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Abhigya’s boundless love (epi 2)

Hey guyzz..first of all HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY..i dont know whether you are into this story as i didnt get any comments but still i think i can make a move with this story..anyways lets get into the story…

Epi begins with 2 months leap.. A beautiful big mansion with different luxury cars.. A guy stands in the balcony and left in thoughts..

I was born in a wealthy family. My parents are capable of getting me everything but i never expected anything from them because i m the kind of person who wants to gain anything through hard work but not by money. My parents never felt proud of me and even i m not worried about that. Right now i don’t know how to show this letter to them. But i have to convince them. Meanwhile a lady enters the room and calls “Abhi”.

Abhi turns back and says mom. Its rekha mehra, abhi’s mom. She says what are you doing here? Get ready soon. We have a party to attend. Abhi says but mom. Rekha says no buts you have to attend because i have to introduce you to someone. Abhi tries to say something but she leaves from there. He get disappointed.

Later they reach the party. Abhi distances himself from everyone and left in thoughts. Meanwhile rekha comes there and introduces a girl named tanu. She leaves from there and tanu tries to flirt with abhi. Abhi gets annoyed and he starts remembering about pragya.

Abhi’s pov: i dont know why but i used to remember her very often. Its only one time we met and even i dont know her but still i remember and feels like we will meet. He smiles.

Tanu tries to hug him but he pushes her and leaves from there. Tanu gets irked. Later rekha reaches home and scolds for his behavior with tanu. Abhi tries to explain himself but in vain. He breaks the news that he transferred the college to Mumbai. Rekha gets angry and about to say something then rajkumar mehra, abhi’s father stands for him. Rekha gets shocked at the same time abhi gets surprised as his father never stood for him. She angrily leaves from there. While abhi thanks him and gets happy.

Other side, pragya sits alone and starts thinking about her grandfather’s words. Jhanvi observes this and tries to console her but in vain. Pragya says she wanted to know what his grandfather meant about that curse and sin. Jhanvi suggests to ask sarla as she would know something about the curse. Pragya says her mom is already in depression and she dont want to make her situation worse. She thinks to figure it on her own.

The next day, abhi reaches mumbai. He enters the college and thinks why do i feel like my heart is racing? I dont know why but i feel like i have someone special whatever it might be i need to keep my emotions under control and leaves to principal’s room.

Pragya leaves to class. She starts reading book meanwhile jhanvi comes to class with some friends and says i have seen a handsome guy today. I think he is the newbie and gets excited. Pragya says you will get excited to every guy so whats there to be special. Jhanvi says he is not like the rest and i will gather info about him. I think i have crush on him. Pragya makes fun and laughs at her. Abhi goes to his class and makes a friend aakash.

Epi ends..

Guyss i know you will get little bore in this episode as there are no abhigya’s soon but soon you will see how unexpected things gonna happen. I hope you will enjoy this story because this is not what you think but still it will become one of the best story in my stories..i want you to comment and share your opinions try to do that..bye u

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