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Sitara 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitara and Kuldeep shift outside the royal palace

Sitara 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Choti Rani asks Sitara to say something. Who are you? Who are your parents? Say something.

Vrinda is shouting after Kuldeep. She was my daughter! You have called destruction upon yourself by killing her! Now I will kill you and the entire palace! I wont forgive any of you. Kuldeep escorts Rajguru out safely. The mystery door closes on its own.

Kuldeep helps Rajguru sit down. He looks at the clock. Rajguru advises him to go to Viraj’s father and inform him that the clock has started ticking. We need to be careful now. Kuldeep tells him not to worry. I will manage everything. You should take rest.

Choti Rani repeats her questions. Sitara is about to answer when Kuldeep says she came here to meet her Baba. Sitara is surprised to see him there. Kuldeep shares that he is his daughter.

Viraj’s parents heave a sigh of relief. Viraj remarks that she has so much attitude as she is the daughter of the minister. Your father told you not to give expensive gifts but he would have also taught you not to break the items kept in someone’s house. His father stops him. Sitara replies that her Baba has also taught her that the arrow which has been shot and spoken words can never be withdrawn. I cannot fix what happened but I can certainly apologize. Please forgive me. Viraj’s father tells her not to apologize. You are welcome here. You don’t need anyone’s permission to come here in future. She thanks him. Kuldeep apologizes on her behalf but he tells him against it. I want you to stay here as a part of the family / palace. It needs you. Kuldeep nods. He holds Sitara’s hand and starts walking out.

Kuldeep and Sitara question each other as to why they came here. He shares that he came here to fulfil his duty. Rajguru called me here to protect Viraj. I have told you so many times to keep away from the palace. She says Chanda. He mistakes it to be donation and reprimands her for coming here to seek donation. She corrects him that she is unable to find her friend Chanda. I came here looking for her only. No one saw her beyond Kalibaoli. She tells him everything. He takes her with him.

Sitara finds Chanda’s mother crying outside. She was taken away by the Vishkanya. Sitara tells her not to worry. Nothing has happened to Chanda. I don’t know about Chanda but I found her jewellery inside and outside the palace. Chanda’s mother asks her to show it but Sitara has forgotten them in the palace.

Samrat picks Chanda’s earrings. Neither Chanda nor her stuff will be found. Sorry again but I cannot let this secret come out like this.

Chanda’s mother is berserk. It was a trap laid by Vishkanya’s. She advises Kuldeep to keep Sitara safe. She too crossed Kalibaoli. Hope she isn’t going to be the next target of Vishkanya’s. Kuldeep recalls Vrinda’s threat. I will take care of her. We cannot change what has happened but I pray that you get the strength to fight the pain. He takes Sitara with him. The mad lady is about to attack Sitara but he holds her in time. She tells him to let her feel the pain. You wont be able to do anything. Vishkanya will take her away! Sitara says Baba. He tells her to keep quiet. You wont do anything. We are going to the palace tomorrow. You will simply follow my instructions. She nods but mentally apologizes to him. I will find Chanda at any cost if we are going to palace tomorrow. I might have to open every room for that but I will do it!

A guard sees the mystery door open. He asks loudly if someone is there. Vishkanya’s remark that these people have a habit of not living their lives peacefully. He inches closer and is pulled inside magically.

Viraj’s father tells Rajguru it isn’t possible. Viraj has returned from abroad and would not believe in kundli stuff. Rajguru says I understand. Look at the clock. It has started moving again since Viraj stepped his foot in the palace. It is a sign. The troubled times have begun. Vrinda has started her games already. You will have to make Viraj agree if you want to keep him alive. Vrinda will target him as soon as she is free. Kuldeep and I wont be able to fight with them for too long. The girl who will marry Viraj will be able to find a perfect solution to it. We will have to find a girl who has a balance of 4 elements in her kundli. She will work as a shield for Viraj and this palace.

Kuldeep and Sitara are outside the palace.

Rajguru says she will save us from Vishkanya’s and our destruction.

Sitara steps her foot inside the main gates.

Rajguru says she will turn the evil in good for us.

Vrinda says she is here. She does not know it but she only will help us gain freedom. She has poison in her if she is indeed destined to help us!

Viraj’s father agrees to talk to Viraj. You should start looking out for such a girl.

Sitara asks her father if he has brought her here before. He denies. She says I feel as if I have come here earlier too. I feel as if I have some old ties with this palace. A servant greets them. Sitara and Kuldeep go to the outhouse. Kuldeep tells her not to do anything which is against the palace. You saw what happened there. Don’t go there without asking me. She asks him why. He suggests her to maintain distance. There are many rules there. There is a possibility that bad spirits will try to attract her some day in future. Don’t choose the wrong path. I have brought you up nicely. The choice will be yours. Sitara thinks I have decided to look for Chanda. I will go to every extent to find her! I will break all the rules for her sake.

Atharv (Viraj’s father’s friend) suggests the alliance of their daughter Nethra and Viraj. Viraj’s mother likes the proposal but Ratan (Viraj’s father) is lost for a moment in Rajguru’s words. Ratan speaks of matching kundli first. Nethra’s parents agree. Samrat and Aryan join them. Nethra and Viraj left for horse riding. Their choices are so alike. I am sure their kundli’s will match too. Aryan seconds him.

Nethra and Viraj return home after a horse ride. Nethra is wearing high heels because of which the servant is unable to hold her feet properly. She is about to fall but Viraj holds her in time. She scolds him. He shares that her sandal hurt her. She is shocked that he is blaming her. How dare you? She is about to slap him when Sitara holds her hand. Raise both your hands and thank him. He saved you while falling down or you would have been hurt. He did his duty even when he was hurting. He should be given a prize for that. Viraj seconds her. Nethra says it is fine but he was so rude to me. Viraj says he was just putting forward his point. Don’t be so hyper. Let’s go. They begin to walk away. Viraj tells her not to take Sitara’s words to her heart. She is just like her father. She talks stupidly sometimes but she has agood heart. Nethra looks at Sitara before going inside.

Sitara tells the servant to take half day off. Madam wont be rude to you anymore. I will talk to Baba. He thanks her. She thinks that she has to talk to Baba today anyhow.

At night, Sitara and Kuldeep are in the outhouse. Kuldeep is thinking about Vrinda questioning him about her daughter. Sitara asks him if he is fine. My chapati’s are a map of some or other country but Baba isn’t saying anything. He says only your eyes and mouth are round. She jokes in return. He decides to act normal before her so no mystery comes out in front of Sitara. They discuss about what all a chapatti has to go through to turn into a proper chapatti. She asks him about Chanda but he averts the topic. Sitara thinks we have to test every path if it concerns someone’s life. CHanda is very important to me. I will have to go to south gate.

Precap: Sitara is outside the mystery room. Vrinda can sense her presence and remarks that she is very near us. I have to know about her. She raises her hands in the air. Sitara is inching closer to the door with every passing second. Vrinda magically pulls out her anklet and it appears in her hands.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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