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True Love…. Chapter – 1

Can teenagers have true love??😍😍most of the people say that teenagers can’t have true love. Just attraction. But is this true?!!


Ishana Maheshwari 

A very cute,innocent,

Beautiful,intelligent, sweet 16 girl not sure about love.

For her family and friends are really important though she is sometimes upset because of her family.her father is not living with them due to his expanded business he stays out.

She is having a very fare complexion.Big eyes simple sweet lips with fantastic personality.


Aditiya Singhaniya 


A Young smart boy. intelligent,

like to have fun , Just going to be 16 ( yes he is younger than ishana 😁😂)

Believe in love,and very attached to his family. The reason is ,he has always lived in a joint family. For him friends are also very important.

as well sometimes he is serious.

His mother loves him very much.

His complexion is also very fair

A nerdy,yet looks smart.


Amaya Oberoi


A cute,talented and humorous girl make people happy, not sure about love, lil short tempered, and always follow her heart.

Friends and family are very important for her.14 years old.

And wheetish complexion with medium size eyes. Big


Small cute lips



Natasha Kapoor 


Talented, beautiful yet simple girl. Follow her heart,lil emotional she cares lot about her friends.

Fair complexion, big eyes with beautiful eyelashes, simple lips



Aryan Maheshwari 


Lil stupid,lazy too. loves to eat freely. yet care about his friends

Fair complexion, with nothing special about his features yet he have potential to be good enough.


So these are the main characters of this story. and I think you can find that they are having one similarity between them, is they all care about their friends.


Ishana,Natasha,Amaya are best friends


Natasha and Amaya are more close friends as they were friends since they were only 3


While aryan is brother of ishana and also a member of their group.So here was the introduction.i hope you like it.😂

Luv u💓

Stay tuned

Stay safe.

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