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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update Anita and anguri with their boyfriends

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tikka says what’s wrong with bhabhijis,malkhan says she insulted you two very bad,tilu says they have renamed themselves as well ana bell and grapsy,Vibhu says shut up,she is anu,Anita Vibhuti Mishra.happu says I shall call her ana bell from now onwards,Vibhu says saxena ask him to be be quite or I shall throw him in ocean or kill him personally,tilu tikka malkhan says we won’t keep evidence too,saxena shouts shut up you happu,happu slaps him,Tiwari says I’m confused why are they behaving this way,is this some kind of act or memory loss,Vibhu says saxena you are wise sensible please find out,saxena says yes I will find why they treating you like dogs,Vibhu Tiwari slaps him.

John asks anu and anguri,why are you so angry every man does this,anu says this is why Aunty left you,anguri

says I haven’t seen any other men after wedding and look at him,saxena walks to them and asks what’s wrong why you two so angry,they are bad I know but with you two never,anu says they were eyeing on other girls,saxena says I don’t like it and if this is the truth I will kill them,anguri says don’t worry we both will teach them lesson,saxena says good I will help you tell me,anu says I shall but you won’t inform them about this,saxena says I won’t,anu says ok do as we say and be a part of our plan.

On the beach happu on call,he gets another call from commissioner,and says no I’m not in Goa,actually yes I am,my uncle is unwell and my pass anytime and so I’m here to see him.

A guy comes by and asks whether he wants to have a massage,happu says Pelu what are you doing here,he says I’m belu,happu says has your father ever visited Kanpur,belu says you want massage,just 50,happu says make it 25,belu says okay what a beggar and starts head massage,happu says wow I may fall asleep and goes to sleep,belu steals his wallet and gold chain and leaves.

Happu says why did you stop and checks around and says he is a thief he stole my belongings.vibhu and Tiwari waiting for saxena,saxena says it’s your time to go back because bhabhi MA have arranged two boyfriends now,Vibhu Tiwari slap them,saxena says I love being slapped but the truth won’t change because bhabhi May have introduced the boys to me and they are meeting them at the fort.

Happu tilu tikka malkhan saxena at the fort,tikka ask which fort is this,tilu says it’s very famous,malkhan says it must have famous cement used,saxena says stop it you fool let’s go.

Anu and anguri with toni and tittu,anu says these two are so naughty once they left me in a boat in middle of sea and went swimming to the beach and left me their crying,anguri says oh god why did you do that to her,he says because she shared our photos with girlfriends to our dad,anu says so you left me in a boring lecture alone and went party with girlfriends,anguri asks are you still together,Toni says I am but tittu isn’t his girlfriend left because she caught him with another girl,anu says naughty boy double dating.

Saxena joins them,anu anguri asks what’s the news,saxena says thy are dying and I’m having fun,Toni says anu enough now this shouldn’t be that they leave you and find other women,anu says nothing of this will happen let’s pull it a little longer.

Tilu and happu together looking for tikka and malkhan,happu says I’m sure must be behind Russian,anyways do you have any massager in mind,the one on beach robbed me,tilu says the Russians will leave you with nothing,happu says manage me one,tilu says I’m not that kind of guy what do you mean manage,tikka malkhan come fighting,happu asks what’s wrong,malkhan says I almost had a Russian with me and we went behind bushes and tikka came there,she got scared and ran shouting bear bear.
Tikka says no she didn’t you must have misbehaved.

Tiwari and Vibhu following anu and anguri,anu says look they are following us,Toni says don’t do that they will be hurt,anu says we have to teach lesson,anguri says yes and if we don’t teach lesson they won’t understand,anu says carry on the acting.

Tiwari says how can bhabhiji be with him,vibhu says I tired so much and look now. Tiwari says no this can’t happen and wakes up,vibhu wakes up and says no no don’t do this.vibhu says it was a bad nightmare,I saw bhabhiji was going to kiss that man.tiwari says me too.vibhu says why are you watching my dream,Tiwari says who can control dream and both get in an argument.

Saxena calls them,you two should die,Tiwari and Vibhu slaps him,saxena says wow and says the thing is,they have gone behind the fort walls with their boyfriends.

Pre cap : happu dancing in front of a canopy,tikka tilu malkhan discussing whether its real or fake and and lights it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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