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Badho Bahu 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli learns bike riding

Badho Bahu 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal sits with Vardaan. She thinks he will only keep reading newspaper at home while Teji and Pragya will become the news in the village. Now I only will have to do something. She asks him what he is reading. He tells her about the article related to Thanksgiving. Payal gets an idea. Pragya will today understand that she is running after the wrong guy.

Komal takes water from the well. I enjoy washing clothes very much. It is both exercise and work. She tells Titli about the clothes and which all are to be washed separately and how. Separate them and soak them in the water. Titli nods as Komal tells her all the instructions. I have a better solution. Let’s wash them in washing machine. Komal reasons that they live in village so they must know it as electricity is not available in villages all

the time. We both failed in our cooking test but don’t fail in this one. I would have helped you but I have work in kitchen. I will come back soon. Titli thinks I know how to beat (dhulayi) but I don’t know how to wash clothes.

Payal speaks to Kailash ji. Vardaan looks after all the matters and you take care of him too but he hasn’t taken his salary till date. Kailash ji shares that he has asked Vardaan to take it on due date but he always asks me to keep it in a savings account. I have it all and I have all the records. Payal nods. I only came to take his salary for this month. He has no friends and does not go out. Pragya has also left. It would be good if he will have some cash with him and can go around places. Kailash ji agrees and gives her Vardaan’s salary. Payal thinks she took the first step. Now it is turn for the next move. Pragya will see then.

Titli is at the well when Lucky comes there with his bike. He asks her to fulfil her wish. Titli says Badho got me stuck with this. How will I learn riding a bike? He speaks of fulfilling his promise made to her. Soak all the clothes and come along. She gets excited. I had a doubt that you dint have brain but now I am sure you have it and you use it too. He tells her not to try to use her then. She soaks the clothes, washes her hands and sits behind him.

Payal gives Vardaan his salary. He asks her why she did it. I told Bau ji to put it in savings account. She says I know it all too well. You don’t take your salary and don’t think that I need it. I earn enough from my business. He insists he does not want it. She talks about celebrating Thanksgiving. You have been staying here since so many days and everyone is taking care of you. I want you to bring gifts for everyone. She thinks it is time to play her next move. Vardaan looks at the envelope in confusion.

Lucky brings Titli to some place and tells her to wait for the bike which she will ride. Titli says maybe you don’t want me to learn. Jitesh comes there on his bike. Titli is not at all happy but Lucky reasons that she wont be able to handle his bike as it is too heavy. Jitesh leaves for some work. She stays angry and Lucky only teases her. She ultimately sits on Jitesh’s bike. Lucky gives her instructions. He makes her start the bike but then switch off the engine. She calls him a teacher. He tells her that even a kid can self start a bike. You got to kick start it. Let me know if you get tired. She tries but fails in starting the bike.

Payal comes to Pragya’s room. Teji panics and tries to leave but Payal says I want to talk to both of you. I have been observing that you both stay aloof only. You don’t mix up too much with entire family. I know that the atmosphere is such but it can become light if you will interact with everyone a little. Everyone will begin to see the change in you. It will make them trust you and accept you. Teji seconds her. Payal acts to cry before Pragya. I know I have lost the right to say anything to you but I have always thought well for you. I said that as a friend. Rest is up to you. She leaves from the room. Teji nods at Pragya.

Titli is not able to kick start the bike and ends up telling Lucky she is tired. You told me to tell you when I get tired! He tells her to rest for a while and then start again. She refuses to give up so easily. I will learn how to ride a bike today at any cost. She manages to kick start it. Lucky sits on the backseat and tells her about the controls.

Kamla ji, Malti ji and Pinki are having tea. Pinki feeds Kamla ji biscuits. Payal joins them followed by Pragya and Teji. Vardaan comes there with bags full of gifts for everyone. Pinki gets excited. Payal tells them that Vardaan took his first salary till date and decided to get gifts for everyone.

Titli stops the ride abruptly. Lucky tells her to ride solo this time. He encourages her as she starts the bike.

Vardaan gifts a new goggle to Kamla ji. She blesses him. It is very light and strong. Payal gave me a wrong goggle like herself. My eyes and nose were so heavy. Pinki gets a makeup kit. Kamla ji demands to see it first but Pinki checks it first. She loves the kit and thanks Vardaan. Kamla ji complains again. Pinki gives it to her. Vardaan gives massage oil to Malti ji. Pinki repeats it louder for Kamla ji but she tells her she can hear well. Payal also gets a gift. She asks him about the gift in the bag. He says it is for Pragya ji. Teji and Pragya look at each other.

Titli manages to drive the bike well. He is sure she will learn to balance life this way too.

Precap: Kamla ji asks everyone where is Titli if Komal is inside. Lucky and Titli wash the clothes. All the ladies come there. Pinki tells them that there is such a big hole in Ma ji’s lehenga through which we can see entire village!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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