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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop refuses to Ranvir’s challenge

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir asking Roop what everyone will think when they come to know about the truth. He asks whom he will beat when they question him. He says Rupesh will die surely knowing your deal and says when Kanchan comes to know this, what will happen. He says I get peace seeing your tensed face. He calls himself as cat and calls roop as rat. He says I am a dog and not a cat. He asks him to agree to his condition silently else. Kamla looks at the bangle and thinks it is good, now I will give it to my bahu and asks Kinjal to keep it safely. Bua calls them and asks to give food. Kinjal says I am coming.

Roop says you have said enough and asks him to tell whoever he wants. He says Ishika’s parents will never believe you and I don’t care about Patel family. He asks

him to stay away from his personal life and says good night. Ranvir calls Kamla and say Kamla kaki. Roop stops. Ranvir asks her to see what Roop have done. Kamla asks what he has done? Ranvir says he asked me to tell you that he forgot to charge his battery. Roop says yes. Ranvir tells Roop that he will not agree if he asks him to stay away and asks him to do a deal with him. He says if you won then I will never think of coming closer to Ishika. He says did you forget about honeymoon trip and says Ishika was very scared every moment. Roop asks him not to worry about Ishika and says I am there for him. Ranvir asks until when you will be watchman and says once Rupesh gets fine, then you have to leave from here, but you are forgetting that I will stay in the same house. He says your marriage is deal, but my marriage is real. And asks how you will save Ishika then. He says you have become best in every relation, but not best as a husband. Roop asks what do you want? Ranvir says I want to give you a chance and gives him 21 days. He says if Ishika accepts you as a husband and say I like you then I will accept that you have won and I have lost. He asks do you agree.

Roop pushes him and says I know what are you doing and what game are you playing, but why you are doing this. Ranvir hits him and says you got everything more than me, family’s love, blessings, etc and says why? He hits him. He tells that Shamsher recommended you and not me in the Police exam, and tells about wrestling, cycle race etc. He says but I became Inspector and Shamsher was sad as you couldn’t become an Inspector. He says Mota Kaka beat me as you married my would my wife. He beats Roop and blames him for snatching his everything from him. He says I was yearning for 21 years and I will make your life hell for 21 days and then will snatch your Ishika from you. He is about to hit Roop again, but he holds his hand and says now I know what is your problem with me. I am shocked, I didn’t know that you have so much hatred for me. He says I didn’t raise my hand on you as your anger was venting out. He says I have earned love and blessings of everyone. It was your choice to become an Inspector. He says I will tell everything to mummy and will bear her scolding and beating, but won’t let you succeed in your bad intentions. Ranvir says if you don’t tell Kaki then I will tell her. Roop comes to room and sees Ishika. He thinks shall I tell Ishika or not?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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