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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)💥💥
Shot 2
The Next shot starts with everyone after deciding for the wedding rituals went back home excitedly they were very much happy as well as tensed to see the works …

Kunj went back home with sarnas he was very much upset with the sudden change in his life when he got a call from arhaan ..

Hey buddy kaha hai tu ? Amritsar me hi rehne ka irada hai kya arhaan said and teassed him ..

Nahi yaar I don’t want to stay here for a minute but I am stuck it feels like someone cursed me Kunj said ..
Haha kyu bhai kya hua ? Arhaan asked ..
My wedding has been fixed Kunj said sadly ..

What ? Say it again arhaan said from the other side ..
My wedding is fixed man Kunj said again ..

What ? Say one more time na arhaan said ..
Shut up now Kunj said he was already pissed off ..

So sorry yaar but it feels to good to here arhaan said ..
You are such a bad best friend Kunj said ..

I know arhaan replied When’s the wedding then he ended ..
After 4 days Kunj said ..
How did this happen ? Arhaan asked and Kunj told him everything ..

Sahi hai yaar bebe 😂Sahi Kehl gaye arhaan said ..
Chal I’ll be joining you soon he ended the call while Kunj sat thinking how to stop this wedding when bebe comes and sit beside him ..

You hate me na ? Bebe asked ..
Hmm no bebe Kunj said looking at other side ..
Trust me Kunj I have decided good for you bebe said ..

I trust you bebe but still I don’t want to get married Kunj said trying to convince her ..
I don’t want to hear anything Kunj plz I have given vow to my best friend bebe said ..

Fine Kunj said sadly and went from there while bebe looked on ushar comes there ..
Don’t worry bebe he will be fine in sometime Usha said

Hope so bebe replied while they went off to see the things ..
The whole day passed while twinkle and Abeer was busy in Mumbai ..
I told twinkle not to go but she never listens rt said
They will come back na why you are worrying ..Leela said ..

Huh she has been spoiled so much  rt said angrily … doesn’t want to listen to me at all even I am her father rt said ..Leela was going to tell him something but stopped by Suhasini
Don’t say anything about my doll ram Suhasini who heard their convo comes there …

Maa you have only spoiled her what’s the need to give her so much freedom rt said ..

She is my granddaughter and what this rt you are angry on her only you had just 4 days with her I am telling you again spend time with her or else you will regret Suhasini said ..

Maa I love her too but don’t know why she had detached herself from us rt said ..
You know this better my son Suhasini said patting on his back and left from there …
Another day passed while the rituals started in sarna mansion Kunj having no mood just doing that for things he even tried to meet twinkle but got to know from Yuvi that she has been in Mumbai still .
I hope she gets stuck there and the wedding gets postpone Kunj said excitedly while arhaan who was standing with him saw him weirdly and laughed ..
What ? Kunj asked ..

Why you don’t want to get marry Kunj ? Arhaan asked ..
Uh..mm I ..do..nt k..now Kunj said ..

You are behaving like a heartbroken lover who is probably still waiting for his girlfriend and don’t want to marry anyone else arhaan said ..

Huh it’s nothing like that Kunj said avoiding any eye contact with me ..they both went back ..
Mumbai :
Twinkle and Abeer was done with work and was sitting in airport cafeteria waiting for their flight announcement when Abeer gets Meher call ..he received to find Ishaan other side ..

Papa whele alre you I am missing you ishaan said ..
Alee meri Jaan I am coming soon you sleep with Mumma till you woke up I’ll be there Abeer said ..

Pakka plomish ? Ishaan asked
Haan pakka plomish Abeer said convincing him while twinkle smiled hearing their conversation ..Abeer ends call and looks at twinkle admiring him
What ? He asked

So Papa’s boy is missing his Papa twinkle asked ..
Yeah he doesn’t stay without for a day last night to he stayed but today huhuh Abeer said while both of them smiled ..

Twinkle I want to talk to you Abeer said ..
Haan bhai ? Twinkle asked ..
Are you happy with this wedding Abeer asked

Honestly I am not I am just doing this for dadi twinkle said ..
But twinkle really they are very good people you will be happy Abeer said ..
I hope so bhai twinkle replied ..

And about maa Papa till when you will be angry Abeer asked softly and slowly ..
Angry me ? Twinkle asked him back ..
Yes now don’t hide abeer said

Ishaan doesn’t stay away from you for a day you can’t stay with out him then think how I stayed without maa Papa I always stayed with dadu dadi they never cared for me twinkle said ..

It’s nothing like that twinkle Papa really wants to take you with them but you were so attached to dadi so he left you Abeer said ..

Whatever it may be bhai I am used to it 3 days more twinkle said Abeer was going to say when their flight announcement was made and they left ..
The next day they reached and the rituals started while everyone were hell happy and was enjoying rt Manohar Usha Leela bebe Suhasini everyone were damn enjoying and also Abeer Meher and Kunj siblings Yuvraj Karthik Amaya ..twinj didn’t meet still as the functions were going on separately twinj were not allowed to meet till the wedding …

The wedding day finally arrived while twinkle and Kunj both of them were ready for the wedding ..

I don’t want to marry still but what I can do I have to move on I don’t even know how the person is I hope he understands me if dadi had choosen him but don’t know why I still want to run away from here not caring about anything twinkle be practical now ..she said I don’t even know where HE is …twinkle said as a tear drop falls down her cheek she feels her room door opening and find her family ..
Like everyone she also left me but I am not able to leave her still why I have still kept her alive in me in my memories never a day passed with me reminsing her she never cared and left me without caring to inform me once I hate her now more than I loved her once Kunj thought while seeing someone pic in his phone he shuts his phn off as his siblings enter ..
Next scene :::
Suhasini hugs twinkle and compliments her while Abeer teased her Leela and rt too admired their daughter who was looking extra pretty ..

Kunj was having the same time with his siblings who were teasing him bebe Usha Manohar too enters and took him ..

Soon they reached the venue and was welcomed by Tanejas Suhasini and bebe complimented each other while others smiled ..

Kunj was accompanied to mandap by arhaan and Yuvi Karthik and sat still wanting any earthquake to come and stop his wedding but his all thought went in vain ..

Meher go and call twinkle Leela whisper while mehbeer came down with twinkle in middle and her cousins on back everyone smiled ..

Look my bhabhi is looking so pretty amaira said gaining Kunj and arhaan attention while arhaan saw twinkle Kunj didn’t averted his gaze and was looking down ..

Kunj you are really lucky your wife is such a beauty arhaan tired to tease him ..
Now toh stop teasing me Kunj said looking at him while he saw his bride and was hell shocked even twinkle saw Kunj .

both whispered slightly with tear filled eyes and went in flashback ..

I don’t know even if you want you can slap me but the truth won’t change that I love you so much Kunj twinkle who was on knees with a sugar candy in her hand was proposing Kunj ..

What ? Are you mad Kunj said .
Yes mad in your love I don’t want any girl to come in your life already my whole class has crush on you so I am proposing you sooner than them so that I won’t miss a chance twinkle winked ..

You are such a kid Kunj said get up now you are embarassing us Kunj said looking at everyone who were Looking at them ..while twinkle stands up ..

It’s okay if you don’t love me but I am happy at least I confess twinkle said and ran pecking his cheek without waiting for his answer while Kunj ruffles his hair and smiled with a slight blush ..

She is really mad Kunj sighed and went from there ..
Flashback ends ::

Twinkle while thinking was going to miss a stair when Abeer held her ..
Careful Twinkie are you fine ? Abeer asked while twinkle nodded she was made to sit beside Kunj while they had a eye lock (sajna ve plays in BG ….)

While priest started chanting the spells while again twinj went in flashback ..

Twinkle was sitting alone in basketball court while Kunj was finding her like mad
Have you saw twinkle ? Did she came today ? Kunj asked twinkle classmate
Yeah she came I saw her last in class may be she went to canteen her friend replied while Kunj was worriedly finding her ..

He was going to canteen when spots twinkle in basketball court he quickly went there and saw her sitting blank ..
Twinkle look at me Kunj said cupping her face ..

Leave me I don’t want to meet anyone twinkle replied ..
No I can’t leave you I know what happened was not in our hands but see what you made of yourself Kunj said ..

I said na Kunj leave me everyone’s leaves me twinkle said ..
No I can’t leave you Kunj replied ..
Why ? Twinkle asked …

Because I love you twinkle Kunj confessed ..
No you are saying this out of pity leave me twinkle said trying to go from there when Kunj hugged her she melted crying badly in his embrace while he was comforting her ..

I really love you twinkle believe me I was going mad when I didn’t saw you in these many days Kunj said while twinkle broke the hug and looked at him ..

You are not lying na ? She asked ..
Yes Kunj said pecking her forehead lovingly ..she hugged him again
Flashback ends ..

They both came out of their thoughts and the wedding was completed soon they took blessing from their loved ones ..

Still they dont want to believe the fact that they were married to their EX
One side their was a happy feeling and other side their was hate too ..

It was time for twinkle bid farewell and she cried hugging her dadi even lert and mehbeer while the little Ishaan came ..

Uncle don’t tease my bua okay Ishaan said making everyone giggle in the senti atmosphere ..while Kunj nodded and pecked his cheeks ..soon they left taking twinkle ..

As everyone were damn tired with back to back rituals they decided to have another post wedding rituals next day sending twinj to Kunj room which was amazingly decorated for them ..

I still can’t believe I am married to twinkle MY EX GIRLFRIEND what’s this yaar here i was not ready to marry anyone and twinkle ? Was she ready with her mind and heart ? Did she knew that she is going to marry me ? Or she didn’t even know that ! But she really wanted to move on with someone else rather than me ? Shit thats why I was thinking where I have saw Suhasini dadi I met her once Kunj was angry he was back from his thoughts when arhaan pats on him ..

Go bro your wife is waiting have some fun he winked at Kunj ..
Huh Kunj said and left with many thoughts going all around ..
I don’t want to take this relation to next level when everything is so messed between us I have been married to Kunj whom I never wanted to see I am married to my X BOYFRIEND ahh I can’t deny this fact he has every right on me now but if Kunj wants to take this relation ahead how I’ll stop him I’ll never ask him for anything let him do what he wants I’ll not protest he will never understand me twinkle said sadly Kunj enters their room and Locked it while twinkle looks at him .

Hi Jaan Kunj said smirking seems you are all ready to move on with your husband Kunj taunted ..while twinkle looks at him Kunj sat infront of her ..

Looking damn today Kunj said are say something ? Didn’t expected me to turn out your husband ? Kunj asked ..
If I knew it i wouldn’t have married you twinkle said while Kunj smiled …

That’s like my girl Kunj said moving ahead pecking her at the corner of lips while she was sad ..he looked at twinkle face and moved ahead taking off her veil(ghunghat) and letting her hairs free he again moved ahead leaving no space between them while twinkle landed on bed and Kunj hovered her dugging his face in her neck kissing her passionately while twinkle wanted to stop him but she didn’t want to beg infront of him and kept quiet ..
Screen freezes ..
To be continued 💥💥❌❌💥💥
I am back with another shot ?
Thanks to all who commented on last love you guys 😆😆😘😘😘
So yeah basically the story is about two KNOWN STRANGERS who had been separated long back due to circumstances now united by Destiny will they be able to forget their past and move on with the present or they will still live in their past and ruin their present ✌
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