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Tantra 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalsa with foundations of Magic underneath

Tantra 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sumati thinks that because of Niyati, her son Nirwan will again have to bear scolding from Prithvi. She says they can get the works completed. Prithvi instead agrees to Niyati and says everyone knows he doesn’t like incomplete work. He looks towards Nirwan saying this must be completed by the one who started it, he asks Nirwan if he wants someone else to take the credit of what he has done. Nirwan says he will complete the work of this house. Prithvi curtly says good to hear that.
Akshat stood near a cliff and cut Niyati’s call. She comes behind. Akshat was annoyed and asks why she disturbed him repeatedly. Niyati tells him to go then. Akshat says whole of this drama was because of her, he even had to listen to her father along with his papa. Niyati tells him to prove himself then, she is ready

to spend her whole pocket money on his startup. She gets a call and sounded worried. She says a relative of the old lady came to get her discharged. Niyati was dubious and decides to go to aunty’s house.
The old lady opens the door. Niyati asks how she is now. The old lady says there is a time to visit any person. The old lady was cautious and tells Niyati she doesn’t know anything about anyone, and they shouldn’t come here again. She slaps shut the door. Akshat forces Niyati outside. Akshat says it seems that old lady is right, she doesn’t know anything. Niyati was suspicious that the old lady repeatedly looked behind. Akshat forces her into the car as she was overthinking now.
The old lady was terrified and pleads the lady in black dress for her life, she even called her son to take her to America. She requests the lady in black not to kill her, she doesn’t want to die. The lady in black says she won’t kill her, she will only throw her into Jalsa and it will do the rest of job. If she hasn’t witnessed the power of her magic, this house chews a person alive.
The lady in black leaves the house of that old lady and comes in front of Jalsa.
Niyati and Akshat hid behind their car and murmurs she was right, there was someone else with that old lady in the house.
The lady in black says she has a deep rooted relation with Prithvi, it neither lets her live nor die. Prithvi made his dream house, she laid the foundations of magic beneath this house. Once he comes to live in this house, even Yamraj would shiver to see their fate. Niyati wonders what this lady whispered there, and comes close to see her face. The lady sheds a look towards Niyati and Akshat bringing a dust storm. She then vanishes at once. Akshat and Niyati follow the lady in their car. Niyati recognizes the star symbol at the back mirror of the car, and says this is the same car that hit the old lady. Akshat says this car even headed towards Niyati and stopped later by. Niyati says she doesn’t understand the connection between the three events. The lady was cautious and says if Niyati watch her, her game of magic will finish.
Akshat and Niyati stops their car as the car ahead vanishes under the fog. Akshat wanted to complain the police, but Niyati wished to share it with her father.
Sumati comes to the room. Prithvi asks why she seems annoyed. Sumati curtly replies if he really cares. Prithvi asks if she liked Jalsa. Sumati replies she didn’t like Jalsa at all. Prithvi says Jalsa is his dream house. Sumati replies Prithvi at least realized her pain today, she is likewise hurt when he scolds Nirwan in front of everyone. Prithvi says he scolds Nirwan because he cares for him. Sumati says Nirwan and Parth are nothing, only Niyati is his daughter.
Niyati returns home. Nirwan was thankful to Niyati. Parth says they were really excited to shift in the new house. Nirwan was apologetic that Niyati had to bear a lot because of him. Niyati instead asks about Prithvi.
In the room, Prithvi asks why Sumati always discuss the matter. Sumati complains that he made her sons suffer along with her, Nirwan and Parth long for his love but he only cares for Niyati.
Niyati passes by the kitchen. Geeta asks if she could something about Mohan.
Sumati complains to Prithvi that he brought Niyati as her daughter and gave all his love to her instead of her children. Prithvi says Sumati couldn’t ever give Niyati the love of a mother, he had to love her. He says it was his mistake, he won’t object if she punishes him. Niyati holds her in great esteem and love, she is always praising her mother that is Sumati. She claims that her mother doesn’t love her because she wants her to be strong. Sumati says she never left any ends while fulfilling her duties. She always served Niyati what she fed her children, she always took care of Niyati even when she was ill in childhood. Prithvi says she did everything except loving Niyati. Sumati replies she did her duty as it’s done by mind, but her heart doesn’t accept an illegitimate daughter of Prithvi at all. Niyati stood outside the door of the room and was broken to hear the news.

PRECAP: The Kapoor family was excited to see the decorated Jalsa as they come for Pooja. The revenguous lady says it’s the day of their death.

Update Credit to: Sona

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