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Mere Sai 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Laborer

Mere Sai 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

A laborer returns to work after a brief illness. Anta pushes him away even after his pleas that he is fine now. Sai holds man and asks Anta to give him water. Anta shouts he is not his servant and shows water pot. Sai takes water and feeds man. Kulkarni yells trickster. Shyam asks if he is Sai whom Kulkarni described. Kulkarni says yes. Shyam hopes Sai does not interfere in their work. Kulkarni says let him dare try to interfere. Man pleads Kulkarni again to let him work. Kulkarni laughs how will he work with injured leg. Sai says Kulknari is right, man should rest. Man asks if he does not earn, how will he feed his family. Kullkarni asks Sai to work on man’s behalf and give his earned wages to man. Everyone around stand shocked. Kulkarni offers digger to Sai to land land.


Baizamaa’s house, Tapi prepares food yelling she came to Shirdi to enjoy, but has to work. Renuka and Dattatrey go to fetch water and instead enjoy snacks lazing on bed. Tapi’s aunt fumes seeing them enjoying.

Sai digs land while man pleads to let him work. Sai says he is doing his duty. Shyam says Kulkarni that he asked him to stay away from Sai, but he got Sai on work. Kulkarni says this conman fills his stomach on villager’s hard work, he trapped conman to know other’s troubles.

Tapi’s aunt walks to Aaji and introducing herself says she came to meet Tapi. Aaji sends her in. Aunt backbites Tapi that she is working hard here, but her devrani is enjoying snacks. Tapi throws water fuming that she will not let Renuka enjoy while she works hard, even Renuka has to do half work. Appa returns home and asks Aaji to give him food. Baizamaa returns and goes to kitchen calling Tapi and is shocked to see all vegetables shattered on floor. She calls Tapi angrily. Aaji walks into kitchen and she is also shocked seeing shattered vegetables. Tapi walks in and says there is no water to cook food and Renuka did not return after she went to bring water.

Sai continues digging land. Anta rings bell and asks labors to take 30 min lunch break. Sai continues working. Man pleads Sai that he is fine now and let him work. Sai agrees. Kulkarni calls Sai and throwing money on him says he is always a beggar for him. Sai picks money, thanks Kulkarni, and gives it to man. Man thanks Sai emotionally. Sai blesses him and leaves. Kulkarni smirks.

Precap: Sai tells Renuka and Tati that they have to prove that they are not lazy. Renuka asks how. Sai says they should buy vegetables from Sudama’s given money and whoever brings most vegetables will win.

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