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Siddhi Vinayak 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi cooks food for old age home

Siddhi Vinayak 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Prachi is surprised to see Urvashi in her room. You should have been in the kitchen right now? Urvashi says I am at the right place. I need your help. You take care of everyone. I need your help in the kitchen. I will give you my expensive necklace in return. Prachi asks her to leave. I wont help the woman who ruined my Tai’s family. I wont help you. Leave! Urvashi stays put. Prachi threatens to tell Shankar everything but Urvashi leaves. Prachi smiles.

Urvashi is mumbling to herself as to how she will cook food for 50 people. Siddhi asks her what she is doing. Urvashi begs her to help her. You know I cannot cook and I couldn’t even say no to Papa ji. I don’t know about others but you and I are Biwi No. 1 & Biwi No. 2. You have to help me for Vin’s sake. It is 4 pm already. Siddhi

agrees. Urvashi makes her promise she wont tell anyone anything. Don’t mess up with food like you messed up with halwa. Siddhi agrees. She gives instructions to Urvashi. Urvashi thinks herself to be smart. Siddhi will do the work and I will get credit. Siddhi puts dal on the gas and goes to change. It is 5 pm. Urvashi shouts after her but then decides against is so no one finds out anything. Siddhi does not answer her call. Urvashi ends up pulling the whistle from the cooker. The covers pops open and the dal is spread all over the kitchen. Gauri, Manjari and Prachi witness it. Prachi laughs and goes to attend Rajvir’s call. Manjari asks Urvashi if she will ruin entire kitchen. Gauri tries to help but Manjari allows her to only give her instructions from far. Urvashi complies. She even cuts her finger while cooking. She thinks she was dreaming to be the queen of the house but Shankar has made her a maid today. All the cooking is done. Urvashi goes to change. She stops in her tracks noticing Siddhi. Siddhi comes downstairs wearing a short black dress. Urvashi asks her why she said she will help her when she dint really intend to. Why were you acting? Siddhi replies that she wanted to help her but her friend called her. She has come from Australia and will stay only for tonight. I am sure you would have cooked great food. How am I looking?

Vin enters and looks at Siddhi. Vin asks her where she is off to at this hour in this dress. She shares that she is going to Temptation Club with her friend. I will be late. Don’t wait for me. Bye and miss me. He stops her. I asked you how you can step out like this. You should atleast think of this family’s respect / dignity if you are not concerned about yourself. She replies that the dignity of this house was put at stake the day the son of this house, who is already married, married another woman. She excuses herself. Urvashi and Vin stand there miffed for their own reasons.

Servants are packing food. Urvashi sends Gauri away so Shankar does not see her. Shankar is impressed to see the food ready. Urvashi shares that she cooked it herself. Servants are taking it to old age home. He wants to taste it first. She excitedly goes to bring a plate for him. Shankar starts coughing as soon as he takes a bite. Prachi and Rajvir hide their smiles. Shankar says those people would only curse us after eating all this food. You should have atleast thought about me. What will I say to Sharma ji? He calls Sharma ji and politely apologises for not being able to send food on time till now. I will send food from restaurant. Sharma ji says seems like you are not home. Your DIL has sent the food already. Shankar is puzzled. What are you saying? Sharma ji says it was late by 15 minutes. Your DIL came to drop it off herself. It was so tasty. Everyone was blessing your DIL and son. Shankar is in thoughts.

Siddhi is in her parents’ house. Flashback shows Siddhi cooking food at her parents’ home. I don’t know about Urvashi but I wont let Papa ji’s name get stained. Food will reach in old age home on time. Flashback ends. Siddhi cries thinking of Vin’s hurtful words. Vin still could not understand me. What you see isn’t the real me. You think I will put you and Papa ji in trouble? I cannot even think of doing something like that but I will have to act bitter to free Vin from Urvashi. I am Vin’s shield. I will go to any extent to save my Vinayak. She receives a call from Prachi. Prachi asks her which club she went to. Tell me something. Urvashi made terrible food. Papa ji was angry and even apologized for what happened. He was told that they received food already. What’s happening? I cannot understand anything. Siddhi tells her everything. Don’t tell this to anyone. Prachi agrees. Siddhi ends the call as she has to clean the house before returning to Kundra Mansion.

Vin’s eyes are pinned on the door. It is so late. Siddhi isn’t home. She left on her own. Don’t know where she will be. I don’t know any of her friends. He thinks to call her but then drops the idea. I cannot even call her. Prachi and Rajvir see him sitting all disturbed. Siddhi enters right then humming to herself. She isn’t able to walk straight (pretending to be drunk). Everyone gathers. She trips but Vin holds her just in time. Siddhi says you held me just on time. Vin is shocked to realise that she is drunk. She covers her mouth.

Precap: Shankar asks Siddhi if the girls of good houses reach home drunk so late at night. Siddhi asks him who does not drink in this house. Urvashi can finish entire bottle. Ma used to drink Desi. Urvashi did something so great after drinking that she ended up marrying Vin. Shankar tells her to be quiet.

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