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Patiala Babes 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini Shatters Knowing Ashok’s Confession

Patiala Babes 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mini over phone confronts Ashok why did he showed his love to Babita when he had to leave her. Ashok says he gave her earrings along with Biji and Lovely and sent her letter along with other family members, there was nothing special about it; he married Babita and was just following his duty, but does not love her; Mita used to send the gift he used to get from London. Mini asks if he loves Babes or not. He says no. She stands shocked. Babita disconnects call. Mini confronts Babita next why did she disconnect call, why did she describe her and papajis fake love story, she hates love and Babita now, love is most fake world in this world. She walks out of house and drives her bike reminiscing all words, then sits on bench and cries loudly.

Babita looks at Ashok’s gifts crying. Biji

walks in. Babita confronts her why did not she inform that Ashok brought same earrings for her and Lovely, everything is finished now. Biji says nothing is finished until she wants to, Ashok married her legally and cannot dare to marry a second woman without her permission. Lovely w alks in saying Lovely is missing from home since long time.

Mini reminisces confronting Babita. A boy Mickey enters on his bike. His girlfriend scolds him for coming late. He starts flirting with her. His other girlfriend enters and they both trash and verbally abuse him. Rain starts. Mickey sees Mini crying sitting on bench, keeps his umbrella next to her and leaves. At home, Lovely yells don’t know where did Mini go and Sukhi is searching her unnecessarily. Biji says Bobby has gone to search them. Lovely continues yelling. Bobby reaches Mini. Mini asks what is he doing here. Bobby says wherever she is, she will find him there. She asks to stop his drama and get out. He says let us enjoy rain. Mini asks if he wants slaps. Bobby says her family sent him to bring her home, they are worried for her. Mini walks to her bike.

Mini returns home with Bobby. Lovely yells she came now. Babita shouts at Mini where was she, she has only her left, slaps her repeatedly shouting she will kill her. Biji stops Babita. After sometime, Biji dries hair and says she is a girl and what if something happens to her, her mother is worried for her. Babita brings turmeric milk. Biji asks Mini to have milk and leaves. Babita asks Mini if she is angry on her and does not want to talk to her. Mini says she lied to her. Babita says it was her life’s half truth with which she spent her life’s 17 years; Ashok’s half truth is different from her truth, she did not know it would create such a big lie. Mini asks not to blame herself for papaji’s mistake, she is angry on her as she hurt herself. She asks Babita to leave her alone for sometime and sleeps.

Precap: Mini walks out of house with Babita saying she does not want someone to disrespect her Babes.

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