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Belan Wali Bahu 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Intruder comes in Laddo’s house

Belan Wali Bahu 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa applies color on Laddo’s photo. Jitendra comes there and says to Roopa that your idea of making Suzzi as Lajjo was great. Laddo’s ghost silently thanks him but Jitendra cant see it. Jitendra says you applied color to Laddo’s photo? he never liked it, he hated color on his face. Roopa says its holi, apply color on his photo, Jitendra does. Jitendra says Laddo used to get angry on small things, he never used to smile, Roopa laughs. Laddo’s ghost glares at them. Jitendra says I even doubt Ladod was our real brother, even his hair was different from whole family. Laddo’s ghost says I want to beat him, I am not his brother? Jitendra doesnt see him and leaves. Roopa says happy holi cutie, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost looks on.

All society members

are dancing in streets. Dada and family comes there, all get scared seeing Dada in holi function. Dada takes color and throws it in air, he says lets play holi. All start dancing and enjoying with him. Laddo’s ghost is happy. Roopa dances with family and hints at Laddo’s ghost to join but he is sitting on tree and enjoying seeing everyone dance. One intruder comes there and eyes Laddo’s family.

Jitendra asks seller to mix bhaang in drinks. Naren says what are you doing? Jitendra says just give them ID cards and give them these drinks. They takes bhaang and leaves. Intruder hears all that.

Jitendra and Naren brings ID cards and gives them to family. Lata says Laddo would have been happy to be here. Jitendra says he used to hate colors, he beat me once so much when I applied color on him but he liked thandiye so lets drink it. He gives bhaang drinks to everyone, all drink it. All get inebriated drinking it. Dada says I am sad that Laddo didnt play holi for 10 years because of me. Suzzi says you shouldnt have done it, Dada says it just happened. Remanath says you didnt let us play holi for 10 years. All wear ID cards, Roopa is dizzy and says floor is uneven. Lata tries to look at it and is dizzy too, she says yes its totally uneven. Shalini says its half uneven, all family members are inebriated. Laddo’s ghost looks on and thinks that Jitendra made them drink bhaang. Intruder eyes them from far and smirks. Lata comes out of house and her head is dizzy, she thinks house is shaking and says train is passingby, hold things down. Ramnath says train is not passingby, Lata is shaking, Ramnath asks her to stop it. Suzzi sees jalabis on stall. Dada asks if there is something on his head? they are both drunk. dada asks her to scratch his head. Suzzi says I am waiting when jalebis will be straight. Dada says I cant wait. Dada sees Naren acting like riding bike. Dada asks him scratch his head, Naren does and says let me ride bike, Naren starts riding imaginary bike. Jitendra comes there, Dada sees his ID card and says okay. Naren says Dada have itching case, solve it. Jitendra scratches his head.

Roopa comes to tree and says to Laddo’s ghost that apply color on me. Laddo’s ghost says I really want to but I cant do it. Roopa says please apply it, Laddo’s ghost says you are drunk. Shalini comes there and twirls Roopa around, Shalini applies color on her and acts like taking selfie with her. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost to apply color on her. Shalini says I already applied, she cant see Laddo’s ghost there. Lata shouts train is passingby, all run to her. Laddo’s ghost says Jitendra have done this to family.

All family members come home. Naren says no train is passingby. Dada says to Lata that there is no train passingby. Lata is shaking. All family members sit in porch. Roopa smiles at Laddo’s ghost and goes to him. Jitendra asks Ramnath where is his ID card? Ramnath takes out rom pocket and wears it.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost near tree and says apply color on me, he says I cant. roopa says I will call everyone. She calls all family members there and says Laddo is sitting on tree. Dada says happy holi son, please apply color on Roopa. Lata says apply it. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to leave. Roopa says no apply color on me, all family members start circling tree but cant see Laddo’s ghost there. Laddo’s ghost says you all dance. Roopa says lets dance, they all start dancing and leaves. They get on stage and dances on jay jay Shiv shankar.. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost to come too, he does, Roopa dances with him, he dances around her. Laddo’s ghost leaves from there. Roopa dances with family. Shalini dances with Jitendra, she pulls on his ID and throws it away subconsciously. Intruder sees ID thrown, he takes it and wears it.

PRECAP- Jitendra and Naren makes whole family drink bhaang and they all become inebriated. Some intruder applies color on his face and comes in house, he shows his ID to Dada as Jitendra and says I am Jitendra, Dada lets him in. Later real Jitendra comes in house and says I am real Jitendra but Dada slaps him and says you are lying. Fake Jitendra smirks and thinks they are fools.
Jitendra is standing outside house and says my own family is not recognizing me, dont know who entered my house imposing as me. Laddo’s ghost hears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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