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Vikram Betaal 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Vikram Betaal 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram taking out brahmasheesh from brahmakund. Yoginiyu stops him and says you are the first man to take brahmasheesh from brahmakund. Vikram thinks he has to leave fast. Yoginiyu tells that he is an egoistic man to refuse their love.. They call him with Padmini’s voice. Vikram doesn’t turn thinking Acharya’s words. Yoginiyu tells that they can’t bear rejection and fires arrow on him. Vikram falls down. They say rejecting our love is death. Vikram falls down. They laugh. Pingla says we shall not get late to do her last rites and says she might not get place in parlog. Vikram gets up thinking about Padmini. The yoginiyu gets shocked and thinks how can this man be alive. They try to stop him from going away from Kamakshi log, but Vikram walks away and thinks to reach

Ujjaini fast. Betaal appreciates Vikram for fulfilling his mission. He comes to the pond and tells Brahma dev that he is giving his 5th head and wants him to relieve Kaal Bhairav’s sin. A light falls on him making him perfectly fine. Kaal Bhairav is walking, suddenly he feels his mind calm and thinks why did the fire in my mind calm down. Brahma dev comes and says you are freed from the crime. Kaal Bhairav greets him. Brahma Dev says I free you from the sin of cutting my 5th head. Kaal Bhairav tells that his tapasya is ruined. Brahmadev says this is the fruit of Vikram’s sacrifice and says he freed you from brahmasheesh death, and now you are free from the dosh. Kaal Bhairav is relieved and thinks Vikram Aditya, Ujjaini Samrat.

Pingla is sitting at Padmini’s bed side and acts, saying I shall have given my life instead of you. She says we have to do your last rites in Vikram’s absence. Vikram comes there and says Maharani. Acharya asks did you? Vikram says I have done tarpan of Brahmasheesh, but I think it is too late. He tells that he couldn’t save Maharani and have failed for the first time. Kaal Bhairav comes infront of him and says you can never fail. Vikram folds his hand. Kaal Bhairav says truthful and selfless person can’t be failed and says I got freed of the dosh because of you. He asks what can I do for you. Vikram asks him to give life to his wife if he is happy with him. Kaal Bhairav gives life to Padmini and makes her fine. Vikram gets happy to see Padmini fine. Padmini opens her eyes and says Maharaj. She runs to him and hugs him. Vikram gets happy and says you have become fine. Padmini says I…Vikram says Kaal Bhairav have given you new life and thanks him for returning Padmini and his life too. Kaal Bhairav says no man is born till now like you and will not be born in future too. He says I will stay in Ujjaini always. Vikram says it is Ujjaini’s fortune. Kaal bhairav tells that he will accept wine on him from now onwards. Vikram says Jai Kaal Bhairav. Kaal Bhairav disappears. Padmini and Vikram hug each other. Senapati thinks Pingla is not happy with Padmini’s well being. Betaal says your one sacrifice have given you so much, but you have many tests to pass and you have to come to this pret ghaati.

Vikram asks who had mixed wine in the milk and asks to reveal. Pingla says he is an accused. Vikram says I will find out, because of whom, my wife’s life was in danger and asks Virat Singh to find out. He says I will give the punishment which a raj drohi will get. Padmini asks him to calm down and says I am fine infront of you. She asks him to calm down. Vikram says someone close to me betrayed me, I lost you and got you back. I don’t want this to happen again. He sits on his singhasan. Padmini says you love me so much that you risked your life for me. She says if anything had happened to you then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Vikram says I have done this for me, and says your life is not yours, but mine also. He says your life is mine, I have done this for myself. I can’t imagine my life without your love and hugs her. He says once I catch betaal then I want to spend most of the time with you. He says it is going to be night, I have to go to Pret ghaati to catch him. Padmini says Betaal comes between us, you can’t see my happiness. I was happy for sometime, but you snatched it. Vikram says I will return soon. He comes to the crematorium ground and walks towards the fire. Betaal says I am waiting for you. Fire takes Vikram to pret ghaati. Bhadrakaal is there and says this time you can’t tell any story to Vikram this time, and then you can’t ask him and leave when he speaks. Vikram reaches Pret Ghaati and asks Betaal to come infront of him. Betaal asks did you come to take me? Vikram asks will you come down or shall I come up?

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