail in this?if I couldn’t…

Niel:you..yourself r scared to move on with a girl who was once your brother’s wife..bt think that you never had any relation with her..and think her as a stranger who is now your wife…

San looks on

Niel: think abt my words…

He goes

San goes to his room…and he opens the door…

He sees Ragini sleeping…he for a moment looks her innocence filled face..where there was a tears in the corners of her eyes…

He moves to the couch…and sleeps there….thinking abt niel’s words

Next day

Rag wakes up and goes to the door… Opens it

Chaaru was standing there

Rag turns and goes and picks her bag and takes her clothes and goes to washroom

Chaaru gets hurt.. She then sees sanskar in the couch…

She goes to him…

She sees him and she has some worry for sanskar

San wakes he sees his mom

San immediately sits: mom!

Chaaru: plz forgive me son…i never intended to ask your wish….i hv become selfish….

San stands and hold her hand: no mom… You hv full rights on my life.. And today it is looking mess..bt trust your son…i will make everything proper

Chaaru hugs him immediately

Rag comes out after freshening wearing a pink anarkali dress

Chaaru sees her…and then takes her leave…

Rag was making the bed proper

San:i know….th..that the situation is not good…bt… don’t .. Don’t take me wrong…can we be…fr..friends?? forgetting abt…abt our relation…

Rag turns: don’t you feel ashamed to think like that
Rag looks at him angrily and slaps him….

San stumbles a bit and he sees Ragini was doing her work..he at first gets confused he isn’t feeling any pain in his cheeks and then he understands that it was a hallucination

San himself: it wasn’t the real…he takes a big sign of relief

And then goes to freshen up…

After sometime….

Rag was in the kitchen

Sam comes: bhabhi…

Rag looks at him
Sam: can’t…you be my old bhabhi
Rag: she has died wn i lost my shaan

Sam:plzz bhabhi..
She looks at him with year filled eyes

Rag: even you didn’t supported me
She wipes her hot tears which is ready to fall

Sam had lot to talk to her bt he is lacking words seeing her condition!

He goes from there being hurt!

Soon it was the time to leave…


Rag brings her bags wch Shocked everyone including sanskar..
He never expected this!

Sam was abt to go and sit in the car(driving seat)

Chaaru stops him..he understands…

He gives the keys to Sanskar

He takes it and sits in car..

Rag goes taking her luggage

Sam was abt to help her..she stops him..bt he still takes it and keeps in the car

Sam while keeping the luggage:bhabhi..now you may be hate us..you would be angry on us..bt the day is not so far wn u will understand that the mom’s decision was not wrong..

Rag goes she was abt to open the door for her…

Niel opens it for her

Niel:take care beta.. Remember this dad whenever you want to share something… Ok

It was hard for Ragini to act tough…bt she was hurt by their this decision…

She sits in the car…

Soon they reach airport…

Ragsan gets down the car…
San gives the keys to samar who hv comes with another car with niel and chaaru…

Soon.. RagSan sits in the flight

For Rag it was her first journey in flight..
San comes and sits next to her

And the airhostess explains to the passengers how to lock the seat belt..wch Rag isn’t understanding…

San sees it..
He calls an airhostess

Airhostess:yes..any help sir..
He looks at Ragini.. She understands

Airhostess helps her…

Rag thanks her…

Rag was nervous when flight is taking off

San understands her nervousness: don’t worry… It just takes a few seconds to take off

She looks at him.. They hv a small eyelock whch Ragini breaks…

She looks at other side…
Soon flight takes off

There was little girl in the next row…

She comes to sanskar and pokes him

He smiles: wat …?
Girl in low voice:uncle..is aunty angry with you
He nods in no
Girl in low tone: then why she is not smiling?
San in low voice:may be she is scared of flight

Girl smiles: that’s all…

She goes to Rag

Rag looks at her..
Girl smiles at her

Rag gives a small smile

Girl: Why you are scared of flight! Uncle told me…

Rag looks at him…
San immediately turns listening the girl and Ragini’s look…he bites his lower lip

Girl:why r u scared when you hv handsome and a strong man like uncle

Rag looks at him..
At the time girl’s mother calls her so she goes

Soon they reach London….

To be continued……

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