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Muskaan 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak apologizes to Gayatri

Muskaan 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Hanumanth trying to find the dead body. Ronak says the inspector and doctor were lying, our system is not so quick. They check the morgue. The ward boy makes them out. Sir ji threatens Muskaan. He says you thought you got Ronak with you and you will challenge me, I will crush your dreams and write your fate. Tabassum comes and says you have no right to dream. Sir ji says your life will take a new turn now. He asks Tabassum to take Muskaan. Gayatri calls Sir ji and asks about Muskaan. She cries. Muskaan stops and shouts Maa, I m here. Gayatri hears her and asks are you with Muskaan. Tabassum shuts Muskaan’s mouth. Sir ji says I m in a meeting. Ronak comes home. Gayatri says Ronak has come. Ronak hugs her and cries. He says I couldn’t get Muskaan, I think she can’t

come back, all the evidence are against me. Sir ji smiles hearing him. Gayatri says Ronak is broken down, I will handle him. Sir ji ends call and says Ronak has become weak, you are responsible for it. He asks Tabassum to take away Muskaan and fulfill the deal with Sheikh. Muskaan cries.

She says Gayatri will write your fate, she will expose you, this is my belief and a promise too. Gayatri says your dad has gone to talk to big people, he will find a solution, freshen up, I will get some food. Ronak sees the CD and plays it. He sees Muskaan. Gayatri gets food. She asks him to have food. She switches off the tv. Dolly gets juice. He thinks I have to tell Sir ji’s truth to mum, I have to free her from this lies. He says i want to tell something. She asks him to say. He says you always know when I m sad and worried, there is a reason behind all this, if I don’t tell you the wrong will continue to happen, my patience is ending. She asks him what is he saying. He says I want to tell you something about Sir ji. Sir ji comes there. Ronak sees him and stops.

Gayatri says he was saying something about you, I didn’t understand. Sir ji worries and thinks did Ronak tell her everything. She says I m worried for him. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him. He says you will miss your wife if you stay here, come with me, you will get some peace. Ronak sits sad. Sir ji serves his wine and says this is a medicine, have it, you won’t be able to tolerate this, get drunk, its imp, I m proud of you, you gave me a solid fight. He asks Ronak to forget everything. He takes Ronak and shows him Muskaan’s auction. Ronak gets shocked seeing Muskaan. Sir ji says Muskaan won’t be seen in our world again. Tabassum says Muskaan, none will help you now.

Police comes and asks Sir ji to stop all this immediately. Ronak says I told you, nothing will happen, Sir ji will take Muskaan home. He smiles. Sir ji gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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