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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina slaps Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is talking heartily over a cup of tea. Sameer meets his mother. Mama ji suggests that they all should go on a trip but they share that they have come here to admit Rohan in IIM. Vishakha tells that they have come to finalise his admission and hostel. Mami ji says we have a house here. Why will he stay in hostel? Rohan’s father replies that he wants Rohan to stay away from bad company. Everyone goes quiet. Vishakha suggests Sameer to apply in IIM too. Rohan’s father mocks Sameer. He can barely pass. How will he get admitted there? Poonam speaks positively about Sameer. He will top this time. Sameer recalls how he couldn’t give exams this time. He avoids the conversation father. Rohan’s father says I can bet he will barely score 45-50%. Mama ji and Mami ji excuse themselves

to make preps for everyone.

Bela is knitting A on Anand’s shift. Naina asks her about it. Anand suggests her to put his photo on his every shirt as well. She happily goes to bring the photos. Naina and Anand smile. Phone rings. Anand goes inside on the pretext of some file. Naina picks the call. Sameer asks her what she was doing. She says she was missing a sweet, mad guy. Vishakha enters. Sameer tries to end the call. Naina understands that someone is there. Sameer affirms. Mummy is here. Naina says now you would understand how difficult it is to talk in front of family. Vishakha asks Sameer who is on call. Sameer takes Pundit’s name. Naina asks Sameer to say I love you. He ends the call in haste. Munna says anything. His mom says you just said it was Pundit. Sameer diverts the topic. Vishakha gives him a gift in advance for his results.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Whenever I was trouble, I used to share it with Munna and Pundit. They could get me out of the problem anyhow. I hid this problem from them too. I was unable to think of anything. Result was due next day. I was worried thinking what I will tell Mummy tomorrow.

Next morning, everyone is checking the results. Naina has topped again. Preeti has scored 45%. The sisters share a hug. Their friends have passed as well. Naina checks Sameer’s result. He is marked as absent for all the tests. Fail? She recalls Sameer’s hesitations while going in the exam hall. She thinks of his excuses. Sameer comes there too and does not see her initially. He goes to look at the results and finds Naina there. She looks at him in shock. He begins to explain when she walks away. Munna and Pundit ask him about his result but he goes.

Kartik and his friends are checking their results too. Munna and Pundit see Sameer and Naina’s result.

Naina comes to a classroom. Sameer follows her. Listen to me. She asks him what she should hear now. I don’t understand how it happened. You were studying religiously and went inside the classroom right in front of my eyes. How did it happen? He reasons that he did it for good. She keeps his hand over her head. Tell me the truth. Sameer ends up telling her the truth. She reprimands him for not thinking that he will lose one year. She says we listen to our mind in such cases. He says our names would have been on the board together. We would have failed together if I had told your name to Ma’am! I can hear it if someone will raise questions and blame us. I wont be able to bear it if someone will question you! Please try to understand. She slaps him. You listened to your heart following what you wanted but did you think how I will feel after knowing that you lost a year because of me? I became topper but you ended up losing your entire year! What was the need to act like a hero? You could have taken my name. You are mad. You dint do the right thing. Sad song plays in the background. Sameer makes a fist of his hands. Sameer thinks of Vishakha’s words.

Anand is talking to someone to arrange dollars for him. Bela is unable to understand any of it. He explains that American Dollar is used in America. She compares the price and exchange amount. He explains the concept to her. If the economy will work like this then one day Dollar will be very expensive.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Chacha ji was right. Dollar rate is indeed shooting up the sky. I wonder if a day will come when one rupee will be equivalent to 80 USD.

Preeti excitedly tells her result at home. Her parents smile hearing it. They hug Naina after hearing her result. Bela and Preeti go inside. Anand asks Naina how much Sameer scored. She keeps quiet. There was too much crowd. I was so excited after seeing my result that I couldn’t meet him. He asks her to call him and ask. She tries averting it but in vain. Anand is hopeful he will score really good marks. Naina recalls his result.

Sameer comes to his room and his landline is ringing. He paces in the room for a while. Anand takes the phone from Naina. Sameer picks it just then. He talks to Anand calmly. Anand asks him how much he scored in exams.

Precap: Sunaina comes to Sameer’s home. She has told them something which worries everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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